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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

Second Verse, Same as the First - June 22

In the world of Hollywood, the stakes can't possibly be higher. A great idea, if executed properly, can lead to millions of dollars and a set career. Sometimes, the race to getting a great idea to the air can be quite vicious in nature and design. When two networks are competing against each other, the theme is usually anything goes and the race usually is to get it on the air first.

FOX, once again, is one of the competitors. The other one is NBC, as they both try to take the idea of 'Finish the Verse' on the air, karaoke-style. Both shows will be premiering their debut episodes within 24 hours of each other, which will no doubt lead to water cooler talk as to what show is better.

This is not the first time that these two companies have raced against each other like this. The most notable comparison in the game show world came a few years back, when 'The Contender' went up against 'The Next Great Champ'. The winner? Neither of them, as they both went down to a TKO, never to be seen on Primetime Network TV again. You could make an argument that The Contender spawned two sequels, but Im guessing 2 series on ESPN is not what producer Mark Burnett had in mind.

Unfortunately, I fear for the worst here. When NBC jumped their show ahead of FOX, they didn't even have a host in place. The thing that concerns me is that the idea is sound, but it's going to come down to execution. Just because you are rushing an idea to be first, doesn't mean that the idea is as thought out as it could be.

Let's take a show like 'Greed' or 'It's Your Chance of a Lifetime' for example. Both shows certainly had potential, and Greed is a very good show in it's own right. The problem is that both shows had noticeable flaws - flaws which could have been corrected if the producers actually sat down and tested them out instead of running the shows up a prime time flagpole. ABC can add 'Show Me The Money' and the soon to be airing 'Set For Life' to the mix, as the Deal or No Deal clones were rushed so that ABC could say 'Me Too'. Yes, now they too can have a game show dud of their own.

Ironically, the idea of finish the lyric isn't even an original one. Albie Hecht did the same thing over 10 years ago in a very underrated MTV game show called 'Turn It Up'. Now if you REALLY wanted a good game show, bring THAT one back and gussy up the stakes for a prime time performance. I really hope that these shows are good as gold, or else we'll just be hearing another stanze of 'The Summer of My Discontent'.
But what's music to my ears? Talking about Price is Right pricing games...

Magic # - $1,750. Thats your number. Put it between the two prizes and you'll be a winner almost every time.

Make Your Move - This game is a very easy game to win as long as you focus on the last numbers. Set it up in such a way so that a '0' or '5' is the last number on all 3 prizes. Especially look for a '95' or '50'.

Master Key - Like Magic #, try to go for the price that ends in 5 or 0.

Gordon Pepper's favorite song right now? 'Hater in the House' by Mynt. Tell him your favorite song by   E-mailing him at


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