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It's his world.. you're just living in it...

Today is

The Bombs Bursting in Air - July 6

I don't have to rehash for the 99th time just how dismal many of the Summer shows have been so far. But if I didn't, then not only would I not be doing my job, but I would also not be able to vent out the frustration that's being matched by many of you viewers out there. Hence, instead of just ranting about the shows, (and as this is the week of the 4th of July) I have created some new fireworks!

Box Office Burst - Have you ever seen the spectacle of a disaster movie? Well relive it on tv with the Box Office Burst. Each firework comes with the golden director's chair on the On the Lot logo, perfectly signifying how much of a golden turkey this show has been.

Pirate Masters Sparklers - Since you can't use real swords, why not these hand-held shooters that you can use to shoot out sparks? Of course, that's probably the only spark you're going to get from this show, which has turned formulaic since episode 1 and has me wanting to make this boring Survivor retread walk the plank.

O-69s - You've heard of M80's? Well come get some O-69s! National Bingo Night's set of fireworks come with poppers (which some producers truly had to have been on when they created the idea to this mess) and 75 snaps. Bingo Drome not included.

Last Comic Standing Novelties - You know about the little novelties. They look like little kiddie toys, which shoot off a little bit and then lose their luster, lose what makes them unique, and then the kids shuttle off into their closet. Well these comic novelties work the same way - except for ANT, who is already out of the closet.

The Fast Cars and Superstars Wheel Works - Wheels, when lit, they spin around their center emitting showers of sparks - just like John Cena's Car. They spin at incredible speeds, but then blaze out rapidly - just like the show did.

But wait - although the holiday will end this weekend, the Summer is just beginning! Join us at the end of the summer, when we may be getting another inventory of fireworks - or just a grateful audience eagerly watching the shows embers fade out into nothingness.

Of course, The Pricing Games on The Price is Right aren't going anywhere.

Now and Then - 1 big hint is that some of the products weren't MADE back then. They obviously don't have a then price because they werne't around back then. Even if you don't know prices, you should be able to deduct your way to a win.

One Away - The 4th number is usually a 1. Go for the 5 or 9 for the last number, if it's available.

1 Right Price - This is a game where they don't try to trick you. Common sense here says that if a price looks reasonable, then it's the correct one to go for.

The summer gave proof through the night that Gordon Pepper was still there. E-mail him at


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