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Giving Back
August 24

As it is the end of the Summer, we always talk about the 'winners' of the various competitions. In this case, though, let's talk about someone who won more for someone else than himself. The person - Arthur Joseph.

Now Joseph, a national of Trinidad and a die hard Miami Heat fan, was still playing his game with the million dollar case in play and 8 cases left to go. Then he got this deal - Two season VIP tickets to all of the Heat's home games, Dwayne Wade's jersey and championship ring... AND a team poster... AND a VIP at the Miami Heat video shoot... AND a trip to Trinidad to watch the Heat refurbish a basketball court... AND $10,000 cash. Total value of the deal is... $70,700.

(Special thanks to Chico Alexander for letting me blatantly copy off of his Primes report).

Now keep in mind that only around $20,000 of if would be Arthur's. Also keep in mind that the million was still in play. But knowing that it was only a one time offer, and that Arthur was a loyal Trinidadian, he took the deal.

In all senses of it, it was a great move. Inside Arthur's case was only $400. Even better was that Arthur's nice gift, the basketball court, would go a long way towards improving the welfare of Trinidadians - not only would the court (if marketed correctly) easily gross more than a million dollars during it's lifetime, but the natives there could practice on it and become basketball superstars - and that sort of developmental help towards kids who are growing up is priceless.

So this week, the week that the court is going to be played on for the first time, it's refreshing to see that people not only play for themselves, but play for others as well. And that truly is one of the spirits of game-playing.

Of course, if you want to have the spirit of game-winning, then pay attention to these pricing game tips...

Shopping Spree - If it looks expensive, chances are it is. Try to avoid the small-looking appliances or items and try the more exotic items.

Side By Side - Anything with a '95' or '50' should be placed at the back.

Spelling Bee - When you guess the items, go for something with a '5' or '0' as the last number, like 30 or 35. The board is structured in such a way that there are less 'R's than any other letter, so if you pick up one of those early, then going for the car will be a much easier decision.

Gordon Pepper is still waiting to play for a bowling alley in North Jersey that will bear his name. E-mail him at