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Today is

2nd Round: Wocka-Wocka vs. Team Motherboy/Semifinals: 3 Men & a Little Lazy vs. Twisted Misters - July 18

Last night we ended the quarterfinal between Team Motherboy and Wocka-Wocka 2-2

Round 3

Medicinal Purposes - TV Medical Programs

Rachel(from Wocka-Wocka) v. Jamie(Team Motherboy)

Jamie gets questions about Scrubs, House, She misses the violent psychopath on Nip/Tuck(The carver). Rachel can't steal.

Rachel gets questions about Doogie Howser, she misses a question on who George Clooney played on ER. (Dr. Doug Ross). Jamie can't steals. She ties it up with Trapper John MD.

Tie Break: Name the 8 permanent co-hosts of the View.
They get them all.

Tie Break #2: Besides Lyndon Ashby--name the 22 actors of Melrose Place.
Rachel can't answer. Jamie gets Marcia Cross.

Team Wocka-Wocka is down to 1.

Round 4. Potty Mouths--quotes with foul language bleeped the movie.

Robert gets questions on "Silence of the Lambs", "Old School", "Team America--World Police"

Lizzie gets questions on "Die Hard", "Goodfellas" and "The Big Lebowski".

Tie Break...Cast Members of the Big Chill...8 actors not including Kevin Costner and another cast member.

They sweep.

Tie Break #2: 9 movies that have grossed over $100 Million that have starred Cameron Diaz--name 8 after her cameo in Minority Report.

Robert gets Vanilla Sky for the win.

Final Round - On the Cheap--Motion pictures shot for under $1M

Jamie v. Robert

Jamie gets questions about Clerks, "Welcome to the Dollhouse", and "El Mariachi"

Robert gets questions about "The Brothers McMullen", Michael Myers from Halloween, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Swingers.

Tie Break--not including Larenz Tate--name the 10 actors in Crash!(2005)

Jamie misses and Robert cant win it! (4 a piece)

Tie Break #2--16 films directed by Spike Lee

Jamie misses...and Wocka-Wocka is onto the semifinals!

Steve Matt Gary Andrew W. Victor Andrew U.

Round 1 - The Karate Kid - questions about the 1984 movie

Matt v. Victor

Victor gets questions on Cobra Kai Dojo, the actress who played Ali Mills(Elisabeth Shue), misses the question about his Halloween Costume(shower). Matt steals.

Matt gets questions on "Sweep the Leg", "Catch a Fly with Chopsticks", and the song "You're the Best".

3 men is up 3-2. Victor is out for the first time in the tourney.

Round 2 - VH1 Most Awesomely Bad Songs -- Given a lyric/year name one of the 50 Songs.

Steve v. Andrew U.

Steve misses "Don't Worry Be Happy". Andrew steals. Steve misses "Sunglasses At Night". Andrew steals.

Andrew gets questions on "We Didn't Start the Fire", He misses "The Heart of Rock and Roll". Steve can't steal. Steve is out.


Round 3 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles --memorable vehicles in TV Programs.

Matt v. Andrew W.

Andrew gets questions on the SS minnow and Gilligan's Island. "Yo Homes, Smell You Later" from Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air.

Matt gets questions on "Wings" and Sandpiper Air. Matt misses The Pacific Princess from the Love Boat. Andrew steals. He seals the win with Knight Industries Two Thousand for KITT in Knight Rider.

Twisted Misters is one away from the win!

Round 4 - The Tao of Bill Murray - Given a year/quote name the Bill Murray movie.

Gary v. Andrew U.

Gary gets questions on Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation, Stripes

Andrew gets questions on Caddyshack, Kingpin, Rushmore.

Tie Break: 20 Official Films through 2006 - (excluding Casino Royales and Never Say Never Again)

Gary says "Her Majesty's Secret Service". Andrew gets You Only Live Twice...


Tomorrow night we see who gets to play them....will it be Team Wocka or Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0! Find out tomorrow night in the final episode!


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