The 2007 World Series of Pop Culture
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Today is

1st Round: Wocka-Wocka vs. They're Real & They're Spectacular/El Chupacabra vs. Fragilay - July 12

Last of the first quarterfinals matches...will the defending champs move on! Let's find out!

Rachel C. Robert Kelly Melissa Danielle Michelle

Round 1--Those Talented Baldwin Brothers - Questions about Alec Baldwin (giggle)

Rachel gets questions about 30 Rock, The Cooler, Misses "brass balls" in Glengarry Glen Ross. Michelle can't steal...and is out.

Michelle gets questions on The Departed, misses his guest spot on Friends (Rachel steals).

Wocka-Wocka is up 3-2.

Round 2- Super Cuts...given the year and 3 the album.

Robert v. Danielle

Danielle gets questions on "Appetite for Destruction" (GnR), "She's So Unusual" (Cyndi Lauper), misses SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below (OutKast), Robert steals

Robert gets questions on "Nevermind" (Nirvana), "Please Hammer Don't Hurt'em" (MC Hammer) and Pyromania (Def Leppard). Robert wins.

Wocka Wocka is up 3-1

Round 3 - Bogus Bands - Fake Bands in TV and Movies

Kelly v. Melissa

Kelly gets questions on "Jesse and the Rippers (Full House)" Matt Dillon as Citizen Dick in Singles

Melissa misses a question on Driveshaft from Lost. Kelly steals. She misses the singing group on the Brady Bunch (The Silver Platters)

Wocka-Wocka Sweeps 3-0.

Quick and time for the defending champs.....

Mason Alexandra Jodi Shalonda Tomi Sherita

Round 1 - Live from New York -- questions about SNL.

Mason gets questions on Matt Foley "living in a van down by the river", "put your junk in the box" from "D**k in a box", misses the liquor Leon Phelps drinks, Shalonda can't steal (it was Courvoisier.)

Shalonda misses a question on "Schwing" from Wayne's World. Mason steals. she gets "Cheeseburger" (John Belushi)

Round 2 -- What a Weird Al-Ful World...given the lyrics from a parody...give the real song.

Alexandra v. Tomi

Tomi gets questions on Bad (Michael Jackson/Fat), Gangsta's Paradise (Amish Paradise), misses Got My Mind Set on You (George Harrison/(This Song's Just) Six Words Long), Alexandra can't steal.

Alexandra gets questions on Piano Man (Billy Joel/Ode to a Superhero), misses a question on Y-O-D-A (L-o-L-A from the Kinks), Tomi can't steal. But misses Dirty by Chamillionaire (White and Nerdy). Alexandra eliminated.


Round 3. That's (Fake) Entertainment - Fake

Jodi misses a question on Ugly Betty. Sherita can't steal. She misses a question on Bluntman and Chronic. Sherita can't steal. She gets "Springtime for Hitler" from the Producers.

Sherita gets a question on Aquaman in Entourage. Sherita misses a question on Terence and Phiilp's Asses of Fire. Jodi can't steal. She misses The 30 rock film from John Grisham (The rural Juror). Jodi can't steal.

Tie Break: 2001 Actors in Ocean's Eleven besides George Clooney.

They go back and forth and Sherita can't get one. She is out.

El Chupacabra is up to 2-1.

Round 4 - Side of Bacon -- given 3 actors who starred with Bacon--name the film all four appeared in.

Mason v. Tomi

Tomi gets "A Few Good Men", "Apollo 13", and "Flatliners"

Mason gets "Footloose", misses "JFK", Tomi steals.

Down to the final round...can El Chupacabra defend?

Final Round -- A Night at The Razzies - Actors who have won the Golden Raspberry award.

Jodi v. Tomi

Jodi gets questions on Halle Berry, Andrew Dice Clay, and Con Air.

Tomi gets questions on Ben Affleck, "Battlefield Earth", and Freddy got Fingered.

Tie Break: Six Cast Members of the Breakfast Club.

They get them all--including Paul Gleason!

Tie Break #2: Who are the 6 opponents of Rocky Balboa? (in Full Fights)

Jodi misses and El Chupacabra is gone!


8 down, 8 to go! Semi Finals next week!


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