The 2007 World Series of Pop Culture
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Today is

Semifinals: Fragilay vs. Twisted Misters/3 Men and a Little Lazy vs. Westerberg High - July 16

8 teams have been eliminated including last year's champions El Chupacabra...

So we are into the quarterfinals! Here we go with this quarterfinal match!

(who beat El Chupacabra)
(who beat Jammin' on the 1)
Shalonda Tomi Sherita Andrew W. Victor Andrew U.

You know the rules...let's go.

Round 1 - The One About Friends - Questions about "Friends"

Shalonda v. Andrew

Shalonda misses a question on Marcel the Monkey. Andrew steals. gets Dr. Drake Remoray and the nickname "Big Fat Goalie."

Andrew gets a question on "How You Doin?" (Joey pick up line), He misses Monica's classification of towels. Shalonda steals. He gets Joey's favorite food(Sandwiches) for the tie.

Tie Break: Not counting Dennis Haskins--name the 6 actors from Saved by the Bell.

They get them all!

2nd Tie Break: 2004-2006 6 Nominated Reality shows in the Emmy Category which were beaten by Amazing Race. Shalonda misses...with Big Brother.

She is out. Twisted Misters are up 3-2.

Round 2 -- Who's that Rapper? Given a Year and Lyric rapped by Pat...give the rapper.

Andrew U. gets Jay-Z(H.O.V.A), Nelly(Hot in Here), Sugar Hill Gang(Rapper's Delight)

Sherita gets Run-DMC(It's Tricky), Notorious B.I.G.(Hypnotize), Missy Elliott(The Rain)

Sweep means a Tie Breaker: First names of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys....

Andrew misses with Sean, Sherita gets Kevin and Howie Dorough was the only one not gotten. Andrew is out.


Round 3 - Movie Jerks -- Movie Characters who are difficult to like.

Victor v. Tomi

Tomi gets questions on Iceman from Top Gun, misses a question about a pledge pin in Animal House. Victor steals.She gets Chaz in Back to School.

Victor gets questions on Wedding Crashers, James Spader in Pretty in Pink, and the sponsor of Sasha Baron Cohen in Talladega Nights(Perrier).

Twisted Misters can win with this next one.

Round 4 - 5 Star Flicks -- Year...and 5 stars...give the title.

Sherita v. Andrew W.

Andrew gets Traffic(2000), The Untouchables(1987), He seals the win with St. Elmo's Fire(1985).

Sherita misses Boogie Nights(1997)--Andrew Steals. She gets Stand by Me(1986)

Twisted Misters are on their way to the Semi Finals!

The Young Ones are on their way! Who will join them?

(who beat Lucky Stars
(who beat Carlton Banks Dance Academy
Steve Matt Gary JD Eric Andy

Three Men and a Little Lazy(who beat Lucky Stars) v. Westerberg High
(Steve, Gary and Matt) v. J.D. Andy and Eric

Round 1 - Stranger than Fiction - Weird moments on Reality Programs

Steve v. Andy

Steve gets questions on Sue Hawk and Survivor. He misses a question on Bobby Brown using Preparation H to reduce bags under his eyes. Andy can't steal. He misses a question about who spat on New York during a clock ceremony. Andy can't steal(it was Pumkin).

Andy misses a question on Newlyweds. Steve steals. Andy gets the question about Tammy Faye and Ron Jeremy. He ties up with Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger.

Tie Breaker: Not including Douglas Emerson - the 10 actors in the first season credits of Beverly Hills, 90210.

They get everyone except Carol Potter. Andy misses it. Steve goes on.

3-2 3 Men....

Round 2 - The Zen of Swayze - given a quote by a Swayze Character -- give the movie.

Matt v. J.D.

J.D gets questions on Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Youngblood.

Matt gets questions on Road House, Point Break, but misses To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar. Matt is out.


Round 3 -- The Strokes -- pop culture references about "self-love" a/k/a masturbation.

Gary v. Eric.

Gary gets questions about "I Touch Myself" defeating the Fembots, American Pie's use of Alyson Hannigan's flute, Gary gets a question about Turning Japanese. Gary wins.

Eric gets questions about "Relax(Don't Do It)", misses Something About Mary's use of male bodily fluids as hair gel. Gary steals.

3 Men is up 2-1.

Round 4 - Name Drops Keep Falling on My Head -- Given the lyric and the year which a name was dropped. Name the song.

JD misses a question on "Free Fallin", Steve can't steal. He gets "Lose Yourself". He misses "Jump Around". Steve steals.

Steve misses a question on Manic Monday. JD steals. He gets "Man on the Moon". And Steve wins with "You Get What You Give"(New Radicals).

3 Men and a Little Lazy advance to the Semis!

We are now down to 6....The final two spots in the semi-finals are determined tomorrow!


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