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Today is

2nd Round: Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0 vs. Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen/Wocka-Wocka vs. Team Motherboy - July 17

Well, 3 Men and A Little Lazy and Twisted Misters are in the semifinals....who will join them?

(who beat the Truffle Shuffles)
(who beat the White Russians)
Todd Kyle Lucian Warren Rich Margottina

Round 1 - Seinfeld - Self Explanatory.

Margottina v. Lucien.
Margottina gets questions on her nipple being exposed in a Christmas Card, "Your So Good" after a sneeze, and "the bro"

Lucien gets questions on Calvin Klein, "The English Patient", and George's porno name..."Buck Naked"

Tie Break: SNL hosts who did it 5 or more times(besides Buck Henry, Drew Barrymore)

Lucien wins with Elliott GOuld

Round 2 - Tag Lines -- Given a year and a tag line - give the movie.

Todd v. Warren

Todd misses a question on Finding Nemo. Warren steals. Todd misses a question on Mannequin. Warren steals. Todd misses Ed Wood.

Warren gets questions on Happy Gilmore. Warren misses a question on "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Todd steals.


Round 3 - Happy Holidays....movies where Holidays play a role.

Rich gets questions on Groundhog Day, The rock from Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. He seals the victory with "You'll Shoot Your Eye out."

Kyle misses a question on Independence Day. Rich steals. She gets "The Hanukkah Song",

Lucien is only left.

Round 4 - Party Like It's 2006-given a lyric name the song.

Lucien misses questions on "SexyBack". Warren can't steal. Lucien misses a question on "Promiscious". Warren can't steal. Lucien misses a question on Stars are Blind, Warren can't steal.

Warren misses a question on "Hips Don't Lie" Lucien can't steal. Warren misses a question on "Ain't No Other Man" Lucien can't steal. He misses a question on What You Know. Lucien can't steal.

First 0-0 in WSOPC

Tie Breaker - "Purple Rain" - name the other 8 tracks.

Lucien stays on.

Final Round - Alrighty Then - Jim Carrey

Lucien v. Rich

Rich gets questions on Dumb and Dumber, The Riddler, misses a question on Once Bitten. Lucien can't steal. He ties with Medieval Times from the Cable Guy.

Lucien gets questions on How the Grinch Stole Christmas, misses who he erased from his mind from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(clementine). Rich can't steal.

Tie Break: Magnolia - 8 Oscar Nominated Actors who appeared in the film.

Lucien gets William H. Macy to enter the semi-finals!

(who beat They're Real and They're Spectacular)
(who beat Fat Guys in Little Coats)
Rachel C. Robert Kelly Jamie Lizzie Holly

The final team is about to be determined.

Round 1 - Au Naturel - Nudity on TV and Movies

Kelly v. Jamie

Jamie gets questions on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mark Paul Gosselaar baring his butt in NYPD Blue, and guesses right about Donald Sutherland baring his butt

Kelly gets questions on Halle Berry showing her boobs in Swordfish, "shrinkage" in Seinfeld, candle wax from Body of Evidence

Tie Breaker: 6 Films Directed by M. Night Shyamalan(minus Crying with Anger)

Kelly misses Wide Awake(the only one they missed).

Team Motherboy is up 3-2

Round 2 - Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Given a lyric by a white rapper...give the song.

Robert v. Holly

Robert gets questions on Vanilla Ice (Ice, Ice Baby), misses a question on Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Holly steals. Robert misses a question on K-Fed. Holly can't steal.

Holly gets questions on Beastie Boys (Paul Revere), Holly misses a question on Everlast. Robert cant steal. Holly misses a question on Kid Rock. Robert steals.

Tie Break: 20 singers outside of Kim Carnes who sing on We are the world?

Holly misses...She is eliminated....and we end this semifinal!


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