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Today is

1st Round: Fat Guys in Little Coats vs. Team Motherboy/White Russians vs. Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen - July 9

We recap Last Season...Well, last season, Atlanta's "El Chupacabra" was the team to beat...20,000 applicants...5 regions now we have 15 new teams and the returning champion to get another shot at Pop Culture glory and $250,000!

Welcome back to The World Series of Pop Culture! Your host is Pat Kiernan....

Fat Guys in Little Coats v. Team Motherboy! is our first round match!

Peter Keevan Josh Jamie Lizzie Holly

The rules are simple: We play best of 5 rounds...Each team will bring up a representative for 6 total questions...whoever answers the most questions will knock out their opponent...knock out all three are advancing. Remember, no one team member can play two rounds in a row.

First "Let's Play the Feud"--Questions about 2006/2007 celebrity squabbles.

Keevan v. Holly.

Keevan sweeps his 3 questions about the Donald v.Rosie feud, TR Knight and Evel Knievel's feud with Kanye West.

Holly gets her first 2 but misses a question about the Nas collaboration with Jay-Z ending the feud with the song "Black Republican."

Round 2 - "Scary Movies in a Nutshell"...given a year and a synopsis you give the title.

Peter v. Jamie .

Jamie gets her questions about the Ring, the Amityville Horror and 28 Days Later.

Peter gets his questions about Child's Play, the Fly and Jacob's Ladder.

Tie Breaker: Best Animated Feature has been given out since 2002. There have been 20 Nominated them.

They go back and forth, but Peter misses...and he is eliminated.

Each team is down to 2.

Round 3 -"Jingle all the Way" -- Commercial Jingles.

Josh v. Lizzie (who is losing her voice)

Josh gets his questions on Big Red, Justin Timberlake (writing a McDonald's Jingle), but misses the question about Enjoli, Lizzie steals.

Lizzie gets her questions on Mounds, Nair, but misses a question about Darius Rucker and Burger King. Josh steals back.

Tie Breaker: There were 16 Actors in the opening credits of the 2 hour Pilot of Lost -- Name the Characters they play.

They go back and forth after getting 10 of the 16 but Josh can't come up with anymore. Lizzie (since Josh went first) nails Walt and Josh is out. Motherboy can nail the win next round.

Round 4 - "Looney Tunes" Given the Year and a Lyric with some of mental illness/instability--give the title.

Keevan v. Jamie (must win for Keevan)

Jamie gets questions on "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley) and "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Ramones),

Keevan misses a question on "Maniac" (Michael Sembello). Jamie steals. Keevan misses "Basket Case" by Green Day.

Team Motherboy advances to the quarterfinals!

Amber Tillett (of Cheetara) interviews Lizzie (without her voice).
Katherine Gotsick (of Cheetara) interviews Josh about the Lost tiebreaker.

Next 1st round match!

The White Russians v. Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen (the only siblings in the group)

(the big Lebowski names) v. a play on the word Twister in Nicaraguan and they show how to play this weird kids game.

Chris Lori Stewart Warren Rich ?

Round 1 - "On the QT"...questions on films directed or written by Tarantino.

Chris v. Warren

Chris gets questions on Reservoir Dogs, the samurai sword scene in Pulp Fiction, and Black Mamba (from Kill Bill)

Warren gets questions on "Royale w/Cheese (from Pulp Fiction), Brad Pitt in True Romance, and the actor who played Mr. Orange (Tim Roth)

Tie Breaker: 21 Films directed by Spielberg(they give Empire of the Sun and the work on Twilight Zone the Movie) name the other 20.

They go back and forth naming films. Chris misses and Warren gets 1941 (Chris guessed 1942...ouch.)

Remo Leen Teen Teen is up 3-2

Round 2 - "Pop Hits of the 1980's" Given a Year and Lyric--name the song.

Lori v. Rich

Rich gets "Love is a Battlefield".

Lori misses a question on "When Doves Cry". Rich steals.

Rich misses a question on "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic". So does Lori.

Lori misses a question on "Rock the Casbah." Rich Steals...and Lori is gone.

White Russians are down to 1.

Round 3 - "I'll take the Physical Challenge"...actors going to extreme lengths to prepare for a role.

Stewart v. Warren

Stewart gets questions on (Linda Hamilton) Terminator 2, (Edward Norton in American History X, and Christian Bale slimming down to 110 pounds in the Machinist.

Warren gets questions on Frida(Salma Hayek), Vincent D'Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket, and Parker Posey getting real braces in Best in Show...

Tie Breaker: 8 other Male Actors who comprised the Fellowship of the Ring in 2002's Fellowship of the Ring...(other than Elijah Wood)

They get 4 and Stewart can't and Jonathan Rhys Davies seals the sweep for Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen.

We have winners and losers interviews!

Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen advances to the quarterfinals!

Tune in tomorrow for another 2 1st round matches in season 2 of the World Series of Pop Culture!


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