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Today is

1st Round: Jammin' on the 1 vs. Twisted Misters/3 Men & A Little Lazy vs. Lucky Stars - July 10

Well, last night Team Motherboy! and Remo-Leen-Teen Teen advanced in their first round match. Who will advance tonight?

The rules are simple...each team has 3 members. One member will come up after the category is announced. First team to knock out the other's three members advances. Also, you can't have the same member play two rounds in a row. Our host is Pat Kiernan. And here we go!

(sketch comedy troupe members)
(former/current NYU students)
Derwood Amy Anthony Andrew W. Victor Andrew U.

Round 1 -- Idol Worship -- questions on American Idol.

Anthony v. Andrew

Andrew gets questions on She-Bangs(by William Hung), misses a question on Bryan Dunkleman which Anthony steals. He misses a question about where Randy Jackson played bass(Journey), Anthony steals again.

Anthony gets questions on The Soul Patrol, misses a question on Quentin Tarantino which Andrew steals back. Anthony seals the win with the state which said "America Finds It's Voice"...which is Alabama.

Andrew W. is gone.

3-2 Jammin On the 1.

Round 2 - Comedy Quotes - Given a Year and a Quote--name the Movie.

Derwood v. Victor

Derwood gets questions on Meet the Parents(2000), misses a question on Caddyshack(1980) and Victor can't steal, gets Anchorman(2004)

Victor gets questions on Animal House (1978), gets Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery(1997), and Zoolander. He wins.

Derwood is gone...and we are tied at 2.

Round 3 -- TV Catchphrases...memorable catchprases on TV.

Amy v. Andrew U.

Andrew gets questions on D'oh!, "Did I do that?", but misses a question on Hill Street Blues's "Let's Be Careful Out There." Amy steals(albeit with the judges accepting her answer of "Be careful out there.".

Amy gets questions on Nanu-Nanu, "caviar dreams", and Wubba-Wubba....Amy wins.

Jammin on the 1 can win with this round.

Round 4 - Dudes A Plenty - Year/Lyric mentioning a guy --give me the Title

Anthony gets question on Jeremy(Pearl Jam), You Can Call Me Al(Paul Simon), misses a question on Mr. Brightside(The Killers), Victor steals.

Victor gets questions on Superman(Five For Fighting), Tom Sawyer(Rush), He misses a question on Mr. Jones(Counting Crows). We have a tie.

Tie Breaker: Give me the 10 places names in Kokomo(outside of Kokomo of course)

They name 6 and Victor names Florida Keys...anthony is out.

Final Round--Lady Killers--Films with Bad Ass chicks.

Amy v. Victor

Victor gets questions on Chicago, Le Femme Nikita, and Single White Female's Stiletto Heel Kill

Amy gets questions on Kathy Bates(in Misery), Monster(Charlize Theron's Oscar Performance), but misses the opera in Fatal Attraction(Madame Butterfly).

Twisted Misters advance!

We see the winner and losers interview with members of Cheetara

Next 1st round match!

The White Russians v. Remo-Leen-Teen-Teen (the only siblings in the group)

(the big Lebowski names) v. a play on the word Twister in Nicaraguan and they show how to play this weird kids game.

Steve Matt Gary Nikki John Brad

Round 1 - Bueller, Bueller --Questions about Ferris Bueller

Nikki v. Matt

Nikki gets questions about Ben Stein, his number of sick days.. she misses and Matt can't steal (9), and Mr. Rooney (Jeffrey Jones),

Matt gets questions about Twist and Shout, Charlie Sheen (as a police detainee), and the durge he sings in bed (Let my Cameron's go)...

3 men is up 3-2

Round 2 - About A Girl...given the Year and the Lyric give the song title about someone female.

Steve v. John.

Steve misses and John can't steal on Billie Jean, Bonnie and Clyde (Jay -Z), misses and John steals Janie's Got A Gun for the win.

John gets questions on Roxanne(1978), Lady Marmalade(2001),

Tied 2-2

Round 3 - Where Its At...questions on fictional locales in movies, TV and music.

Brad v. Gary.

Brad gets questions on the Death Star, misses Margaritaville's Shaker of Salt. Gary steals. and Mypos (Perfect Strangers)...

Gary gets questions on Paradise City (Guns and Roses), Being John Malkovich, misses the Boar's Nest from the Dukes of Hazzard. Brad doesn't steal.

Three Men and a Little Lazy are up 2-1. They can win next round.

Round 4 -- Wachoo Talkin About Arnold? Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Matt v. John

Matt gets questions on "The Terminator", "Total Recall", misses a question on Conan the Barbarian. John steals.

John gets questions on "Kindergarten Cop", misses a question on "True Lies". Matt Can't steal. John misses a question on Batman and Robin. Matt steals and 3 Men and a Little Lazy win!

The Lucky Stars are eliminated.

Well we have 4 teams in, 4 teams are out! Who will be the next 2 to advance in the first round of The World Series of Pop Culture?


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