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The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts: Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP: Michael Agbabian, Dwight D. Smith
Packagers: Granada America for SciFi Channel Original Series
Origin: Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Gauntlet
April 21

The gamers got a shot to jam on the one in NBA Live 09. After that, an innocent-enough kiss turns into drama between Ciji and Mark. This episode is settled on the big stage as well, with the erstwhile Romeo sending Juliet packing. Now we're down to the final six. Tonight... the Gauntlet will pare their ranks down to two.

Chelsea's 90% sure that Mark will return. And here he comes now. Jamal thought he would throw the match, but he notes that if he was going to do that, he would put up Chelsea. No one's THAT intimidated by the PC gamer, but in the end of the day, she's still here. If there's anyone to watch out fir, it's Jamal.

The players speculate on what the next challenge will be. Whatever it is, don't count on them to put Swoozie up, because he's a great gamer and a great guy to boot. Same with Robert, who thinks that he is the Ultimate Gamer in the making.

Joel enters with news of the next challenge... The game is "ASPHALT 4" (Elite Racing for mobiles), which allows multiple players to compete with each other utilizing your phone's Bluetooth connection. The winner will receive a copy of every game played on the show.

We start with a three-lap time attack, and the two fastest laps will compete against each other. Those two: Jamal and Robert. In the end, Jamal overtakes Robert to win.

But now we get serious. The gamers will be put through the wringer like never before in a test called.... THE GAUNTLET. And when it's done, only two of you survive. Pack your bags, because you may be eliminated at any time.

The guys think that while money is nice, the title is even better.

The next morning, the players enter... THE GAUNTLET

GAUNTLET CHALLENGE 1: Project Gotham Racing 4.

Three laps in the driving rains of Quebec. The first player across the line will get an advantage going into the next challenge. The player who comes in last will be eliminated.

The players strap into a large scaffolding grid and... did we mention that the racing sim will invert you so that you'll see the screen upside down?


Chelsea manages to take the early lead as the gamers start out with a bang. Literally. But then Jamal and three others pass her. Amy hits multiple walls. Jamal says that he's used to playing games upside down, while Mark says he was relieved. This is not one of his strongest games.

Winner: Jamal! He'll get the advantage going into the next round. Following him: Swoozie, Robert, Mark, and ... Amy! Those five will move on, but for Chelsea... it's GAME OVER.

That was a wake-up call for the gamers. You have to be ready to perform every time, and you only get one shot.

Jamal has the power over one of the remaining four. They will have to play with an impairment.


The gamers will play guitar and drums simultaneously. The song is Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger". Highest ranking player gets an advantage in the next round. Lowest-ranked player is eliminated.

You will be able to practice as much as you can unless Jamal calls your name. Then you will only be able to practice once. He picks... Mark.

Jamal compares it to DDR, with five pedals instead of four. Amy thinks that it was akin to walking and chewing gum.

Everyone's practiced up... GAME ON!

Robert's ignoring the kickdrum, so Swoozie includes a little bit of them into his set. Amy and Mark have as good a chance of each other to go home. Jamal wanted to include himself in that shuffle.

The winner of this match... Swoozie. He'll have an advantage going into the next challenge. In last place... Amy. Everyone's a little bummed, but for her... it's GAME OVER.


Slayer free-for-all coming on the map "Last Resort". The final four will be playing... all night long. On pedestals. You can stand down as you feel like, but the game will not be paused and you will be defenseless.

As the winner of challenge 2, Swoozie gets five minutes of free reign over his opponents.

For Swoozie... it's GAME ON! Five minutes later, the others join up. So far, Swoozie has 12 kills. Jamal catches up and surpasses with 18 kills. Robert manages 55 so far, then Jamal passes him with 62 after three hours.

After a while, someone orders a pizza... and cookies. You can sit down, relax, and eat, but you must do it in the red circle. The snack will be available for the next 30 minutes...

"Get the devil food away from me!" Temptation was proving too much for Swoozie, who takes a break. Everyone uses this time to gang up on him.

Five hours of Halo marathon is starting to take its toll. But Hannah enters with another temptation. At the end of a rope, which could be anywhere from 20 feet long to 2 miles long, is a safe with $1000 in cash. The first one to find the money keeps it. But the offer expires in 30 minutes.

Jamal decides to go for it. And Mark's following him... to the bathroom! So now it's a race for the safe while the other two gamers get free reign. Meanwhile, Jamal gets $1000 cash money, then returns to his perch. Rob offered his services for a cut of the money.

Morning breaks, and the challenge ends.  In last place... it's Swoozie. It was an honor to play with everyone else, but in the end, it's GAME OVER for pizza boy.

But the day is not over, because the gamers are about to be cut further. The gamer with the most kills and is therefore heading to the finale... is ROBERT.

Second most kills joining him... will be revealed next time, as we move the action to Samsung Stadium, where the final two will compete to be crowned... WCG Ultimate Gamer.

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