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March 10

The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts: Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP: Michael Agbabian, Dwight D. Smith
Packagers: Granada America for SciFi Channel Original Series
Origin: Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Kicking and Screaming
March 17

Last time, we met the gamers, and they met the challenge of performing in their own real-life rock band before competing in "Rock Band 2". Robert & JD were chosen to go head to head to see who would play on in the competition, and in the end, Prod1gy X dominated JD, and the latter was sent packing. Now the game continues with 11.

The gamers await the return of the winner of the last elimination challenge. Chelsea wasn't surprised when Robert came home. Dante's still figuring out what strategies to put into play.

Kelly and Geoff have been hanging around each other. Both people have trouble connecting with others on a personal level, and this just feels... right.

Next morning brings us our next...

REAL-LIFE CHALLENGE: Actual Fighter...

This week's round is based upon "VIRTUA FIGHTER 5" (Sega for multiplatforms). Keys to success in this game are strategy and quick reflexes. Assisting and judging in the Real-Life Challenge is Master James Lew, a Hollywood fight coordinator and member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

The players will compete in a combat course, breaking each of 30 boards. Both teams will bid on how fast it will take two members of their team will finish the course. If you are correct with your team's time, you get two points. If not, the opposing team gets one. First team to seven wins. Master Lew will then award an MVP to one player, who will be awarded a private lesson from the reigning champion of VF5.

BLACK TEAM: Alyson, Amy, Robert, Ciji, Dante, Kelly
RED TEAM: Mark, Chelsea, Geoff, Swoozie, Jamal

Round 1: Black Team is challenged at 45 seconds. Dante & Kelly will play. Success... Black Team leads, 2-0.

Now to add 20 boards for 50.

Round 2: Red Team is challenged at 50 seconds. Mark & Swoozie play. And just in time. Tied at 2.

We're up to 70 boards. And black is up to 4-2.

We're up to 100 boards. Black is challenged at 1:55. And... FAIL. Red also fails. Black leads, 5-3.

Robert & Dante get the challenge at 1:20. And... FAIL. Two boards left. Black leads, 5-4.

Alyson & Amy get the challenge at 1:40. And... UTTER FAIL. Tied at 5.

Round 7: Mark & Geoff get the challenge at 1:55. And... WIN, 7-5!

Now Master Lew has to pick a player that he felt demonstrated the highest standard. His winner... Geoff. "I really felt his martial spirit come through."

All the members of the Red Team are now tied for first, but that can change after the Isolation Challenge.

Meanwhile, the gamers practice on "Virtua Fighter 5". And Dante's beginning to grate on everybody's nerve. The greatest complaint is that he whines like a little beeyatch. He's girlier than Naked Raiden in "Metal Gear Solid". He calls out Ciji on a) being only good at Guitar Hero, and b) talking smack about him behind her back.

Geoff meets Adnan Rana, the reigning US WCG Champion in Virtua Fighter 5. Adnan's keys to victory: streamlining your repertoire. Let your moves just flow and use better angles. Control yourself. Remember, this game is not about beginner's luck. You have to have the skill if you want to win.


You are playing as individuals. You will be playing the score attack mode with seven characters in Route A, ranking dependent upon how many opponents you beat.

Scores from yesterday will be added to scores from today, with the player in last place going to the Elimination Challenge.

Pai Chan proves to be a challenge for everyone save Dante and Alyson.

The rankings are combined, and we have a result... The player in last place, and up for elimination... is KELLY. She was last place in the Real Life Challenge, and she was last in Isolation, so she will be heading to Samsung Stadium.

The player in first place, and who gets to determine her opponent... is DANTE. He was in last in the Real Life Challenge, but he was first in Isolation. That means, basically... EVERYONE choked.

The gamer everyone hates is now holding all the cards. He can eliminate anyone he wants to, but he doesn't want to get rid of Kelly before he gets a chance to train her. He doesn't want to see her go home. Same could not be said for Ciji. He's just sick of the drama and of the backbiting. He's convinced that Kelly can beat her, about as sure as Ciji is that she'll be picked to play against Kelly.

Everyone thinks that Ciji or Amy will be going up against Kelly, but they don't know who. Amy is just slipping her way through the competition thus far. Geoff goes so far as saying that she's "God awful."

Going to the roof, where Dante will pick Kelly's challenger. Dante has made his decision. The person he's chosen will be a threat down the line... AMY. It's not her ideal situation. Kelly loves her opponent. We have ourselves a fair battle, as Amy scored 10th this week.

Amy calls being on the chopping block a very intense, draining situation. Dante apologizes for choosing her, but it's okay. Let's just let it go.

Amy spends her time standing like she will in competition, while Dante tells Kelly all his secrets. Geoff doesn't want Kelly to go home, partially because he wants to hook up with her. To that end, Geoff gives her his good luck beanie... and she better bring it back.

Time to train, folks. Samsung Stadium awaits.


Kelly and Amy will face off in a head-to-head battle, and any character is allowed. Players are restricted to three buttons on their joysticks, and rounds will last 60 seconds. Winner stays, loser pays. Let's go to the tale of the tape...

Chicago Home turf San Antonio
MrsViolence Handle Athena
First Person Shooters Specialty First Person Shooters

The players take their positions. Kelly has chosen Kage Maru as her character, whilst Amy will play as jeet kune do specialist Sarah Bryant.

First player to win five matches will stay on. And... GAME ON!

Strong starting for Kelly with a few combos. And Kelly takes round 1. Amy finds an out in her strong upper attack, and she takes rounds 2 and 3. Kelly's exploiting range attacks... and she ties it up at 2. Amy takes round 5 and 6. Kelly needs to win this round to stay, but she's too predictable. She needs to mix up her attack. She does. She takes round 7. And this one is going to go the distance. It's down to the final round.. And it looks like ... Amy wins it, 5-4.

Amy returns to the house having trained really hard and reaped the benefits, but Kelly kept it close... unfortunately on this show, close only gets you... GAME OVER.

Next week, the 10 remaining gamers will take to the wheel for real and for $100,000 and the title of WCG Ultimate Gamer.

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