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The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts: Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP: Michael Agbabian, Dwight D. Smith
Packagers: Granada America for SciFi Channel Original Series
Origin: Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Shut Up and Drive
March 24

Last time, the gamers went kicking and screaming in "Virtua Fighter 5", leaving two to head to Samsung Stadium: Kelly and Amy. And when the dust settled, Kelly was sent packing. Now ten remain.

Geoff really wants Kelly to come back so he can get some. Jamal wants Amy to come back so he can rub it in Dante's face. And... Commence face-rubbing. Everyone's celebrating except for Geoff, who's on the verge of tears. The gamers rally to the big man.

Meanwhile, Dante says that he's gained an enemy. There are people that want him out. And right now one of them... Jamal... is teaming with Mark to make sure that happens.

Next morning brings us our next...

REAL-LIFE CHALLENGE: Project Parking Lot...

This week's round is based upon "PROJECT GOTHAM RACING 4" (Microsoft for Xbox 360). Everyone's happy to see PGR4. But in this challenge, you're going to be sliding for home.


Each team will be taught by a stunt driver to perform the maneuvers made famous in the game. They will have until nightfall to prepare, at which point they'll be racing for their life, Charlie Brown. Judging their performing will be drift champion Chris Forsberg. He will determine the winner based on two lights at the front and rear of the car AND the images from an overhead still camera. It should look like two ovals with the smaller inside the larger.

Chelsea managed to hit a barrel... AND go off course. Needless to say... her team was dead last. At least they would be if Dante didn't choke it on his run. He almost ends up hitting the camera crew. And did we mention that Rob didn't drive prior to this (he's from NYC). Jamal & Amy didn't have a clear separation.

The winners of this challenge... Mark & Ciji! They're atop the rankings and as such will receive coaching from PGR4 champ Brian Boyle. In second, Geoff & Dante. Third: Amy & Jamal. Fourth: Alyson & Robert. And I guess that means that Chelsea & Swoozie ARE in dead last.

The gamers start practicing for "PGR4". Alyson has NEVER played the game before, and she's hoping that her Halo expertise will see her through. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, Dante starts training Chelsea.

Jamal calls out Dante in the house for a battle right now. Best of five in Virtua Fighter 5. Loser shuts his mouth. Dante thinks Jamal is mediocre. Jamal is trying to be the manly man. And he succeeds, winning 3-2. "He's such a sad, sad little man."

Meanwhile, Mark & Ciji talk about how she's still single and still not understanding. "If (Mark) didn't have a girlfriend... I'd be totally hitting him up." Brian Boyle enters to train the two lovebirds in the art of drifting for points and profit.

ISOLATION CHALLENGE: Project Gotham Racing...

Finessing a Lotus Exige GT3 on New York City's Park Row will be your whip and course. The lowest score here AND in the Real Life Challenge will head to Samsung Stadium. Four laps, shortest lap counts.

PGR proves to be very unforgiving. Some gamers concentrate. Others kill it.

The rankings are combined, and we have a result... The player in last place, and up for elimination... is ALYSON. She was ninth in the race and fourth in the Real Life Challenge.

The player in first place, and who gets to determine her opponent... is DANTE again. He was in second in the Real Life Challenge, but he was first in Isolation. Two weeks running, and it's not as good as he thinks, he says. He was happy, but now he's got a target on his back.

Alyson is going to practice her butt off, but first, Dante believes that the next lowest player should be challenged, challenging everyone to reveal their time. He doesn't realized that he's being used to get what everyone wants.

Chelsea wants to know who Dante is sending... It's her, Ciji, or Swoozie. Would he even consider Jamal? She tells him to think about putting up his partner Geoff.

Let's go to the rooftop, where Dante will finally call out Alyson's competition. He chooses... JAMAL. In the rankings, he came in fourth overall. "Thank you" is all he's said.

The elimination challenge will be a street race around London's Westminster Route.

Time to practice. But now that Dante has called Jamal out, it's no longer fun. It's personal. The house rallies behind Alyson to see her through to practice. Meanwhile, Jamal is a gamer all alone. But Jamal's here for two people with MD who passed away. He's competing in their honor.

A few last practice laps, and Alyson's not intimidated. Jamal says he's going to do his best. That's all we ask.

ELIMINATION ROUND: Project Elimination...

Today's elimination will be determined by one street race through London's Westminster Route, three laps in a Supercar, an Apollo, or a GTR1 Coupe. First across the finish goes back to the house. Let's go to the tale of the tape...

Gilbert, AZ Home turf Twinsburg, OH
Nin9tyNin9 Handle Zophar321
First Person Shooters Specialty Fighting

The players take their positions. Three laps in the Supercar. Alyson's playing yellow and Jamal's playing red... And... GAME ON!

In the race, it's all about your line, and each car is positioned so that the racing is fair. Both players peel out at the same time, and Alyson takes the lead. She needs to keep the higher speed if she wants to hold the lead. Both practiced hard last night and it is paying dividends. At the end of the second lap, Alyson leads by two seconds... And Jamal takes a lead away thanks to Alyson peeling out. Alyson needs to control her vehicle better if she wants to win this match. But it's not enough. Jamal wins the race, sending Alyson home.

This looked like it could've gone either way, but unfortunately for Alyson... it's GAME OVER.

Next time, we're dancing for a revolution... and for $100,000 and the title of WCG Ultimate Gamer.

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