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The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts: Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP: Michael Agbabian, Dwight D. Smith
Packagers: Granada America for SciFi Channel Original Series
Origin: Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Are You Ready to Rock?
March 10

The history of video game-based game shows is a long and storied one...

- Starcade
- The Video Game
- Video Power
- Nick Arcade
- Takeshi's Castle
- Hi-Score

And now we add a new rung to the ladder, as 12 gamers from around the country meet to face the ultimate video challenge. The task: outlast the others and be crowned WCG's Ultimate Gamer. With that title comes prestige... cash ($100,000)... gear from Samsung... and the right to represent the WCG in events around the world including the World Championship in China.

But the game is only half the story, because in this competition, the video games we know and love will be brought to life, so expect our players to play in a real rock-band... jam a real basketball through a real hoop... and drive a real drift racer along a real test track.

So the question now remains... Who's gamer enough to be named the Ultimate Gamer?

Here are your 12 combatants.

- Chelsea Alek-Finkelman (Delicate (<3)): member of PMS Clan, she likes shooters.
- Amy Brady (Athena): Frag Doll "Valkyrie" and founding member of PMS Clan, she loves shooters and wants a female to be crowned the Ultimate Gamer.
- Alyson Bridge (Nin9tyNin9): former member of Frag Dolls Clan, she specializes in shooters
- JD Dorfman (KosherHamm): member of Madden NFL and NHL 2008 leagues, he's the only sports specialist.
- Kelly Kelley (MrsViolence): professional Gears of War player, member of vVv Clan; she is a shooter specialist.
- Daniel "Dante" Kim (DevilsAlastar): professional video game tester, he races for his props.
- Jamal Mickens (Zophar321): winner of "Life to the Power of X", he likes fighters.
- Robert Paz (Prod1gy X): 5 national tournament wins, he, like most of the housemates, is a shooters expert.
- Geoff Robinson (iNcontroL): 2007 WCG US Starcraft champion, he's the strategist.
- Mark Smith (applesauce): has won five local gaming titles, he plays shooters.
- Adande "Swoozie" Thorne (sWooZie): national Dead or Alive 4 champion, he specializes in fighters.
- Ciji Thornton (StarSlay3r): top ranked in Guitar Hero, she's a rhythm games expert.

Needless to say that the stereotypical gamer profile of living in a basement with your mother is about to be blown wide open.

Here's how it works. Each week, the players will play a different game. They'll also compete in real-life simulations of said game. The worst performers will face off in one more head-to-head challenge. Winner stays, loser pays.

Dante's worried about Robert, who's considered a pro in many fields. Robert says it's a definite that he's the best gamers. At the same time, he thinks that the ladies, being almost unfairly attractive, don't stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Ciji reveals that Dante and her used to work together. It's hard to see him here.

The loft is waiting, as is our first challenge... It's the Real-Life Challenge, and it's worth half of your overall score. Do well here, and you may cruise to the next round. Do poorly here, and you're going to have to prove your skills in the Isolation Round.

And tonight's game... "ROCK BAND 2" (EA/MTV Games for multiplatforms). Ciji is currently the top female in the world. Jamal, though... not so much.

REAL-LIFE CHALLENGE: Join a rock band.

Teams of four will have to learn how to play "New Kid in School" by the Donnas. Each team will consist of one singer, one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer. They'll perform live at the world-famous Music Box Theatre in Hollywood.

The teams are...
- "Pandora Rox" (Robert, Amy, Alyson & Kelly)
- "Pirates vs. Ninjas" (Mark, Jamal, Adande & Chelsea)
- "Napalm in the Morning" (Geoff, Ciji, Dante & JD)

And guest judging today will be... the Donnas! They basically say "Don't be boring" and "Don't look at your feet".

First up is Pandora Rox... and Alyson forget the words while Amy learns the difference between frets and fret buttons.

Next is Napalm in the Morning. You would think that once Dante shuts down, the team would be all hugs and kisses and everything's going to be okay, right? WRONG. Learn the damn words and play the damn song. They say that they got this, as they just pretend that they're playing the game..

And finally, Pirates vs. Ninjas. Simply put... they say they rocked it.

Donnas? Pandora Rox had a great style, but they forgot the lyrics. Pirates vs. Ninjas had spanking good teamwork. Napalm in the Morning... had no mistakes, but Dante's pitch was bad.

The winners of the first Real Life Challenge... PIRATES VS. NINJAS! So sWooZie, Jamal, Mark, and Chelsea will each take home an Ion Drum Rocker Premium drum set! They also take first in the leaderboard. Second are Napalm in the Morning (Geoff, Ciji, Dante & JD). Last place team of Pandora Rox (Robert, Amy, Alyson, and Kelly) will go into the Isolation Chamber tied for last.

Kelly hates to lose, but she's going to knock them out in isolation.

Back in the loft, it's a very somber surround. No one wants to go home, but the bottom line is that the best player could get out with a bad performance in the Isolation Chamber. Robert's afraid of being sent home early in the game, so he starts up an alliance of anyone who will have him. Dante doesn't trust him, but Robert promises that anyone who teams up with him will be assured of final four.

The next morning, Alyson wakes up to practice her Rock Band skills.

Geoff and Kelly have been bonding over breakfast. Kelly's husband and her are separated, but in the house, Geoff can put a smile on her face.

Joel enters with news of...


The bands that have played last night... Gone. Now new bands are formed through random lots.

GREEN: apple, JD, Robert, Kelly
RED: Jamal, Dante, sWooZie, Amy
BLUE: Alyson, Chelsea, Geoff, Ciji

Now today's challenge, play "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit for high-score both individually and as a team. Robert sees it as a strength. Geoff sees it as a weakness. Meanwhile, Ciji can't help but notice that Dante's checking out Chelsea... again.

Welcome to the Isolation Challenge. Scores here will be added to scores from yesterday. Last place automatically goes to the Elimination Challenge, where they will fight to stay alive.

First is the Red Band. They enter the chamber, which looks like the R&D room out of Wayne Enterprises if you've ever seen "The Dark Knight". It's a minimalist dream.

After everyone's performances, we add the scores... And the player in last place... ROBERT. The guy who's better than everyone is going to play for his life.

1st place: sWooZie, Amy, Jamal, Dante
2nd place: Ciji, Chelsea, Alyson, Geoff
Last place: Mark, Kelly, Robert, JD

In first place... sWooZie. He has a tough decision to make... He has to call out one player to challenge Robert in the Elimination Challenge.

Robert's alliance-mates pact, while Ciji practices. She thinks she's going to get the nod, because she's the only one who can take Robert out.

At the roof, it's raining in LA. Swoozie has picked to challenge Robert... someone he views as a threat... JD. ... Wait, what? In the rankings, JD came in 10th, so how is he viewed as a threat?

JD is the weakest. The good move would be to put the best guitarist up against Robert. The entire house basically calls him on his metagame, saying that he as no balls.

So while Robert heads on the treadmill, Mark and JD begin practicing. "There is no sleeping tonight". JD is bringing his A-game under increasing pressure, getting Robert a little bit hot under the collar? Is he being too lax about this, or will Prod1gy rise to the newfound challenge? 

Let's go... to Samsung Stadium!


JD and Robert will face off in a guitar battle of the Offspring's "Come Out and Play (Keep'em Separated)". High score wins. Low score goes home. Let's go to the tale of the tape...

Bronx, NY Home turf Southern California
Prod1gy X Handle KosherHamm
First Person Shooters Specialty Sports

The players take their positions. And... GAME ON!

At the beginning, it's a draw battle. Robert's favored to win because of his specialty of being a jack-of-all. JD is in trouble because he recently broke his hand.

Robert takes the lead going into the chorus, and JD is going to need a huge overdrive in order to get back into this. If you've ever played "Rock Band 2", you know that the overdrive is the meter on the bottom of the screen, and if you fill it all the way, you get to play for double score.

The song both are playing is not long. But JD is playing with the solo fret buttons rather than the main ones at the top of the guitar neck. This is a risky move. Probably because of that, the gap grows. At this point, it's pretty much an open-and-shut case.

Final score...
ROBERT: 81,975
JD: 25,100

Robert with his last place finish and his first place elimination win has put 10 other gamers on notice. But unfortunately for JD, this order of KosherHamm is to go. For JD... it's GAME OVER.

Next week, the remaining players are kicking and screaming on their way to $100,000 and the title... of WCG Ultimate Gamer. Rock on!

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