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The video games we love are coming out of the screen and onto the stage as 12 of America's best compete for the right to take on the world.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts: Hannah Simone & Joel Gourdin
Creators/EP: Michael Agbabian, Dwight D. Smith
Packagers: Granada America for SciFi Channel Original Series
Origin: Samsung Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesdays at 10p ET on SciFi
In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Move It or Lose It
March 31

Last time, the gamers were sent adrift in "Project Gotham Racing 4", while taking on the challenge of stunt driving. Two factions emerged... Jamal and everyone else. Jamal and Alyson were sent to Samsung Stadium to race for their lives, but when it was all over, Jamal overtook and was sent back to the house. Now there are nine remaining.

Hearts sink aplenty while the others welcome Jamal back with crocodile smiles. Jamal decides to take another approach to the game, outing Dante's alliance from episode 1. Dante counters with not agreeing to anything and accusing Jamal of lying. "I think by the end of the week, he's going to eat someone."

The five that were on the outs of the alliance confront Dante with the charges, and Geoff notes that the game has evolved into that dreaded reality standard... suspect everyone, trust no one.

But shortly afterwards, the gamers are going clubbing, where the guys get their mack on. Mark & Ciji hang out and talk to each other... when in comes Hannah with the next...

REAL-LIFE CHALLENGE: Dancing with the Stars... of Videogaming

This week's round is based upon "DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION" (Konami for multiplatforms), the game with the ever famous dance mat that you use to match up the arrows. The version our gamers will be playing later is "Universe 3" for the Xbox, but right now, it's all about your moves in real time.

Here to judge the gamers on their step is choreographer and "So You Think You Can Dance" mainstay Tyce DiOrio. Joining them are professional dancers Katie and Kalia. Very simply put, they will judge in groups of three. The three finalists will have one last dance battle, and the player with the most fancy footwork wins a Samsung Eternity mobile phone, which they can use to call someone from home.

Group 1: Mark, Swoozie & Ciji. Mark  and Ciji... don't know how to dance. Swoozie, on the other hand, takes them to school. He moves on.

Group 2: Jamal, Geoff & Dante. Dante says that Asian people can breakdance, but with Geoff's two left feet and Jamal's player moves, he doesn't have to. But player moves win out as Jamal moves on.

Group 3: Amy, Robert & Chelsea. Chelsea wiggles in high heels, while Robert busts a groove like he's in the club. Amy... oh dear, at least she showed up. So the battle is et...

Final battle: Swoozie, Jamal & Robert. They're going to dance to three different styles mixed together. First techno... and Jamal ends up on his back. Second style... disco. Which is Jamal for "Stripper". Third up, Salsa. Robert had the same moves of all three styles.

This one goes to.. SWOOZIE. He's in first. Jamal is second. Robert is third. The rest are tied for last.

Now back to the loft for some practice. Or sleep. Dante and Rob go up on the roof and talk about Jamal. They agree to target Jamal for elimination should the need arise.

Next morning, Swoozie calls up his mother, who as a single man, is queen in his life. It's emotional for him because he's making his mother proud in this competition. She has a lot of faith in him.

Get your socks on. It's time to dance. Ciji wants to be the one to send Dante home with her 10 years of DDR experience. Geoff calls it sweet revenge. They discuss a plan to throw the Isolation Challenge. But Mark says that you can't trust Jamal to agree to everything. Geoff is also uneasy as he is entrusting his fate in the hands of other people.

The gamers take a break and make sock puppets. While the worst players in the game of DDR get up and put extra hours in their practice.

ISOLATION CHALLENGE: Dance Dance Revolution...

The gamers will dance in four-panel single player move to "Feel the Beat" by Master Source.

Ciji is up first. She has the strategy of failing the game in order to come in last, save Geoff, and send Dante to Samsung Stadium... but will it work? It better, because Geoff just failed it.  As did Amy.

And as for Ciji... she just starts dancing and doesn't stop.

While the gamers wait to hear the results, drama between Jamal, Dante, Ciji and Amy escalates. Amy ends up taking a walk. Meanwhile, Joel has the results...  and up for elimination tonight is... GEOFF. He was the weakest player in both challenges.

In first place this week... Swoozie. He was first in the Real Life, and second in Isolation.

There's a lot of strain in the house right now. Ciji pulls Geoff and Swoozie aside. She wants to be the last person to see Geoff, and this way Swoozie doesn't have to make a decision. Dante ends up apologizing to Swoozie.

So how does Jamal feel about going back to Samsung? Very adamant that he doesn't. Mark also doesn't want to go. In the end, Swoozie has to do what he has to do. He has to listen to his gut, and his gut is saying "survival" more than it is saying "friendship".

On the roof, Swoozie picks Geoff's challenger in Samsung.... HIMSELF. Did he make one of the biggest mistakes of the game? This could be either very noble or very arrogant.

The mode is "Difficult". The song is Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat". Start practicing.

Swoozie was not 100% going up, but he's just taken in by all the depressed people in the house. Geoff was kinda thrown aback as well, as it's something that he would never do in his position. Robert calls it a stupid mistake, while Dante is touched, saying that he'd rather win by fighting.

Jamal says that people need to wake up. This is a game for $100,000. Swoozie wants to make as many friends in the house as well. Swoozie goes to chill in the tub, while Geoff goes to work. Can he overcome that hurdle when it counts?

Next morning, Swoozie is starting to have second thoughts. "You could go home. One arrow can send you home." All the house knows is that if Swoozie has the gall to put himself up on the block, he better come back.

Let's go to Samsung!

ELIMINATION ROUND: You Are Now Dancing for Your Life.

As said before, the song is Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" on difficult. Let's go to the tale of the tape...

Spokane, WA Home turf Parts unknown
iNControL Handle sWooZie
Strategy Specialty Fighting

The players take their positions. The player with the most points wins. And... GAME ON!

The key to tonight's match is simple... Timing and accuracy. You want to hit the arrows at just the right moment and hold on when you are told to do so. Remember the power bars. Do well, and you could see a rainbow. Do poorly, and you could see red.

Geoff starts out ahead, but the gap is narrowing as the game goes on. Geoff is in the red, while Swoozie starts to catch a rainbow. He misses the combo, but he regroups. Can Geoff do the same? If not, this could be over rather quickly. Swoozie has hit his stride, while Geoff is out of power and out of luck. For him... it's GAME OVER.

Next time, we're playing war games for $100,000 and the title of WCG Ultimate Gamer.

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