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The Voice
Season 5
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The original coaches are back together as the Emmy-award-winning sing-off continues its search for its marquee superstar.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Carson Daly
Coaches Christina Aguilera
Cee-Lo Green
Adam Levine
Blake Shelton
Creator John de Mol & Roel van Veltzen (based upon "The Voice of Holland")
EP John de Mol
Mark Burnett
Audrey Morrissey
Stijn Bakkers
Lee Metzger
Packager One Three Television & Talpa for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
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No more steals. No more saves. It's sing well... or go home. Performing tonight: Team Christina & Team Cee-Lo. Tune in Thursday for the results and the revelation of your Top 12.

But first... Christina is singing again. She'll duet with A Great Big World with their single, "Say Something". ... Okay, that was fun.

Now to business... As always, you can vote via phone, text (on Sprint networks only), Facebook,, or iTunes download. And the iTunes Top 10 multiplier is in play.

First, AMBER NICOLE, whose road from performing-arts-school student to the stage was riddled with rotating judges (in more ways than one). She ends up with Cee-Lo as a coach, and tonight, she'll try to do her family (who's addled with vocal coaches and musicians) proud with ... oh boy, she's taking on the throne. The opener is the biggest single to come from this show... "Wasting All These Tears" by season 3 champion Cassadee Pope.

THEY SAY: Adam thought the big note was "a little under". Blake heard the same note. Christina heard the same note. Cee Lo gives a shoutout to Cassadee before saying that she did a good job BESIDES the one note. 

WE SAY: Did we mention she's taking on the throne? Because that's important. She's hiding her pitchiness behind a whole mess of runs and trills. She's not doing a good job.

JONNY GRAY has a lot of love from military vets and moms, but can he convert that into votes after singing The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony"? He's got a grunge attitude, but he needs to project a little bit more.

THEY SAY: Adam thought it was "a snarling beast of a song". Christina thought it was consistent and accurate. Cee Lo thought that "there's no human being that can't connect to that record."

WE SAY: Where the hell did that vibrato come from, and who told you it was a good idea?

TAMARA CHAUNIECE was an apartment leasing agent with a strong hold in the gospel community. She felt a spiritual connection with Cee Lo. But can she do more? She's going to play to the home megachurch crowd with Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive".

THEY SAY: Blake thought it was "great". Cee Lo said it was "wonderful", agreeing with Adam's earlier comment about "music education".

WE SAY: Spitfire syncopation that we haven't heard since Beyonce. And she has the stage presence to back it up. She just needs to work on her pacing, but she's got PLENTY of time for that. She's not going anywhere.

Fourth on Team Cee Lo: Raleigh's own KAT ROBICHAUD, who's getting over a band breakup by breaking out on The Voice. She is going to take on another challenge by trying to incorporate the Robi-Shuffle into "She Keeps Me Warm" by Mary Lambert.

THEY SAY: Adam thought she went into 7th gear. Christina also wanted Crazy Kat, but thought she was lovely. Cee Lo says he can relate to the song, saying that he tries to be so many things to so many people.

WE SAY: It's a good introduction to a song that most people will only recognize as the chorus to "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. She commands the stage, but she doesn't have a moment on that song. She's a good singer and that'll give her a few more rounds, but she needs to have a moment.

Last up on CeeLo's squad... the 17-year-old indie artist CAROLINE PENNELL. She says she was shy about her music, but she doesn't have to be shy anymore. ... and yet she is. But she's handling it confidently. She's going to sing "We're Gonna Be Friends" by the White Stripes.

THEY SAY: Adam thought it was pure. Blake could be getting an amputation and if her music was playing, all he would think about is cotton candy. HIS WORDS. Cee Lo's decision is going to be a frustrating one. Wonderful, but frustrating.

WE SAY: She has a very quirky personality and a very distinct sound that will resonate with the audience. Either that or annoy them to no end.

Napoleon Dynamite.

Now it's on to Team Christina. First out the gate is soulful rocker JOSH LOGAN, who's taking on a coach's song. Which one? And which one? Christina has chosen... "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley (aka the collabo between CeeLo and DJ Dangermouse).

THEY SAY: Cee Lo is flattered. Adam is a huge fan. Christina thought it was a really good job.

WE SAY: And the gauntlet has been thrown. We have a familiar song turned about in a brand new and refreshing way with a new and refreshing voice. This man is one to watch.

Before the Voice, OLIVIA HENKEN has gone from singing competition to singing competition, hoping to land the big one. Welcome to the big one. Now she's going to translate that into a country spirit in a pop favorite, Katy Perry's "Roar".

THEY SAY: Blake is surprised to know that a country voice can work on that song. Christina says Olivia did her proud.

WE SAY: We already know that she's going to be one of those country divas that's going to spend a lot of time walking back and forth and bobbing her head. Does she know she's flat?

STEPHANIE ANNE JOHNSON spent her adult life singing on cruise ships. Now she's dry-docked firmly into Team Christina after a steal-back. SHe gets a classic song with "Georgia on My Mind". A propos, because Stephanie's grandmother was from Georgia. Her husband - Stephanie's grandfather - is fighting lung cancer, and by the grace of G-d, he's still with us. So that's a driving force.

THEY SAY: Cee Lo... entertained, but jealous. Adam holds the song in high regard. Christina thought it had a unique richness.

WE SAY: Reminiscent of the old-time soul singers, the Ellas, the Ettas, and the Billies. Holliday, not Piper.

A Pennsylvania rugby player working at Starbucks turns into a pop star in MATTHEW SCHULER. If you remember, he was the fastest four-turn in Voice history, so he's going to have to back it up with .... oh boy, "Wrecking Ball" by Miley. Hopefully he changes it into his own.

THEY SAY: Cee Lo hates that he loves him. Adam shares in this pain. Blake: "Forget you, man." Christina says that the audience LOVES them.

WE SAY: Why, Christina. Why did you allow this? Yes, he's got the money notes and he likes to run, but this was the ABSOLUTE WRONG SONG CHOICE!

One more singer, and it's JACQUIE LEE. Will the youngest person in the competition run with her elders in a performance of tonight's closer? It's "I Put A Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

THEY SAY: ... the audience roaring speaks for itself.

WE SAY:  More than worthy enough to roll with the big dogs.

That's all the top 20 has to offer. We will reveal the votes THURSDAY.

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