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The Voice
Season 5
NBC 8p ET Monday & Tuesday

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The original coaches are back together as the Emmy-award-winning sing-off continues its search for its marquee superstar.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Carson Daly
Coaches Christina Aguilera
Cee-Lo Green
Adam Levine
Blake Shelton
Creator John de Mol & Roel van Veltzen (based upon "The Voice of Holland")
EP John de Mol
Mark Burnett
Audrey Morrissey
Stijn Bakkers
Lee Metzger
Packager One Three Television & Talpa for Warner Horizon TV
Origins Universal Studios Hollywood
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC
@The Voice

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Blind Auditions 1 Season Premiere
September 23
Last night, "The Voice" did what "American Idol" could not do... take home an Emmy. Now they're going to try and translate that into a superstar... and they're going to have the original four coaches on board to do it... Three-time defending champion Blake Shelton, one time champion Adam Levine, and pop proteges Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green.

But the rules stay the same. If you want to get in the game, you've got to have... "The Voice".

Speaking of getting the band back together, let's sing a little "I Love Rock'n'Roll".

First up, Kat Robichaud (24; Raleigh), a fan of 70s glam-rock. She was raised on musicals, but she ended up joining a band during college (where she met her husband). Ultimately, she's doing this for her father, a "Voice" fan who has passed away since the beginning of season 4. She kicks off season 5 with "I've Got The Music In Me". ... and we kick it off with a three-turn. Adam, the lone holdout. And he's not above giving Blake what-for. She picks... CEE-LO.

... did Adam just say the coaches were BETTER than the Beatles?

Next up, Caroline Pennell (17; Saddle River, NJ) says that singing was always private to her. The first time she ever performed with a live band was at camp. Gee, this sounds familiar. She's never performed in front of these stars, but this could be the push she needs. Hey... like Ellie Goulding says, "Anything Could Happen". Like Blake and Cee-Lo hitting. Blake calls her bad-ass, while Cee-Lo gives her the opportunity to be herself. She picks... CEE-LO. The season is not 30 minutes old, and Cee-Lo Green already has TWO.

Donna Allen (54; Hollywood, FL) is the oldest artist in the competition. She was part of the Miami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan, but now, having already raised a capable son, she's ready to strike out on her own. She's hoping to be the first ever person over 40 to win "The Voice". Her opening salvo is "You Are So Beautiful". Christina's in. Adam's in.... Christina thought her voice was like "the heavens opened up." Blake... wants so very badly for Donna to hit up Christina. Adam thinks he can take her to the end. She picks... ADAM! And Adam is dead. And Donna jumps on Adam. Adam's just loving this...

From the Lone Star State, we have Jake Worthington (17; La Porte, TX), who likes to go muddin' some holes, chillin' out, and singing on stage. Of his friends, he's the one who manned up. He's never performed in front of a crowd this big. Let's see if the big guy can make something happen with the Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". And that's... exactly what the coaches do. No huggy, no kissy, no buzzer.

Next up, we go to Matthew Schuler (20; Yardley, PA), a collegiate rugby player who also works at a bagel shop. His parents are both pastors who lost their church, but relocated to their basement. He wants to be "The Voice" because he's got so many songs in his heart, and he wants to share them with the world. His first, "Cough Syrup" by Young the Giant. And before I can type "Cough Syrup", ALL FOUR COACHES TURN THEIR CHAIRS! So who's going to be the lucky one to get this one? It's going to be... ... CHRISTINA!

On the road, Carson meets a Tara Strong lookalike/soundalike, a personal trainer, and a couple of musicians. We'll meet them all later.

Nic Hawk (26; Dallas) sees himself as a male Jessie J or Amy Winehouse. His stepdad left without warning, so it was up to a traveling performer to come home and make a living as a bartender and a dance teacher. Could this be his second chapter? He gives up "Hit'em Up Style" by Blu Cantrell... and Adam forgets how scary it sounds and hits him up style. Cee-Lo says "Not so fast, my tattooed bearded brother." Nic says... ADAM!

It's been nothing but blanks for some of the youngest artists invited to audition. Hopefully that will change for Matthew Brea (15; Atlanta), whose parents emigrated from Haiti for a better life. He's singing for his brother Jonathan, who passed away from an unexpected disease. He's feeling a bit anxious. That doesn't show itself with "I Want You Back". It also doesn't show itself in the coaches turning their chairs around. At least he gets a hug from Christina. That's... well, that's always a win. Come on...

Jasper, AL is home of Shelbie Z (21; Jasper, AL), a hairdresser and part-time pageant coach who looks (and sounds) a lot like Rebel Wilson affecting a Southern accent. She was a pageant girl when she was a 3-year-old. Now music is more her thing. She says it's "a fire that she's got to let out". She'll leave it out on stage with Gretchen Wilson's "Here for the Party". So is Cee-Lo... and Blake, of course. AND Christina. She's got her eyes on Blake, it seems. And now... she's got the REST of her set on BLAKE as well.

Josh Logan (33; Manchester, NH) comes from a family of karaoke DJs. When he was 16, he got his girlfriend at the time pregnant. That was an exercise in getting old fast. He ended up doing construction full time and music part time. He would like to leave construction behind and support his family with his music. He gets "Too Close" with Alex Clare. Blake and Christina both want to get closer to him. Adam's getting in on this Josh action. Josh ends up giving CHRISTINA two.

Delvin Choice (24; Greenville, SC) ... is a tall... sexy... chocolate glass of water. He also works at a place that serves chocolate glasses of water. Which just so happens to have their money behind this show. Of course, we're not going to say where he works, but he's got the makings of a star, Buck. He's going to get "Closer" to his inner Ne-Yo. He says he just can't stop, but he's going to have to, because no coach hits their button. Sorry, Delvin, but this order of tall sexy chocolate glass of water is to go. And I want a chicken sausage wrap with it, too, damn it.

One more... and it's James Wolpert (22; Lancaster, PA), who is a giant computer geek. He wanted to pursue art at Carnegie Mellon. He thinks that singing is the ultimate art, transcendent and fluid. He puts college on hold to pursue his dream of tinkering with music the way he tinkers at the Apple Store where he works. He's going to close us out with Jack White's "Love Interruption". Adam and Cee-Lo... are joined by Blake... And Christina gets in the action at the end.... and it gets animated when she learns that James is from Pittsburgh (C-Note: so is Christina). Adam tries to convince James by comparing this to the NBA. But ultimately, it's James' game. And he just passes it to ADAM!

And here is where we stand after night 1.

Donna Allen
Nic Hawk
James Wolpert
Kat Robichaud
Caroline Pennell
Matthew Schuler
Josh Logan
Shelbie Z

And we're just getting started. The blind auditions continue tomorrow.

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