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Today is

"And the Winner (Drastically) Is..." - May 3

Welcome to "Unan1mous." The continuing story of 7 strangers in a bunker fighting over a cash prize worth more than $470,000 and deciding whether or not who should take it. When we last left you, Tarah became the new outcast, and an arguement forced Adam to leave the room. A survey was taken and Richard thought he was the least responsible. Voting time forced the first vote to delay for another time.

And as our story begins, let's get right to it. (I don't know why voting time happened at the start of the show, but oh well.) It takes 6 to win the $470K. Vote numbero uno: Jameson. Chalk up one. The next name on the ballot belongs to: Jameson. 4 away. Next one: Jameson. He is 1/2 way there from the exit doors. Next vote: Jonathan. Thrown a curve ball there. Will a vote other than Jameson strike out? It does. That goes to Richard. Now it's not unanimous. The rest go: 2 votes for Jonathan. 6 times they tried, 6 times they failed. Restart the clock. There is now a way to put the outcast back in. They'll have 15 minutes, majority rules to see who'll return. The eligible go the Iso-Zone, and Steve said Adam is willing to take it seriously. Tarah wanted to predict for Vanessa, but goes for no one and everybody agrees. Richard wants to stay here until hell freezes over because of Jameson. Meanwhile, the guys in the Iso-Zone want to apologize about what the lying was to Jameson.

Now the decision and they one. Denied. It'll be their last chance, and if they don't agree, someone else will vote for themselves. They'll have 5 minutes. Steve, meanwhile is upset at Adam not being back in, because he was the manipulator. And then, the backstabbing happened between Adam & Steve. Decision time and Tarah decides this time that it is...herself. She's back in and joins the eligible. Adam thinks he won't get the cash if the clock is at zero. Jonathan said it stared at 1.5 million and wants to hit zero if he stays longer.

Tarah said that the price of being back in is extremely high, but Jonathan wants to continue the game when saying it to Adam. Steve & Jameson talk about Jonathan's scheming and Jonathan storms in to both and tells about all this. Steve wants to focus on who plays the best, but Jonathan wants to win and why he voted against Steve in the 2nd vote. Jameson thinks Jonathan is an ego-maniac, then devised a plan to Jonathan. The PA broke out and it's lunch time. $462K on the board, and Steve says the board's losing a dollar a second. Tarah divdes the bunker into 2 houses: Physically & Emotionally. Steve felt bad about not getting back in, but Jameson thinks about what he'll be like to. Steve told to about about his whining and his job. and then and shouting match insues. Adam ended it by giving it right back to Steve.

Steve thought this was the first time he's never been cussed and took it like a woman. (What?!) Adam then cussed out to Steve, but Jameson thinks they're still at least humans. Adam doesn't want a unanimous decision, and Steve is going from hopeful to hopeless. That issues a warning to the inner circle by the players. Because next week will be the final episode. If a agreement is not made, the money will wipe out. Who will win? Will it be Richard? Will it be Jameson? Will it be Jonathan? Will it be Tarah? Or maybe will it be no one? You'll have to see it in 7 on "Unan1mous."

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