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Today is

"And the Winner (Getting Close To One) Is..." - March 29

Welcome to "Unan1mous." The continuing story of 9 strangers in a bunker fighting over a 1.5 million dollar cash prize and deciding whiter or not who should take it. When we last left you, Steve almost had the cash, but one carried live ammunition, one filed for bankruptcy, and one was a patient in a mental ward. Who were those 3?

As our story begins, they decide the secret about one in a mental ward, it didn't go to Tarah (carried live ammo), and it didn't go to Kelly (declared bankrupt) It was......Richard. He's the first outcast of the game and wears the uniform with the Red X. Richard needed the money, and as the stared at the cameras, he wanted to choke somebody. He also said to the camera to give him a bottle of poison. Yikes! Jonathan thinks if 1 leaves, it would be $750K. Richard got mad at the cameras when he told everyone about the night he got drunk and depressed. Everyone went with him and was feared that their secrets may be revealed.

The next day, the PA told them to wake up and Jonathan wants to have everybody believing in him. The PA also told to go to the inner circle, and J.D. tells everyone who the group leader is, and that leader is...Vanessa. She gets to pick 1 person to go to the isolation room and he chose...Steve, because he and Vanessa were great friends since it got started. Steve goes to the Iso-Zone to talk with his wife in a tearful conversation. Adam says Steve's a great personality, but he himself wants to come home with a big fat check. J.D. warns them to leave the inner circle to see who wants the money. Steve had a young adult life. At 18, he was a senior in high school, at 19 he got himself married, and at 20, he became a father. Now, he's 43 and ready to go for the cash. Everybody all rooted for Steve to take the cash, but the PA broke out telling them to go back to the inner circle. J.D. tells them to vote, and warns them it takes 8 votes to win. And now, it's go time.

The 1st vote...Steve. 2nd vote: Steve. He is 6 away. 3rd Vote: Steve. Chalk up another one. Vote 4: Steve. He is 1/2 way from all of them getting out the bunker. 5th vote: Steve. Almost there. 6th Vote: Steve. We're getting close. 7th vote: Steve. One more and he'll win this thing. The Final vote: Vanessa. What now? Can this be the nail in the coffin?......Nope. It's Adam. Now it's not Unanimous. And as for a punishment, the money clock That's when every second, every minute, every hour, the dollars drop. Jameson took Steve's vote, but wanted him to go back to square one and start again for everybody. Jonathan thinks someone changed the vote. Meanwhile, Kelly who wants to leave, is lying about the whole thing. Adam wants to cut the prize money in 1/2. Steve is thinking stay on this one. At the inner circle, J.D. interrupts them saying that Kelly wants to leave the room. Wait a second...Is Kelly leaving? And if she does, will the prize money be cut in half? And will it be finally Steve's time? Tune in next week for another episode of...."Unan1mous."

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