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Today is

"And the Winner (Suddenly) Is..." - April 5

Welcome to "Unan1mous." The continuing story of 9 strangers in a bunker fighting over a prize worth over $1,492,000, and deciding whether or not who should take it. When we last left you, Steve almost had the nail in the coffin, but Jonathan voted for Adam to make sure his vote for Steve was lying. As a result, the money clock started ticking down every second a disagreement is made. Meanwhile, Kelly was lying to the players and J.D. was told if she goes home, 1/2 the money will be cut. Will this be a first?

As our story begins, Jonathan & Adam were told by Kelly to not get out, but she was told she's leaving. The clock is now stopped and the prize money is cut down to over $750,000. Jameson said "Ding, dong, the witch is dead." To sum the experience of the bunker, Kelly called it pure hell and she's not going back. Back at the inner circle, Richard is now eligible to play. He was the one who screwed up the vote. The clock is now restarted, and Jamie knows there's no fun about lying. Jameson said Richard's an outcast in real life. Over at the couch area, Steve said it be a little easier without Kelly. Richard then, exclaims why he was accused and humiliated to need the money, even if he was honest & genuine.

The next day, everyone was out of bed except for Jamie, who had a struggle to get up, trying not to get a migraine. With the PA telling everyone to go to the inner circle, Jamie was finally out, and J.D. was told she does everything to stay in the table. There's a new group leader and his name is....Adam. Jamie went back to bed with a migraine, and Adam was told to make a suggestion. An item in someone's hand may take the floor. Richard was first and told everyone about why he's not employed, while Steve went next telling himself about planning a retirement. But Steve wanted to shut Richard up, and with Jonathan & Jameson, he wants to be the last 3 if 5 are gone.

Jamie was still in bed and felt the diarrhea, shaking & sweating. She doesn't want to leave the bunker, but the PA is told to go to the inner circle. With over $720K at stake, the clock is stopped, and it's time to vote. It takes 7 to win. 1st vote: Steve. 6 away. 2nd vote: Adam. There's still a lot of money at stake. 3rd vote: Vanessa. Now it's not unanimous. Rest of votes go: another one for Vanessa, one for Jameson, one goes to Jonathan, and 2 for Tarah. The clock is restarted and another outcast is up for grabs. The participants must go to the isolation booth and vote for the player who is the next outcast. Adam goes up and gets...Richard. Steve thinks Adam's crazy as a craphouse rat....okay, so Richard goes to the iso-zone, and picks himself....denied....he votes for Adam, and then Jamie goes to pick Adam, and then Jonathan goes to pick Vanessa. Now, let's see who the outcast is....for next time. Who will be the next outcast? Will Jamie's sickness leave the game? And will there be a winner of over $700K? Tune in next week for another episode of "Unan1mous."

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