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Today is

"And the Winner (Assuming There Is One Before The Show Is Out) Is..." - April 26

Welcome to "Unan1mous." The continuing story of 7 strangers in a bunker fighting over a prize worth more than $555,000, and deciding whether or not who should take it. When we last left you, Steve was becoming a rat of the bunker, but video postcards showed love with Jonathan's being the most positive. He didn't help as he was 3 votes away from becoming a winner thanks to 2 votes making it another failure for all. Then, 2 outcasts voted non-ones to stay and it all came down to Vanessa to pick....

As our story begins, Vanessa decided it was...Jameson to stay, meaning that Tarah is now the new outcast. Jameson then thanks her for dodging the bullet. A meeting was held in the lounge. Adam wanted to be the not willing to lose, and yet wants to remain in the game. Steve then felt furiousness inside and a argument has broke out. Adam was excited to take this kind of abuse and decided to leave the meeting to have time by himself. As soon as the smoke cleared, Richard was told a very sad story, and everyone else had the laughs as he left. How did Tarah review his acting? "Two thumbs up." (I agree with her.)

The next day, Jonathan wanted to make $200 if he had not left his job. Jonathan was leaving his job to buy a brand new silver Mercedes which was 2 yrs. old for $20,000. Steve was asked how much he had on his down payment....Zero. Jonathan leased the whole thing for $465 a month out of a store called "Specialty Auto Sales" That car was brought from a credit union. It's now past 1 million dollars on the clock, and the PA warns them to go to the inner circle.

J.D. chose Tarah to be the new group leader, and it was time for something different. On the table are metal containers with their name on it and a survey to fill out. This survey will test how well their bunker experience was. Now the results read by Tarah. Who wants to give the money?-JONATHAN
Who is the least responsible?-RICHARD
Who is a liar in the bunker?-JAMESON...and finally....
Who deserves the money the most?-JAMESON

Richard says he played a litle bit, and thinks this is an opportunity. Tarah then discussed a criteria about who should win. Vanessa wants Jameson to win the money. But suddenly, Vanessa & Jameson plotted a strategy to see who wins.

Richard was sleeping, and Jameson wants Richard to be an outcast, and wants a plan to vote for each other. He then wakes Richard up, and tells about the strategy for voting each other. The players rushed off to the inner circle, and it's voting time. Freeze the clock. Over $420K on the line and it takes 6 to win. The first vote....You'll have to wait until next week. Who will win? Tune in again next week for another episode of "Unan1mous."

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