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Today is

"And the Winner (Almost) Is..." - March 22

This is the true story of 9 strangers picked to live in a bunker and have the cameras roll on videotape, to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start making a decision all to become..."Unan1mous." Hi everyone, Pierre Kelly here to bring you a show in which a decision will be made to see who'll garner the cash prize. Sounds easy, Right? Wrong! Although there is no way out, eliminations are abound at every corner, and the longer you stay, the lesser the cash prize gets, so if they wanna get the cash quick, they gotta outlast 1 person. So join Mr. Endurance himself, J.D. Roth, and the 9 people to make a decision...

Kelly, 49-Minister
Steve, 43,-Truck Driver
Adam, 35-Poker Player
Richard, 42-Temp Worker
Jonathan,30-Real Estate Sales
Jameson,38-Human Resources
Jamie, 24-Choreographer
Vanessa, 36-Soccer Mom
Tarah, 25-Handbag Designer

All of the players head to the bunker which looks cool. It has chairs, tables and couches that look exactly like a feng shui mansion. and then....the PA system broke out..."Will the following players please may their way into the inner circle and sit down?" All of them go to the inner circle, and then J.D. appears on the screen asking 1 question..."Why are you here?" It was for one reason...One and a 1/2 million dollars. The amount is on the board above the screen, and when Kelly saw that prize, she said that money is the root of all evil. To know why Richard wants it as of now, he says he's doesn't have a job, and has a 10-year old car. But J.D. tempts anyone to leave the game. Denied. Doors are already closed and locked up, and J.D. tells them to get to know each other...and the screen is off. To can't stand the heat of this bunker, Jamie felt panicked. If she finds the exit, it's half the cash. and then, between Kelly, the Christian who works in e-commerce and believes in the bible, and Jameson, who is a non-straight's turned out to be a bad episode of PTI. (Ding!) Next segment....

The PA warns them to go to their sleeping bunkers and sleep. Kelly sums it all up in one word: Terrible. Steve's first experience was it had no clocks, no radios, nothing to the outside world. Even no windows. The camera cuts to the city at night and shifts into the next morning. Jonathan had a good night or good day's sleep, hoping they didn't bring a watch....Kelly predicts he should vote for Jonathan, and he himself thinks he's here to win the game. But suddenly, he wants that money to pay for his testicular cancer. Nobody lied, but Kelly's pulling for him. To figure out what Steve will do with the cash, he says he needs it for his kids' future.

The PA tells them to go to the inner circle. As a poker player, Adam has been at tables, and thinks it's the first time 1.5 million is at play. J.D. warns them about voting, and on the table are voting spheres. They must twist it open, turn dial to see who wins and then...they drop their balls in the cylinder for a ride. Jameson predicts he'd vote for Steve...and he was right! It's the first vote. The next vote....Steve. Steve has 2 and everyone else with nothing. Vote #3: Steve. 1 more and it's all over. Why him? He says they mistakenly voted for himself. The next vote.............Vanessa. She has a point. Will this be Steve?..........nope, it's Jamie. She has a point, and now it's not unanimous. The rest of the votes read....Jonathan, Tara with 2 votes, and another one for Jamie. They all failed to make a big decision, and to figure out why failure has dire consequences, Kelly said what could be worse than a situation she's in. How about this situation? A pack of envelopes. To figure out who's not in the running, each has a secret nobody knows, and they'll read 3 envelopes at random. The worst 3 by decision time, will be the 1st outcast. Jamie found out that the secrets she'll take has made her stomach turn. Right now, the secrets are....

1. Who carried live ammunition while doing something?
2. Who was a patient in a mental ward?
3. Who filed for bankruptcy?

Richard thinks the gun mess is a great deal of trouble, but Tarah thinks it's a giveaway on ammo. And then...(MK3 fatality music cue) Decision time....which will leave at next week, in which the money will shrink if an agreement is not made. Was Tarah carrying the ammo? Did Jason spend time in a mental ward? And did Kelly go Bankrupt? Tune in next week for another epsiode of...."Unan1mous."

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