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Today is

"And the Winner (Although the Losers Get Lucky) Is..." - April 19

Welcome to "Unan1mous." The continuing story of 7 strangers in a bunker fighting over a cash prize worth more than $640,000, and deciding whether or not who should take it. When we last left you, Jamie's sickness left the bunker, while an alliance was formed with Jameson and Vanessa after what would've happened 2 episodes ago. Meanwhile, Steve was the outcast and got what's in the box.

And as our story begins, Steve got what's in the box: a player selection to join him as outcast. Who did he choose? Vanessa. She's joining Steve in the Red X club. Vanessa was the one who cheated out of that 1.5 million dollar purse. Meanwhile, Steev wants to exhile somebody to win the vote, and then tells Vanessa about what happened about why he would've won...and kiss and hugged her. Tarah then, experienced a WTF? moment.

Steve thought Jonathan wanted to support him, but Jonathan chosed Vanessa. Steve then turned to Tarah and tells about her lying that happened when Jameson & herself wanted to vote him out. A call to the table saved her. The PA broke out when they went to the dining room, and J.D. introduces them to video postcards from home. First, Richard's partner, Rob. Next, Richard's roomate, followed up by Tarah's sister, Jenna, and finally, Jonathan's sister. Jonathan's video got the most poise, and Steve was impressed by it, and Jonathan got a lot of support from it.

After Steve & Vanessa making amends, all of a sudden, you hear from Jameson that it's a filthy, dirty, rotten game. 4 guys try to take Tarah for the top crown. Meanwhile, Jameson wants to ask Jonathan to vote for outcast to Tarah & Vanessa. Vanessa then, got mad at Tarah for screwing it. Meanwhile, Jonathan tries to think about Tarah, and all of a sudden, Steve thinks it's Jonathan's bunker & game and doesn't believe anybody anymore.

The PA ropes them to the inner circle...and it's voting time. Freeze the clock. Over $550K on the line. It takes 6 to win. First vote...Jonathan. 5 more. Next vote...Jonathan. The video did help. Fast forward to the next vote....Jonathan. He's halfway from everyone getting out. Chalk up one for...Richard. It did hurt a little bit. Will it hurt in an instant? It does. It's Jameson. Now it's not unanimous. The rest go: 1 for Tarah, and another for Jameson. Another failure, another consequence. This time, the outcast will decide who'll stay. The non-ones cross the bridge, and in a few seconds, the outcasts will decide who stays in the running. Steve goes first and gets...Richard. It's Adam's turn now and he gets...Jonathan. It's Vanessa's turn. Who did she choose? It'll be on hold until next week. Who will Vanessa rescue? Will a survey shock the whole bunker? Why is Richard having so much symphathy? ANd will there be a half a million dollar winner? Tune in next week for another episode of "Unan1mous."

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