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The world's best poker champs hit the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas for the chance to play for millions on television's newest poker challenge.

Recaps by Robert W. Seidelman, GSNN

Chad Brown
Brandi Williams
EP: Dan Pugliese
Packager: TVi Media
Airs: Weekends, check your local listings for time and channel

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Week Fourteen - December 4-5

(C-Note: As always, what follows are televised-hand-by-televised-hand accounts.  Obviously, since it's only an hour show, most hands are not televised so you're going to see a lot of jumping of the dealer button. For more information on this and other poker precepts, visit Chris Wolvie's Poker Primer. In the meantime, here's Robert!)

Here is this weeks Ultimate Poker Challenge Recap.

Your hosts are still Chad Brown and Phil "The Unabomber" Lott.

Players this week vie for $8,000 in cash and a trip to the Bahamas.

Our players are: Michael Abdullah/Jason Buckley/Ned Shabou/Champi Douglas/Nikki Harris/Pete Ostrowski/ Max Pescatori (his 5th final table)

Hand 1: Champi raises to $1,200 with 7c 4s, Nikki calls with Ah Js. The Flop is 9-Q-7 all hearts. Champi bets $1,200 and Nikki Calls. Turn is A of Spades. Nikki goes all in, and Champi folds.

Hand 2: Jason raises to $1,800 with Ks Ac, Nikki re-raises to $3,500 with Kd As. Jason Calls. 4s/8c/2h on the flop. Nikki bets $1,500 to make Jason folds and Nikki takes two pots in a row.

Hand 3: Michael raises to $3,000 with As Qh, Champi calls with K-J of Hearts. 3s/Kd/7c on the flop. Michael goes all in, Champi calls. 8s on the turn and a 4h on the river to give the old heave-ho to Michael.

Hand 4: Pete goes all in with J-10 of Diamonds, Ned calls with Ah-Qc. The flop reads 10s 9h As, Turn is a 3 of clubs and the river holds a 8 of hearts and Pete goes out.

Hand 5: Nikki goes all in with 8c 8d, Ned folds with Ac Qs and Nikki takes the pot.

Hand 6: Max raises to $3,000 wiht K-Q of Spades, Nikki goes all in with Ah Jd. Flop reads Ad/As/Js The turn is the 10 of Diamonds and with a 9d on the river, Nikki doubles up with a full house AAA-JJ

Hand 7: Nikki bets $2,500 wiht Ad Kh, Ned calls with As 10h. Flop becomes Ah/10c/10d, and a Q of spades on the turn gives Nikki the feeling to go all in, Ned calls and knocks out Nikki with a 7 of spades on the river.

Hand 8: Champi calls with As Kd. Max checks with 3c 4d. the flop comes out 9h 5 and 2 of spades. Max bets $2,500, Champi calls. 7 of clubs on the turn and max goes all in. Champi calls and a 8 of clubs on the river sends Max home yet again. He is praying that he wins one of these things. Italians need the sunlight.

Hand 9: Ned calls with K-5 of Diamonds, Jason checks with 4s 4d. The flop is 5c 8s 2c. Jason goes all in with the worst hand and Ned folds to give Jason the pot.

Hand 10: Ned calls with 9c 10d, Champi Checks with 5-7 of Diamonds. The flop reads 9s/4s/10h. A 6 of hearts on the turn and Ned bets $1,600, but Champi re-raises it to $3,200. Ned calls. With a 3 of hearts on the river, Champi is the Champi-on of this pot. (I'm sorry for that very unfunny pun)

Hand 11: Ned raises to $4,300 with 10d Qs, Champi calls with Kc 8s. When the flop comes out Jd/10s/8d Ned bets $3,200 with Champi calls. When a 7 of diamonds comes on the Turn, Champi bets $4,500 with a call by Ned. a 9 of Hearts on the river makes Ned bet $4,500 and the pot with Champi calling.

If I had recorded this next hand and had capabilities to make a copy to my computer, this would make Video Wall. (C-Note: And I forgot to record it. My bad)

Hand 12: Champi calls with 5d 4c, Ned checks with 7s Jc. 8s/5c/3d on the flop Ned bets $5,000 and Champi calls. 4 of hearts on the turn and a $4,500 bet by Champi and Ned calls. A 7 of hearts on the river and we have a Split Pot. Now Phil Lott goes into a tyraid about them playing scared poker. It had to be seen to be believed.

Hand 13: Ned bets $5,000 with a Qs 10d, Champi calls with K-J of Hearts and Jason goes all in with 8s Jd. The flop reads 5c/10c/Kd on the flop K of spades on the turn and a 4 of spades on the river. Champi bets $4,500, Ned calls. Champi wins both pots and Jason is out in 3rd place.


Hand 14: Champi calls with 10h 3c, Ned checks and has never checked his cards. a Jd/2s/Ad on the flop. Ned bets $5,000, but Champie reraises to $10,000. Ned calls. 9 of hearts on the turn and a 10 of clubs on the river gives Champie the courage to go all in and to make Ned fold. What he had, we will never know.

Hand 15: Champ bets $5,500 with 10h 10s, Ned goes all in with As Kh. 9h/jd/jc on the flop Q of hearts on the turn and a 5 of clubs on the river and Champi is this weeks Champi-on (still not funny, hey I'm no Gordon Pepper)

Champi wins $8,000 to blow on the trip to the Bahamas and for DVDs for his portable DVD player, a take worth over $13,000.

That does it for this week. and as the Talking heads song says. It's a wild wild life. Good night everyone.

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