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The world's best poker champs hit the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas for the chance to play for millions on television's newest poker challenge.

Recaps by Robert W. Seidelman, GSNN

Chad Brown
Brandi Williams
EP: Dan Pugliese
Packager: TVi Media
Airs: Weekends, check your local listings for time and channel

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Week Five - October 2-3

(C-Note: As always, what follows are televised-hand-by-televised-hand accounts.  Obviously, since it's only an hour show, most hands are not televised so you're going to see a lot of jumping of the dealer button. For more information on this and other poker precepts, visit Chris Wolvie's Poker Primer. In the meantime, here's Robert!)

Joining Chad Brown at the booth is Mike "the Mouth" Matesau (Oy!) who was wearing something form the Tony Slattery Whose Line wardrobe (Double oy!). Mike is a former dealer and 2002 Omaha Champion at the WSOP.

This time on the show we have a lady playing the great game of Hold'em with a Trip to Mexico City on the line along with the cash.

Players: Jimmy Ngua Tian/Rick Russal/Gary Beck/Chad Layne/Eric Nickelson/Kathy Liebert/Don Barton (chip leader)

Once again, no chip counts are given so I can keep count throughout the show. BTW, the show doesn't give chip counts. Makes me yearn for Celebrity Poker Showdown tomorrow.

Hand 1: Gary Goes all in, Kathy calls and wins with a pair of Aces and sends Gary Packing in 7th Place.

Hand 2: Jimmy goes all in, Chad Calls and wins the hand with a set of 9's (Three of a kind) and cripples Jimmy.

Hand 3: Jimmy goes all in, Eric calls and Tran Doubles up to $4,800.

Hand 4: Jimmy goes all in again. Eric Calls Again. But this time, Eric gets revenge and knocks out Jimmy in 6th Place.

Hand 5: Rick bets $3,000 before the Flop, Kathy Calls and bets $4,300 after the flop, Rick goes all in with a superior hand and Doubles up.

Hand 6: Kathy bets $3,000 and Chad and Don Call. After the flop, Kathy makes a $10,000 bet to chase the guys away.

Hand 7: Kathy bets $5,000, Rick Raises to $10,000, Kathy Calls. Rick goes all in, Kathy calls and knocks out Rick in 5th place.

Hand 8: Eric bets $4,500 and Don calls and wins a $11,000 pot.

Hand 9: Kathy bets $4,000, Eric goes all in and chases away Kathy.

Hand 10: Kathy bets $4,600 don calls and hits Kings on the flop. Raises $10,000 and Kathy Folds.

Hand 11: Chad makes a $4,300 and Eric goes all in and Chad folds.

Hand 12: Chad bets $4,300, Don calls. Chad hits a set of 9's, then Don made his Gut shot Straight (Getting a card that fits in between to make a straight). Chad goes all in and Don rightfully knocks him out.

Hand 13: Kathy calls minimum bet, Kathy bets $4,000 after the flop, Dan Raises to $8,000, Kathy calls and hits an 8-high straight, Don gets a Dummy Straight. Kathy makes a $8,000 bet, Don calls. but Kathy wins a Monster $35,000 Pot.

Hand 14: Eric goes all in, Kathy calls and hits 8's on the flop and knocks out Eric to go for a Heads up game between Kathy and Don.

Hand 15: Kathy bets $5,800, Don Raises to $20,000 and Kathy rightfully folds

Hand 16: Don bets $4,000, Kathy calls. Don bets $6,000 on the Flop, Kathy calls. Kathy bets $8,000 on the Turn and Don folds.

Hand 17: Kathy calls minimum bet and flops 2 pair. Don goes for $20,000 when he hits a higher 2 Pair, Kathy goes all in and Don Calls. She hits a Full House 7's full of queens to win the game.

Not only does she win the cash, but a nice trip to Mexico City and to record her winning performance, a DVD recorder from Panasonic (just slightly ahead of our time).

Game 7 comes next week. Join me here with Chad (wishes he would dress up in his Caesars Challenge garb for a tourney) Brown and Brandi Williams for the Ultimate Poker Challenge.

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