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The world's best poker champs hit the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas for the chance to play for millions on television's newest poker challenge.

Recaps by Robert W. Seidelman, GSNN

Chad Brown
Brandi Williams
EP: Dan Pugliese
Packager: TVi Media
Airs: Weekends, check your local listings for time and channel

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Week Seven - October 16-17

(C-Note: As always, what follows are televised-hand-by-televised-hand accounts.  Obviously, since it's only an hour show, most hands are not televised so you're going to see a lot of jumping of the dealer button. For more information on this and other poker precepts, visit Chris Wolvie's Poker Primer. In the meantime, here's Robert!)

Week 7 is here with some returning players. Also, an appearance by the producer of this show. He is one of the players. Speaking of the players, here they are with a trip to the Bahamas at stake for the lucky winner along with the cash. Special guest this week, Robert Williamson (when will they get Annie Duke or Phil Hellmuth, that would make some good TV)

Players: Renee Wexler/Tim Waterhouse/Dan Pugliese/Cong Tran/Daniel Mcgrew/Matt Dean (WSOP Final Table player)/David Luttbeg

As Robert Towsend says, "Shuffle up and Deal"

Hand 1. Jack bets $4,500 on a Jack-4 suited, Daniel Raises to $10,600 with pocket Kings, David folds.

Hand 2. Dan gets pocket 8's and bets $4,200. Renee calls with a 9-Q suited. Goes all in after the flop when she hits a Queen on the flop, Dan calls and Renee doubles up.

Hand 3. Tim calls with a 6-10 suited, Dan checks a 5-7 offsuit. Tim bets $4,000 and Dan calls. On the turn, Tim hits a pair of 10's and goes all in, Dan calls and heads back to the booth, because the producer is eliminated.

Hand 4. Tim bets $4,500 with an A-K offsuit (Big Slick), Cong goes all in with pocket 9's and Tim calls. Cong Tran is shown the door after being eliminated when Tim hits an Ace on the turn.

Hand 5. Renee Goes all in with an A-5, Tim also goes all in with pocket Kings and eliminates Renee with a King on the turn.

Hand 6. David bets $4,500 with a 7-5 suited, Ken Goes all in with a A-K suited and David rightfully folds.

Hand 7. David bets $4,000 on a Q-8 offsuit, Daniel Goes all in with A-10 offsuit and David lays it down.

Hand 8. Everybody calls. Daniel has a 10-K offsuit, Matt has 2-2, Tim has a 10-J offsuit, David Checks with A-8 offsuit, 8-4-5 end up on the flop, 9 on the turn, Tim bets $5,000 and chases everyone away from this family pot (where everyone at the table is in the running after the flop)

Hand 9. Matt bets $5,000 with pocket 9's, Tim goes all in, Matt calls and doubles up.

Hand 10. Daniel bets $3,200 with a Q-10 offsuit, David calls with 5-7 suited. Daniel hits a Pair of Queens on the flop and bets $6,500. David rightfully folds.

Hand 11. Tim bets $7,000 with A-6 suited, David reraises to $30,000 with A-K Suited, Tim Goes all in, David calls and with K-9-J on the flop, that eliminated Tim.

Hand 12. Daniel bets $6,000 with A-7 offsuit, Matt reraises with a pair of 6's, Daniel calls, When nothing happens on the flop, Matt Goes all in to force Daniel to go All-in, Daniel calls and nothing happened luckwise to send Daniel home.


Hand 13. David calls with a 10-K offsuit, Matt raises to $4,500 with a pair of Queens, David calls and hits a pair of Kings on the flop and bets $7,000, Matt calls. After the turn, David bets another $7,000, Matt goes all in, David calls and doubles up to Somewhat Cripple Matt.

Hand 14. Matt raises to $7,200 with a Q-6 offsuit, David Raises to $24,000 with A-6 offsuit, Matt folds.

Hand 15. Matt raises to $7,200 with a Q-K offsuit, David Raises to $24,000, Matt goes all in, David calls with a pair of Queens, Not Good for Matt Dean. David happens to hit a Queen on the flop and David is sitting pretty because he's in the semifinals because he won.

David Luttbeg advances to the semis with a beautiful Trip to the Bahamas and a Olympus Digital Camera.

That's it for Week 7, 16 weeks to go until the Semis. Remember, not only are the semifinals for those who won, but for those with the most points. That does it for Chad Brown, Brandi Williams, and Robert Williamson (could those 2 be related someway) This is Robert Seidelman saying that GSN should snap up the rights to the World Poker Tour. Bye everyone and Play Aces and muck 7-2 offsuits.

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