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The world's best poker champs hit the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas for the chance to play for millions on television's newest poker challenge.

Recaps by Robert W. Seidelman, GSNN

Chad Brown
Brandi Williams
EP: Dan Pugliese
Packager: TVi Media
Airs: Weekends, check your local listings for time and channel

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Week Nine - October 30-31

(C-Note: As always, what follows are televised-hand-by-televised-hand accounts.  Obviously, since it's only an hour show, most hands are not televised so you're going to see a lot of jumping of the dealer button. For more information on this and other poker precepts, visit Chris Wolvie's Poker Primer. In the meantime, here's Robert!)

Week 9 sees something a little different. 6 players today because of a double elimination by Tony Tuscano during the final hand of the prelims. Don't worry this isn't a recap for the World Poker Tour.

Joining Chad brown this week is Renee Wexler, former airline stewardess, and dealer, now plays professionally.

Players in this group of 6 will be: Todd Alejuando Brunson (no relation to Doyle Brunson I think.)/David Blastic/Gerry Gerhard (From Spokane, WA, near me.)/Kenna James/Amir Vahedi (2003 WSOP Final Table player, got kicked out by 2nd place finisher, Samuel Farha)/Tony Tuscano.

Hand 1: Kenna bets $2,400 with a 8-K suited, David goes all in with 7-7 with Kenna calling. A-Q-9 on the flop , 2 on the turn and a 6 on the river sees David doubling up.

Hand 2: Kenna goes all in with A-9, Amir goes all in as well with A-8. With a J-Q-8 on the flop, 9 on the turn and a 10 on the river, Kenna doubles up.

Hand 3: Anthony bets $4,000 with K-J, Amir goes all in with 8-A, Anthony calls. With a 2-J-2 on the flop, 3 on the turn and a 9 on the river, Amir is out of here.

Hand 4: Gerry goes all in with Q-J, Kenna goes all in with A-J. 7-Q-3 on the flop, K on the turn and a 2 on the river makes Gerry double up.

Hand 5: Tony has Q-Q and calls. So does Todd with 10-Q, David with the K-7, When the 3-9-10 on the flop, Todd goes all in, David folds but Tony calls when a K on the turn and a 7 on the river, David is kicking himself, Tony wins and Todd goes home.

Hand 6: David bets $3,000 with J-J, Gerry goes all in with A-7, David calls. a 9-5-2 on the flop, 4 on the turn, all hearts nets David a Flush and Gerry goes back within 100 miles of me.

Hand 7: Anthony calls with 5-4, Kenna bets $2,000 with K-K, Tony calls. with a 4-9-9 on the flop, Kenna goes all in, Tony calls, With a 9 on the flop and a K on the river, Kenna doubles up thanks to Kings over 9's.

Hand 8: Kenna bets $5,000 with 9-9, David goes all in with A-Q, Kenna goes all in. With a 7-3-2 on the flop, 9 on the turn and Kenna doubles up.

Hand 9: David goes all in with 10-10, Tony calls with A-K (Big Slick). With a K-Q-8 on the flop, 3 on the turn, 2 on the river Tony wins and sends David home.


Hand 10: Kenna calls with J-6, Tony checks with J-5. And Kenna starts to tell a story about Rocky III when a K-9-8 on the flop making Tony fold.

Hand 11; Anthony Raises to $4,800 with 10-7, and Kenna calls with K-K. A 4-3-7 on the flop, 4 on the turn and a 9 on the river, Kenna bets $10,000 and Tony folds.

Hand 12: Tony calls with J-Q, Kenna raises to $7,600 with 8-8. Tony goes all in with a J-2-4 on the flop and Kenna quickly folds.

Hand 13: Anthony calls with an 8-3, Kenna checks with a 7-10. Unfortunately there was a lapse in the play when a breaking news announcement happened. All I know is that Kenna took the pot.

Hand 14: Kenna raises to $4,800 with A-7, Tony goes all in with 5-5. Kenna folds.

Hand 15: Anthony raises to $4,800 with 7-5, Kenna calls with K-Q. Now somehow a 4-6-8 on the flop happens with Tony going all in. Kenna jokes about how Chad is going to chastises him about folding, but it was the right thing to do. And Kenna folds.

Hand 16: Kenna Raises to $3,800 with 4-K, Tony calls with 7-8 suited. A 7-3-Q on the flop, K on the turn Kenna bets $8,000 with Tony calling. A 4 on the river making Anthony going all in, Kenna folds and gets the win. Leaving Tony crippled with $2,700 in chips.

Hand 17: Tony goes all in with 10-Q, Kenna calls with 10-A, a 7-7-2 on the flop, 6 on the turn and a 8 on the river makes Kenna the big winner.

Kenna not only wins the trip to the Bahamas, but a lovely trip to the semis and a digital camera. (where are those famous Sylvania bulbs "blue dots for sure shots". God I need to cut back on the black and white overnight.)

That does it for this week. For Chad Brown, Renee Wexler, Brandi Williams, I'm Robert W. Seidelman. Good Night and Good Hand.

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