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The world's best poker champs hit the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas for the chance to play for millions on television's newest poker challenge.

Recaps by Robert W. Seidelman, GSNN

Chad Brown
Brandi Williams
EP: Dan Pugliese
Packager: TVi Media
Airs: Weekends, check your local listings for time and channel

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Week Ten/Eleven - November 6-7 & 13-14

(C-Note: As always, what follows are televised-hand-by-televised-hand accounts.  Obviously, since it's only an hour show, most hands are not televised so you're going to see a lot of jumping of the dealer button. For more information on this and other poker precepts, visit Chris Wolvie's Poker Primer. In the meantime, here's Robert!)

Week 10: Players from tournaments past are playing here with some newbies as well.

Joining Chad Brown this week is the 2004 WSOP Player of the Year, David Negranu (BTW, during the taping between breaks, he was eating lunch made by his mom. That is his signature trademark)

Players: Howard Andrew/Tony Kassab/Paul Carroll/Joe Toth/Kal Styles/Chad Layne/Max Pescatori

Trip to the Bahamas on the line for the winner.

Hand 1: Kal goes all in with 7-7, Max goes all in with A-K, A-2-A on the flop, 5 on the turn and a Q on the river sends Kal out in style. (That's what Negranu said)

Hand 2: Tony raises to $800 with 6-7 Diamonds, Paul raises to $1,800 with A-Q, Tony calls. Q-5-5 on the flop, 9 on the turn, 3 on the river, Tony bets $1,600, Paul calls and wins the pot.

Hand 3: Joe bets $3,000 with A-10, Chad goes all in with A-K Suited, Joe calls. Q-4-7 on the flop, 8 on the turn and a A on the river lets Chad double up. (Not Chad Brown)

Hand 4: Chad bets $2,400 with A-Q, Howard goes all in with A-J, Tony calls with 10-K and Chad folded. 9-8-J on the flop, 3 on the turn, 3 On the river and Howard doubles up.

Hand 5: Paul raises to $2,500 with A-5 suited, Tony calls with A-5 suited, 2-K-6 on the flop, 9 on the turn, 3 on the river and we have a split pot.

Hand 6: Howard is all win with A-Q, Chad calls with A-3. 2-6-7 on the flop. K on the turn and an A on the river and Howard more than doubles up.

Hand 7: Howard goes all in with Q-Q, Paul Calls with 4-4, Max calls with J-A, Chad calls with 8-5. With a 3-7-6 on the flop and an 8 on the turn, Chad bets $4,000 forcing Paul and Max to fold. A 3 comes on the river and Howard Quadruples up.

Hand 8: Max raises to $3,100 with A-Q, Howard goes all in with A-J, Max calls. 7-8-Q on the flop to Howard's Dismay. Then comes a 9 on the turn, and a 9 on the river and Howard goes out.

Hand 9: Tony bets $3,200 with J-J, Paul goes all in with 10-10, Tony calls. 9-Q-4 on the flop, 2 on the turn and a 9 on the river and Paul is OUT.

Hand 10: Tony raises to $3,000 with 7-A, Joe goes all in with 5-J, Tony calls. 9-10-4 on the flop, 5 on the turn and a 2 on the river and Joe doubles Up.

Hand 11: Joes goes all in with A-3 suited, Max goes all in with Q-Q. With a 2-K-A on the flop, 7 on the turn and 4 on the river, knocks out Max. Don't worry, he won't receive Hate Mail.

Hand 12: Chad raises to $2,400 with K-9, Tony reraises to $6,000 with A-K with Chad calling. 4-K-7 on the flop garners a $6,000 bet for Tony, Chad moves all in with Tony calling. A Q on the flop and a J on the river sends Chad out.


Hand 13: Joe calls with 3-6, Tony raises to $2,500 with A-8, Joe calls. A 3-10-9 on the flop, Tony bets $3,000 with Joe calling. 7 on the turn and a K on the river, Tony Bets $4,000 and Joe calls to win the pot.

Hand 14: Joe calls with 5-10, Tony bets $3,000 with J-J, Joe calls. 3-5-10 on the flop, Tony bets $6,000. Joe goes all in, Tony calls. 9 on the turn and a 10 on the river and Joe doubles up.

Hand 15: Joe bets $3,600 with a J-3, Tony goes all in with 8-8 (also known as Snowmen), Joe calls. the flop shows 9-K-2, A on the flop and a 2 on the river and Tony Doubles up.

Hand 16: Tony Calls with A-8, Joe goes all in with K-Q, Tony is now all in. 7-J-3 on the flop, 9 on the turn and a miracle Q on the river makes Joe Toth the Winner.

Joe joins the rest of the winners in the semis With a Trip to the Bahamas and a DVD Player.

Week 11 gives us maybe the worst idea so Far for any TV competition show. They recap the Last 10 shows, but they also do a Tournament. Most of the show is dedicated to the recapping of the last 10 weeks and the Winners. Most of the play was edited out from the tourney going on. All I can tell you is that some guy named Michael is the winner, he gets the trip to the Bahamas and a DVD Recorder. Basically I am disgusted that they pulled a stunt like this. If you are going to do a recap, Wait until 13 weeks are done, then recap. Also, Make sure that there is no Tournament going on that day. Or better yet, since I know that these are taped in advance, Just insert the recap show and then next week continue with the tourneys.

Well they had to do something bad sometime or later. Anyways, For Chad, Daniel, and Brandi Williams, I'm Robert W. Seidelman saying, Well I don't know what to say, Peace.

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