Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

An Emerging Plan - March 30

After a week off for the basketball and a clip show, it's time for...

Night 15: Smelly camp... smell-y camp...

Courtney just says the obvious... "Last night was the worst night I ever had. I literally did not know what do with myself. Everyone was cuddled and dry, and I'm wet and alone in like a little ball."

Day 16: A pain that is shared is half pain...

Courtney shares in her grief... and it's grief all around.

Aras and Shane are all buddy buddy, while Bruce, tending to his rock garden, is the odd man out.

Over on Exile Island, Sally is... err... still digging.

Over at La Mina, Austin can't wait until the merge as he comes upon a crate and a canoe. The instructions: paddle to Casaya and do not open the crate until you get there. The boys proceed to pack.

Terry believes that in order to turn someone from Casaya over to the La Mina side, he'll have to play his ace in the hole, the Immunity Idol.

The boys paddle onto Casaya Beach, where the locals are eating whatever food is left. Obviously, just to keep the others from not getting any.

Bruce welcomes the guys with open arms.

And then Bruce welcomes Sally with open arms.

In the crate, by the way, food, drink, candy, and paints to develop a new tribal flag. Afterwards, Terry and Bruce work with the tribe on a new shelter, while Aras and Shane... do nothing except scheme to bump Terry off. Meanwhile, Terry offers Bruce Final Five.

Meanwhile, Danielle & Cirie note that Terry and Bruce are talking... which gets them a bit scared.

Oh, did we mention that Bruce took a swing to the mouth from Nick? Woops. But Bruce refuses to leave the game just because of something wussy like a cut tooth.

Day 17: Dance of the gypsies.

Bruce, in painting the flag, has chosen "Gitanos" as the name of the new tribe. "It means gypsies."

While watching Nick and Austin feel out Aras, Terry notes that it'll feel a bit harder to turn people over than he thought. With that, he goes to Cirie. Cirie wants to laugh off his offer. "It was like a dictionary salesman. I mean, I already have an encyclopedia collection over here, and you're trying to sell me a dictionary?" Rebuttal from Terry: "Even if we get one person and it's five on five, it might be time to pull out the hidden Immunity Idol."

I-Challenge: Upside Down

The players must hand upside down on a pole. Last player to hold on, wins.

Winner: Terry.

Night 18: Tribal Council.

Austin: SHANE - "You led the charge to vote me out."
Courtney: NICK - "This is going to make me sad to see you go."

And the others...

Nick: SHANE.
Terry: SHANE.
Danielle: NICK.
Sally: SHANE
Bruce: NICK.
Aras: NICK.
Cirie: NICK.
Shane: NICK..

Six to four. Nick... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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