Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

The First Exile - February 2

Deep in the jungles of Panama, tribes will face a test unlike never before. In addition to outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting each other, sixteen Americans must face the ultimate challenge... exile.

Off the coast of our isthmus lies Exile Island, a place where you don't want to go. This island holds many secrets, and if you discover one of them, it could radically alter the course of the game.

Thirty-nine days... sixteen people... ONE... Survivor.

Day 1: The exile begins.

To begin with, the sixteen are separated into four tribes, older women, younger women, older men, younger men.

The Younger Women will form the Bayoneta Tribe.

Danielle DiLorenzo; 24; medical sales representative, Boston
Misty Giles; 25; engineer; Dallas
Courtney Marit; 31; Performance artist; Los Angeles
Sally Schumann; 27; social worker; Chicago

The Younger Men will form the Vivero Tribe.

Aras Baskauskas; 24; yoga instructor; Santa Monica, CA
Austin Carty; 24; author; High Point, NC
Bobby Mason; 32; attorney; Los Angeles
Nick Stanbury; 25; financial sales; Tempe, AZ

The Older Women will form the Casaya Tribe.

Cirie Fields; 35; registered nurse; Walterboro, SC
Melinda Hyder; 32; singer; Sevierville, TN
Ruth Marie Milliman; 48; director of retail leasing; Greenville, SC
Tina Scheer; 45; logging sports promoter/performer; Hayward, WI

The Older Men will form the La Mina Tribe.

Dan Barry;
52; retired astronaut; S. Hadley, MA
Terry Deitz; 46; airline pilot/retired Navy fighter pilot; Simsbury, CT
Bruce Kanegai; 58; karate instructor/high school art teacher; Simi Valley, CA
Shane Powers; 35; owner of an entertaining marketing company; Los Angeles

Jeff explains that in each round, after the Reward Challenge, the losing tribe will have to send one person to Exile Island for an indeterminate amount of time. This is the first of said rounds...

R-Challenge: Skull Island (for flint and immunity from exile)

The four tribes must pick one representative. Those players will race through the jungle to a pile of skulls and bash them open. Inside three of the skulls are three talismans. The first three people to bring back skulls will not send someone to Exile Island. The one that doesn't will.

Chosen are Danielle, Austin, Ruth Marie, and Terry.

First... Terry. Second: Austin. Third: Ruth Marie. Danielle loses, meaning that one of the Bayoneta will send someone to Exile Island. After a janken (rock/paper/scissors) match, Misty is the first sent to exile, with nothing more than dirty water and a machete to aid her. Also to aid her... a hidden Immunity Idol, whose location will be discerned via a series of clues.

Her first clue while on Exile Island is given by Jeff personally: think about why fate chose you to be the first to go to Exile Island, which is also why immunity is so important. "The first clue? I've already given it to you."

Day 2: Alone again... naturally.

Misty is left to eat some worms. Over this rough meal, she decides to trick her tribe into thinking that she has the immunity idol. Good luck with that.

I-Challenge: The Line in the Sand

A giant broom with three heads on it. This is what you covet in the game. It has three heads, because three tribes will share in the honor. One will go to Tribal Council tomorrow.

There are three parts. Each tribe will have to navigate a hurdle on a pontoon, then swim out to a docked raft. Then release, and row onto shore. Once there, you have to navigate a rope puzzle to release a metal ring. In the sand is a diagram that will aid you. Once the ring is released, toss it to a grappling hook tied to a flag. Flag lowers, another round on the island. The last flag to lower will be sent to Tribal Council, where one person will be the first to go home.


Bayoneta first... La Mina second... Vivero third. Casaya goes to...

Night 3: Tribal Council.

The vote...

Cirie: TINA. "I wish I had time to know you better. We just didn't click."
Tina: CERIE. "Somebody has to go. And your fear of leaves was my biggest factor."

The other two...

Ruth Marie: TINA
Melinda: TINA

Three to one, Tina, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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