Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

Starvation and Lunacy - February 23

Day 10: Odd woman out

At La Mina, Sally believes herself to be the odd woman out, despite there being another woman at camp. The other woman, Ruth Marie, is teamed with Dan and the rest of the boys, guaranteeing that he'd take her to the Final Five.

The fire's out at Casaya, as Courtney and Shane have it out about whose responsiblity it was to tend to the fire. Cirie... opts to stay out.

R-Challenge: Another Floating Puzzle (for an outhouse with toiletries, toilet paper, and fresh water as well as the right to choose who of the opposing tribe goes to Exile Island)

Tribes must negotiate six floating puzzle pieces into a hexagonal ring. Once all six pieces are in the ring, the players can put the puzzle together. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins.

Winners: Casaya.

The punishment for failure is exile... for Terry.

Back at camp: While La Mina dresses their wounds...

Aras over at Casaya decides that the latrine would best be used to store firewood. Before they can get a log in, though, Bobby deposits... his own... uhh, log.

Over at Exile Island...

Terry thinks about the clues to the location of the Hidden Idol.

1) Think about why fate brought you here.
2) Look above the tide line.
3) Look under a rock.

But back to why he's here... Why he's here... Why.... Y! Terry looks for a tree in the shape of a Y and finds a rock. In the rock, a box. In the box, a note and a talisman! "You've got Idol!" The note reads...

"This talisman can be used to keep you safe from the vote at Tribal Council, up to and including the final four."


Day 11: Fire's out... again

This time, Shane and Danielle have at it. This time, Cirie asks what the situation was, violating her own policy of staying out of drama.

I-Challenge: Crow's Nest (Bobby sits out).

One person will sit in a chair attached to a pulley. Another person will sit in a crow's nest, charged with filling a bucket. The rest of the tribe (four people) will carry buckets of water along a balance beam. The person in the crow's nest will fill that water into a larger bucket, raising the sitter closer to a pin that will release a flag, signifying victory.

If you fall off, you have to empty your bucket and start again.

Winner... a close one, but Casaya abandons care for speed, giving them the win. La Mina will vote another out.

Night 11: Tribal Council.

Sally: RUTHIE. "It's probably going to be your or me tonight, so I'll miss you."
Ruth Marie: SALLY: "I adore you, but I'm voting my alliance."

The others...


Four to two. Ruth Marie, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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