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Exile Island
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Today is

For Cod's Sake - March 2

Day 12: Last woman standing

Sally is proud to be the sole arbiter of all the estrogen at La Mina ("Coming in here and feeling kind of like the underdog and the outsider right off the bat and the fact that the four men who have a very tight alliance made a decision that I was valuable enough to have around felt pretty darn good."), while Dan was disappointed with the outcome of the last Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, at Casaya, Bruce is constructing a zen garden in a futile effort to calm some bioling-over souls (Shane and Aras... don't get it).

R-Challenge: Oh Cod! (for spices, whatever food they catch, and other accessories as well as the right to choose who of the opposing tribe goes to Exile Island)

Out in the water, there are canoes containing bags of beans, rice and also some fish. Each tribe picks one person to retrieve the items one at a time. They then pass off the items to the other tribe members who are lined up assembly line fashion. The last person drops the booty into the appropriate crate. If the item is a fish, they are required to chop off the head and tail before putting it into the bin. The players can tag out at any time. If an item is fumbled, the person who threw it must pick it up and try their throw again.

Winners: Casaya.

La Mina, as a result, and "out of respect" send Terry back to Exile Island.

Back at camp: Well if I can't swim after 40 days...

Casaya is flooded, while La Mina gorge on what little food they had gotten from the challenge. Austin and Nick.. have a little too much.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Bobby is sworn allegiance from Bruce.

Day 13: The aftermath.

Courtney surveys the devastation caused by the water. Courtney wonders where Bobby, Bruce and the wine went. They all went with each other last night, basically. And apparently they all ended up in the outhouse, where Bruce is sleeping with an empty bottle.

Bob Dog owns up to drinking all of the wine, telling Courtney, Cirie and Danielle that he wanted to sleep in the shelter but his spot was taken. Bob Dawg doesn't feel the slightest bit upset about drinking Courtney's portion of the win and tells her so.

Meanwhile, Terry just spends another night alone in exile with his Immunity Idol.

Meanwhile, tree mail comes equipped with a coffin... Uh oh...

I-Challenge: The 100,000 Skull Pyramid (Bruce & Cirie sit out).

The players have to untie and retrieve bundles of skulls underwater. Once all the pieces are found, they are handed off to the final two players who will form a pyramid with the skulls.

Winner... La Mina!

Night 13: Tribal Council.

Danielle: BOBBY: "You are egotistical and selfish."
Aras: BRUCE: "You can't be trusted."
Shane: (concealed). "This is basically a throwaway vote."

The others...

Courtney: BOBBY
Bobby: BRUCE
Cirie: BOBBY
Shane: ARAS

Three to two to one to one. Bob Dog... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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