Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners - February 16

Day 7: So now I cooooome to you, with oooooopen arms...

Bruce is welcomed to the Casaya fold, and not too soon, you'd think. Bruce thinks they all have good hearts but lack of water will destroy them. Bruce starts playing the teacher role by motivating his students to turn camp around while he notes all of the archetypes at play.

Shane believes that Bruce is going to hang himself with said strategy.

Meanwhile, over at Challenge Cove, Bruce is hailed as Casaya's "savior" or some such.

R-Challenge: Crossfire (for tarp, pillows, rope, water cans, lanterns, kerosene, and the right to choose which of the other tribe goes to Exile Island.)

Three tribesmen will fire slingshot pellets at the other four. The four have to catch five in order to win.

Winners: La Mina.

The punishment for failure? One person is going to exile. That person is... again... Bruce.

Night 7: Another exile for Bruce...

Bruce is dismayed that he has spent more time on Exile Island than he has at Camp Casaya. "I wasn't even with the Casaya tribe for 24 hours, and then I was sent to Exile Island for the second time. It seems like every night is miserable here."

He has no time to look for the Idol in the rain.

Day 8: No Brucie = no fun.

Aras believes that he's in an alliance with three nutballs... Said nutballs being Courtney, Shane, and Danielle. Meanwhile, on La Mina Beach, Sally, Misty, Austin and Nick are sure their foursome can run through the game if they stick together.

I-Challenge: Breakthrough and Conquer

Bruce rejoins Casaya for this one...

Five rings. In each ring is a bag. You have to dig up a bag and race to your mat with it. At least one hand must be on the bag while you arrive at the finish in order to score. First to three wins.

First match: Cirie/Danielle vs. Misty/Sally. Winner: Cirie/Danielle. Casaya leads, 1-0.
Second match: Nick vs. Bruce. Winner: Nick. Tie game, 1-1.
Third match: Austin/Ruth Marie/Dan vs. Shane/Courtney/Aras. Winner: Austin/Ruth Marie/Dan. La Mina leads, 2-1.
Fourth match: Cirie/Courtney/Aras vs. Sally/Misty/Nick. Winner by a pressure point: Aras. Tie game.
Final match: Bobby/Danielle vs. Ruth Marie/Terry. Bobby snatches at the last second to win Immunity.

Night 9: Tribal Council.

Misty: RUTH MARIE. "It's what's best for the team."
Terry: MISTY: "You're a smart girl."
Austin: (hidden) "I'm sorry. I'm voting to make the tribe stronger."

The others...

Ruth Marie: MISTY

That's four... That's enough. For the record, though...

Austin: MISTY

Five to two. Misty, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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