Survivor Panama:
Exile Island
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Today is

Breakdown - February 9

Night 3: Lightning Crashes

The lumberjill is gone and the game is on, as is evidenced by...

Day 4: Those disks again.

Ladies, please step on the light disks. Gents on the dark. And reveal. Turns out that four tribes are being condensed into the more TV-friendly two. And who's picking these two? Terry and Danielle. It's opposite sex pick. You know how it goes... In the end, here are your tribes...

La Mina: Terry, Sally, Austin, Misty, Nick, Ruth Marie, Dan
Casaya: Danielle, Shane, Courtney, Aras, Cirie, Bobby, Melinda

That's seven each. Bruce, reliving that age old high school horror of being the last one picked, is told that he is leaving the game... for Exile Island. He'll return at Tribal to join the losing tribe. Which means, of course, for this round, he is immune.


And here is the challenge...

R-Challenge: Snakes in the Grass (for fishing equipment and a raft)

The challenge is simple: untie six rubber snakes and navigate an obstacle course. One person and one person only may carry the snakes for a tribe. First one with all six at the finish line wins.

Winners: La Mina, after not giving up an inch.

On Exile Island...

Bruce receives a clue that says that the hidden Immunity Idol is above the tidal line. Does he find it? No. But that won't stop him from performing a little bit of t'ai-chi.

Day 6: It's all a wash.

Over at La Mina, Sally confesses that, while out fishing that morning, she lost the spear, which leaves the tribe at one raft and... well, one raft.

I-Challenge: A Hole in the Bucket

Each tribe has a boat anchored to the ocean floor with a large wooden crate. Each boat also has six holes filled with rubber plugs. Five tribe members have to pull out the plugs and begin bailing water out of the boat while the other two jump into the water and start moving the boat by pulling the anchor. Once the boat is clipped onto the hitching post, it's a race up the beach to put the anchor on the finish mat. First to do that wins...

Winners: La Mina

Night 6: Tribal Council

First, bringing in Bruce from Exile Island. He is strictly there as an observer. He will join the tribe in place of the departing member. Speaking of which...

Melinda: SHANE: "I'm keeping my promise."

The other votes...

Cirie: SHANE
Courtney: MELINDA
Danielle: MELINDA

That's four. That's enough. For posterity, though.


Five to two. Melinda, THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG....


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