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It's VAL's world... you're just playing in it, as nine contestants subject themselves to solitary confinement... and the tests of an all-knowing cyber-intelligence.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host VAL
Creators Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
EP Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
Noel Siegel
Packager ideaville for Fox Reality Originals
Web foxreality.com/solitary4
Airs 10p Sat, Fox Reality
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Drunk If You're Ornery
March 13

On the last uplink of "Solitary", Tyler took another Test to win immunity from Treatment. This Treatment was nothing short of torture as the Solitarians sat in chairs of nails wearing crowns of thorns. Bea was the first to quit, leaving her out of the game. Now only the final three remain as the treatment continues...

The pods, once more...

2) Rommel Gargoles
Martial arts instructor
3) Kelsey Thorn
  6) Tyler Tongate
environmentalist/Solitary 2.0 runner up

Treatment is weighing heavily. Tyler's mood is considerably lighter. He tries to sell his chair (offer VAL-id in 49 states... SORRY TENNESSEE!)

Thirteen rounds in, and Kelsey is done. The pain on her head was too much. But she'll have to endure some more, as she is part of the final 3 of Solitary 4.0.

Rommel has yet to quit a single treatment. He's been in treatment for 5 and a half hours now. And that's as far as he'll go, as VAL yanks his chains a bit before ending the treatment.

With the experiment nearing its finish, VAL turns up the heat. VAL offers a respite. One iced tea... shirt. Time for a contest. First person to put on his or her t-shirt will get two slices of pizza. Second will get one. Third will get... some crust.

#6 Tyler is the first to put on the big honking T-shirt. It's cool, isn't it? Who'll finish second? It's... #2 Rommel.

Now it's time for the first good nap these guys have had in daysweeksmonths... and probably the last nap they'll have whilst in Solitary. Tyler... can't sleep. Or rather, he won't.

TEST: Color of Money

VAL will show the players a sequence of colors that must be memorized. They will repeat the sequence by dunking their heads into the corresponding bowls of paints. The first guest to repeat 30 consecutive colors wins an advantage going into the next Treatment.

Tyler is down to his final color... and he's right! But is he the only one to complete it? YES! TYLER gets the advantage going into the final challenge and breaks his own Solitary record.

VAL now wants to evaluate the bodies and minds of the Final 3 before the next Treatment. Enough of that. Let's talk about sex, baby. We learn #6 is male, #2 is male, and #3 is female. Talk about a mindf(^_^). Kelsey has played football.


Race across your pod balancing a ball on your harness. Whoever crosses last will do a penalty squat. Because Tyler won the test, he could skip a penalty squat and pass one to anyone else NOW. That goes to... #2. Now... let's begin.

After three rounds, each guest will add a chain to the obstacle course to make the sojourn that much more difficult.

Rommel and Tyler are racking up penalty minutes. After 25 races, #3 Kelsey finally gets her first penalty round, 2 minutes...

After every race from here on out, only the winner will escape squatting. At this point, Tyler's penalty pass is still available.

The rest of the Treatment will consist of butt squats. But who will tap out first? Find out on the final uplink of "Solitary 4.0".


To view this uplink of "Solitary 4.0", visit the official website at www.foxreality.com/solitary4 or search for "Solitary 4.0" at Amazon.com Video on Demand.