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It's VAL's world... you're just playing in it, as nine contestants subject themselves to solitary confinement... and the tests of an all-knowing cyber-intelligence.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host VAL
Creators Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
EP Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
Noel Siegel
Packager ideaville for Fox Reality Originals
Web foxreality.com/solitary4
Airs 10p Sat, Fox Reality
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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A Pain in the Neck
February 13

On the last uplink of "Solitary", the contestants were left bruised and beaten as they had to slap themselves silly in order to stave off elimination. Courtney couldn't, so she was forced out of her pod... but the treatment continues...

The pods, once more...

  2) Rommel Gargoles
Martial arts instructor
3) Kelsey Thorn
  5) Todd Ranck
6) Tyler Tongate
environmentalist/Solitary 2.0 runner up
7) Bea Henington
high school teacher & missionary
8) Eriq Shaw
9) Liberty Freeman
Children's party entertainer who died three times

Round 39... 20 slaps in the rear.
Round 40... 22 slaps in one minute...

All of this pain is needless, as Courtney has quit.

Tyler owes VAL a penalty round. The rest of the Solitarians get a break.

Round 41... 34 slaps in 90 seconds... Eriq looks like he's enjoying himself.
Round 42... 40 slaps in 90 seconds... Remember.. Bea is not participating, as she won the previous episode's test. Liberty needs a penalty round. 10 slaps in 60. "I don't need it. I can do it in 30." DONE! 10 in 30, get to slappin'.

Round 47... 50 slaps in 2 minutes. Now 55... Now 60 in 2.5 minutes... Now 65 in 3 minutes... Now slap yourself... in the face. Five in the red zone. This is harder than it looks.

.... good thing that TREATMENT ENDS. They have a reward coming... a riding crop... TREATMENT CONTINUES... with a result. #4 was eliminated.

Now the contestants will take their best shot at VAL... by being her. As a reward, they get some vegetable stew or something. "This is bull(^_^), VAL." "That is NOT bull([o]). If you would like some bovine excrement, I'll see what I can do."

Eriq gets a cigarette... but doesn't get a match. Ha. Meanwhile, the others go a little bit crazy. Kelsey looks like she might just quit due to her not being happy. She doesn't like feeling miserable. If she were to stick it out, she would make everyone in the outside happy, but she wants to stick it out for herself.

TEST: VAL Teaches Typing

Each pod has a keyboard with its keys scrambled. No key will type the letter it should. There are six of VAL's favorite quotes coming. The first Solitarian to type them all will earn freedom from the next treatment.

And any incorrect keystroke will delete that entire phrase.

1) THIS SUCKS VAL! (Rommel finishes first)
2) I THINK I'M GOING CRAZY! (Todd finishes first)
3) I'VE BEEN THROUGH HELL AND THIS IS HELL. (Todd finishes first)
4) WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THIS IS TWISTED. (Todd finishes first).

And Rommel goes postal on his keyboard.

The Solitarians are allowed to make a video record of their lives in Solitary. Kelsey prides herself on not being a crier. But her tears tell a different story.

Rommel gets a photo of his mom and dad. Todd gets his parents. Tyler gets... nothing, per his request. Eriq gets his girlfriend, while Bea sees an old picture of her father. Liberty gets her besties.

The Podlings get paints to create a living breathing work of art... themselves. Liberty decides to go all out and paint herself... on a canvas... Naked. The rest of the players are freeing the beast within as it were.


TREATMENT: Twisted Twister

The Solitarians will have to position their bodies to numbers that, when added together, make a number that VAL calls out. Not only that, they will have to align a head laser to her five-inch octagon. If you cannot take the pain, hit the red button and quit.

After 10 rounds, all six pods are still in play. But #8... gets a penalty. He needs to keep his laser in the octagon whilst laying down... Success.

Starting in round 11, they must use one foot and both hands. Then in round 25, one hand, one foot. And... #7 Bea can't take it. Time for a penalty round.

Next up, #8 gets another penalty round. He narrowly makes it.

Round 27... 28... and #8 Eriq is down again. Penalty time..... nope, Red Button time. But is Eriq the first person to quit? YES. #8, your stay in Solitary has come to an end... Please exit your pod.

But the treatment continues...


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