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It's VAL's world... you're just playing in it, as nine contestants subject themselves to solitary confinement... and the tests of an all-knowing cyber-intelligence.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host VAL
Creators Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
EP Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
Noel Siegel
Packager ideaville for Fox Reality Originals
Web foxreality.com/solitary4
Airs 10p Sat, Fox Reality
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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The Head of Nails
March 6

On the last uplink of "Solitary", we continued to monkey around, as bananas went down, then up. Then the Solitarians escaped their pods' cages in time for a little game of golf that was anything but your usual round. Liberty was under par, as a penalty had her ejected from the game due to a reversal of fortune. But the treatment continues...

The pods, once more...

2) Rommel Gargoles
Martial arts instructor
3) Kelsey Thorn
7) Bea Hennington
high school teacher & missionary
6) Tyler Tongate
environmentalist/Solitary 2.0 runner up

#2 Rommel and #7 Bea go spinning after another round of spinning and putting. Next round, and round, and round... and the ladies go to the chair. And once again, Kelsey is pushed to the brink. Bea, on the other hand, has another penalty coming. And another. And Bea bails out. Next hole, 25 spins, one ball, par 2. Both remaining podlings are going spinning... except Kelsey, who opts for the red button.

Rommel... spins. ... and spins some more... kidding. TREATMENT ENDS. Welcome to the final 4.0.

Next, the Solitarians get to punch their lights out on a bag, pretending it's the one thing that is standing between you and victory. In reality, the only thing standing between you and victory... is you.

Can they be as honest with each other in the next reward? A chicken dinner is on the line. All you have to do is guess how many hits you can lay on the punching bag.

#7: 3664
#6: 3842
#3: 4834
#2: 50,999,999,999

Rommel's finally getting the trick of Solitary. Or is he? Everyone gets chicken. Rommel gets a meal bar. "You lied during the challenge. I thought I would lie to you."

TEST: Virtual Insanity

The Solitarians will have to navigate through their virtual maze. The first to reach the virtual green button will win real immunity from the next Treatment. Along the way, you'll be challenged physically with a 40-pound grump rope and mentally with blocks. They'll also have jellybeans (that's useless) and a compass (that's also useless) to use as they see fit. There's only ONE way to the green button, but there are eight dead ends, ten rope rooms, and 11 code rooms.

It's a race between Kelsey and Tyler. WINNER... #3... times 2. Tyler takes his third Test, a first in Solitary history, and moves one step closer to $50,000.

Now that the test is over, it's time for the podlings to unwind with a personal item. Rommel plays with ninja stars. Tyler plays with a djimbe drum. Kelsey plays with a guitar... that she can't play. Bea, on the other hand, is trying to remove evil spirits from her pod. She's going to exorcise the demons from VAL... or herself... Was her exorcism successful? Only time will tell...

VAL has become a part of their everyday thoughts... and they don't even know it.

Next up, Solitary's first air band. #7 on guitar, #2 on bass, #6 on drums, and on guitar and keyboard, #3... Time to rock it out air style. That tests them physically, and that's important, because what happens next is yet another Solitary first...

TREATMENT: The Head of Nails

Each podling gets a chair with a crown of thorns. Literally. First one to buckle under the pressure will leave Solitary permanently.

It'll take intense concentration to last, especially with the chair also spiny. With each round, the players will have to hook another chain to their crown and add that much more weight.

Just for fun, #6 Tyler has decided to sit in the chair to see what the others are going through.

The guests are breaking, as VAL decides to show clips of themselves as they enter Solitary.

Heavy is the hat that wears the crown... Round 9 starts... NOW.... and it ends with Bea hitting the red button.

"I'm done." In more ways than one, as she is the FIRST person to quit the Treatment. Bea, please evacuate your pod.

And then there were three. But the treatment continues...


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