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January 30


It's VAL's world... you're just playing in it, as nine contestants subject themselves to solitary confinement... and the tests of an all-knowing cyber-intelligence.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host VAL
Creators Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
EP Andrew Golder
Lincoln Hiatt
Noel Siegel
Packager ideaville for Fox Reality Originals
Web foxreality.com/solitary4
Airs 10p Sat, Fox Reality
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Fight Club
February 6

Last time in Solitary, we met nine willing individuals waiting to undergo physical and psychological testing under the ever watchful eye of VAL. So far, two of them have already exited the game, while one, a former Solitarian himself, has reentered.

The pods, once more...

  2) Rommel Gargoles
Martial arts instructor
3) Kelsey Thorn
4) Courtney Hill
Dance instructor
5) Todd Ranck
6) Tyler Tongate
environmentalist/Solitary 2.0 runner up
7) Bea Henington
high school teacher & missionary
8) Eriq Shaw
9) Liberty Freeman
Children's party entertainer who died three times

We continue with the treatment from the last episode, as #3 prepares a cleansing concoction of prune juice and coffee. Yuck.

Next, courtesy of #6, prune juice, and vinegar. #5 Todd didn't drink it... so he presses the red button...

#2 serves up olive oil and vinegar. Time to kick this up a notch or three with five new ingredients: hot sauce, soy sauce, wasabi, crushed garlic, and sardines. The resulting drinks... not anything I'd like. And sardines, garlic, and hot sauce gives us our first reversal of fortune courtesy of #3 Kelsey. Meanwhile, #8 Eriq dishes out wasabi, chocolate, and vinegar... but he can't take it.

VAL decides to play bartender with liquid cheese, refried beans, mustard, and wasabi. The final ingredient... sweat. A combination from the first challenge.


Kelsey, Todd, and Eriq are awaiting their fate. They were... NOT the first to quit their challenge.

It has been 40 hours since the Solitarians have started. They're going to be given one single TASTE of slumber. One pillow... and one hour, 11 minutes.

How long have you been out? Courtney, Tyler, and Bea were the closest at 90 minutes.

Courtney has not had any work done. Bea's douchy ex left her before their wedding, and she has to be on a mission to deal with it. Liberty's strength comes from her mom, who died when she was 17. Kelsey played football in high school.

TEST: Solitary Roulette

Each pod has a table filled with guns. The more guns you have, the closer you were to the guess of 1:11 as to how long you have slept. You will order another pod to shoot themselves. Shoot yourself with the gun filled with fake blood, and you will be eliminated.

Last one standing wins.

- #4 orders #3 (odds of dying: 33%) to shoot. SURVIVED.
- #3 orders #6 (odds of dying: 14%) to shoot. SURVIVED.
- #6 orders #4 (odds of dying: 14%) to shoot: SURVIVED.
- #4 orders #8 (odds of dying: 50%) to shoot. SURVIVED.
- #8 orders #4 (odds of dying: 17%) to shoot. SURVIVED.
- #4 orders #9 (25%)... SURVIVED.
- #2 (20%) ... SURVIVED.
- #6 (17%) ... SURVIVED.
- #4 (20%) .... SURVIVED.
- #5 (17%) ... SURVIVED.
- #4 (25%) ... #6 (20%) ... back to #4 (33%) ... back to #8 (100%)... DEAD.

- #2... DEAD.

- #7 has yet to be called upon. #3 is next.... SURVIVED. So has #6. #4.... FINALLY DEAD. #3... ALSO DEAD. Tyler orders a hit on #5... doesn't work. Unfortunately... another MAN DOWN. It's #6. #9 survives. #7 Bea finally gets in the game. She shoots #9... to KILL... The last two standing are #5 and #7. They get five new guns. One shoots to kill. Last one standing wins.

WINNER: #7 Bea. She will not have to participate in the next treatment.

VAL will now reveal a few facts from the pods. The others will decide if they should reward the pod or punish it.

- #6 dated one person for 10 years before deciding to marry them. The guests vote 6-1... to REWARD.
- #9 were in a polyamorous relationship. The guests vote 6-1... to PUNISH.
- #2 doesn't want to date unless it's "the one". The guests vote 6-1... to PUNISH.
- #4 once punched a carjacker in the face. The guests vote 6-1... to REWARD.
- #3 tattooed her grandmother's name on her body. The guests vote 5-2... to REWARD.
- #8 has 22 tattoos. The guests vote 5-2... to REWARD.
- #7 once toured with Ozzfest. The guests vote 4-3... to REWARD.
- #5 likes John Mayer. The guests vote 4-3... to PUNISH.

Those who are rewarded get a slice of pizza. Those who are punished get... a siren.

TREATMENT: Beat Yourself

Pain is a part of life. How much can you endure if you want to win? Using the various tools, you will have to beat yourself in order to drive your applause meter into the red. Failure to do so will trigger a penalty round using a hard wooden pallet.

Of course, if you can't take the pain, then slap the red button.

- Round 1: ten smacks with a toy hand in one minute.
- Round 2: ten smacks with a cookie sheet.
- Round 3: ten smacks with a spatula.
- Round 4: ten slaps with a baseball bat.
- Round 5: ten slaps to the head with a cookie sheet.
- Round 8: 15 slaps with a spatula.
- Round 10: 15 with a baseball bat.
- Round 14: 20 with a cookie sheet
- Round 21: 25 with a spatula.
- Round 22: 30 with a baseball bat. Swing for the fences.

#4 slaps went to 25 instead of 30. Penalty round: 10 slaps to the butt with the board of education.

- Round 23: 90 seconds, 35 hits to the stomach with a baseball bat.
- Round 24: same as before, but with a spatula to a forearm.

#3, #6, and #4 have a penalty round coming. Completed...

- Round 25: 50 slaps, inner thigh, spatula.

Penalty paddles are flying all over the place. Everyone will use this from here on out.

- Round 26: 15 to the posterior.
- Round 27: 18 slaps.
- Round 28: 20 slaps.

And Courtney almost calls it a day. ... before calling it a day for real. Courtney is the first person to quit the treatment, so that means she is eliminated. Courtney ... Please exit your pod.

But the treatment continues...


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