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Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Web www.bet.com/payitoff
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episodes 12-15
February 19

IN THE INTEREST OF DISCLOSURE: I've forgotten again that Pay it Off was on and I've missed the first few minutes. I've now joined Tabita Stalling's tenure as contestant in progress. She's playing her first game Black Sheep and so far has one wrong answer and two correct ones. Tabith's bailout partner, sitting in the audience, is Israel.
Ostrick/Dingo/Wallaby - If Sean Combs changed his name to Crocodile Didd-on, which animal would he NOT find native to Australia?
Ostrich (Right) [3/3]
Already, Tabitha has $1,000.
2ND GAME ($1,500): The HookUp
Tabitha has to match these sidekicks...
Robin Quivers
Flavor Flav
Kevin Eubanks
'Miss J.' Alexander
Ralph Abernathy
...with their 'road dogs'.
Robin Quivers - Jay Leno (Howard Stern)
Flavor Flav - Chuck D (Right)
Kevin Eubanks - Howard Stern (Jay Leno)
'Miss J.' Alexander - Tyra Banks (Right)
Ralph Abernathy - Martin Luther King, Jr. (Right)
Tabitha is now up to $2,500 and has Kim join her in a "stinky leg dance".
3RD GAME ($2,000): Don't Blink
Tabitha sees a clip from a music video and answers the following questions...
What style of art is behind the artist?
Graffiti (Right) [1/3]
On what hand is the artist wearing a red glove?
Right (Right) [2/3]
How many pairs of blue shoes follow behind the artist?
4 (1)
What is on the elbow of the artist's jacket?
The letter 'R' (Stars)
Who is the artist?
Rhianna (Right) [3/3]
Tabitha continues to ride high with $4,500 on her account.
4TH GAME ($2,500): LineUp
Tabitha has to put the Cosby kids (all of them Huxtables) in order from the oldest to the youngest.
1) Sondra
2) Denise
3) Theo
4) Vanessa
5) Rudy
Tabitha gets her total up to $7,000, and does her "Booty Doo" as the episode has ran out of time. Will she continue her quest towards a possible $25,000 debt payoff? We'll find out next time.
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
Last time on Pay it Off, Tabitha Stalling has secured $7,000 and is now a step away from playing for up to an additional $15,000.
5TH GAME ($3,000 + Multimedia Package): Piece Out
From the Latin world for 'honey', what syrup sweetens up many Sothern foods?
Maple syrup/Sorghum/Molasses/Karo syrup
Molasses (Right)
In 1966, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale started what politicial organization?
SCLC/NAACP/Black Panther Party/Operation Push
Black Panther Party (Right)
If Oprah Winfrey had a bad day, she might turn to what female best friend?
Sherri Shepherd/Gayle King/Star Jones/Stedman Grahman
Gayle King (Right)
Which of the following retailers features a star in its company logo?
JCPenney (Wal-Mart)
What event is the subject of the poignant documentary "When the Levees Broke"?
9/11/The Civil War/Hurricane Katrina/The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Hurricaine Katrina (Right)
Tabitha then reveals four pieces to reveal the picture of a person. She then calls on her her bailout partner, Israel for help. He says that it's Michelle Obama. Tabitha agrees with him...and is correct, giving her a total of $10,000!
BONUS GAME: Back in the Black
# "of bottles of beer on the wall" in the title of a traditional song.
We start with 99 as the base number.
$500 - # of Grammy Awards won by Babyface
Less (Right, 10)
$1,000 - # of plays attributed to William Shakespeare
More (Right, 38)
$2,000 - Hattie McDaniel's age when "Gone With the Wind" debuted
Less (Wrong, 44)
It's the end of the road for Tabitha as she leaves with $10,000 and the multimedia package. And it's now time to have a member of the studio audience play.
Montray is chosen and plays Fab 5ive, where he's presented with a list of ice cream flavors...
Butter pecan
Rocky road
Cookies & cream
Mint chocolate chip
Black raspberry
Chocolate almond
According to the International Ice Cream Assocation, five of these are on the list of the ten most popular flavors.
Cookies & cream (Right) [1/5]
Rocky road (Wrong)
Butter pecan (Right) [2/5]
Neapolitan (Right) [3/5]
Chocolate almond (Wrong)
Vanilla (Right) [4/5]
Strawberry (Right) [5/5]
Montray picks up $500 as this episode of Pay it Off comes to an end. Next time, another contestant will try to prove that insufficient funds are a thing of their past.
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
It's time for another episode of Pay it Off, where $25,000 says you know diddly squat about pop culture.
William Moore is ready to get paid, he's a 25-year-old Health educator from Dallas. William lives in an abode that uses a lot of electricity, and he's working on his masters degree. William's late mortage payments may kick him out of his abode unless Pay it Off helps him out. Mother Jordan joins William from the audience and will be his bailout partner.
1ST GAME ($1,000): Whodunnit?
The subjects involved are Snoop Dogg and Snoopy.
Who wears sunglasses when he's acting like his character "Joe Cool"?
Snoop Dogg (Snoopy)
When he acts up, who gets put in the doghouse by his wife?
Snoop Dogg (Right) [1/3]
Who first got high in New York at the 1968 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Snoopy (Right) [2/3]
Who is admired for his "Doggystyle"?
Snoop Dogg (Right) [3/3]
William gets out of the blocks with $1,000.
2ND GAME ($1,500): Black Sheep
Orlando Jones/Janet Jackson/Abraham Lincoln - Which person's name does NOT include a U.S. state capital?
Janet Jackson (Orlando Jones)
"The Color Purple"/"Amistad"/"Glory" - Which movie was NOT directed by Steven Spielberg?
"Glory" (Right) [1/3]
Muhammad Ali/Magic Johnson/Mr. T - Who has NEVER been a United Nations Messenger of Peace?
Muhammad Ali (Mr. T)
Miles Davis/Jimi Hendrix/Bo Diddley - Which of these music masters was NOT a master of the guitar?
Miles Davis (Right) [2/3]
Ciara/Halle Berry/Lela Rochon - Which of these hot mamas is NOT an actual mama?
Ciara (Right) [3/3]
William now has $2,500 secured.
3RD GAME ($2,000): Don't Blink
William watches a clip from another BET show called "College Hill" and answers the following questions...
What color is "Grandma's" hat?
Brown (Right) [1/3]
What is the little boy leaning against?
A fence (Right) [2/3]
What is Kionne McGhee's title?
Voter Registration (Assistant State Attorney)
How many check marks on each white shirt?
Four (Right) [3/3]
He didn't need the last query.
Who "Always does everything in the house"? - Brothers
Will now has a total of $4,500 in his pocket.
4TH GAME ($2,500): Fab 5ive
William is presented with a list of tourist sites.
Mall of America
New Orleans' French Quarter
Las Vegas Strip
Niagara Falls
The Alamo
Grand Old Opry House
Times Square
Mount Rushmore
Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco
He must pick the five of them that are among the ten most visited ones in the U.S.
Times Square (Right) [1/5]
Disneyland (Right) [2/5]
Las Vegas Strip (Right) [3/5]
Mall of America (Wrong)
Niagara Falls (Right) [4/5]
Mount Rushmore (Wrong)
At this point, William calls on his mother to bail him out. Jordan says that the Grand Ole Opry House one of the most visited tourist sites. Michael agrees with her, but...they're both wrong. The last correct answer was the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
William is done with Pay it Off as he leaves with $4,500. And that's all for time, we'll be back again when another contestant makes their attempt to win some moolah to pay off their debt.
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
It's now time to see if a contestant's pop culture knowledge can get them out of debt on Pay it Off.
Stepping up to the plat is Alex Merlot, a 31-year-old from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Alex is behind on his bills as he went from making a decent sum to making less than $22,000 and had to use credit cards to keep him afloat. When Alex isn't doing real estate, he also writes music. But Alex had sold half of his music equipment and now looks to Pay it Off for a major bailout. Alex's bailout partner, sitting in the audience, is his fiancee Stephanie.
1ST GAME ($1,000): Black Sheep
Clarence Thomas/Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton - Cast your vote and tell us: Which person has NOT run for the office of President of the United States?
Al Sharpton (Clarence Thomas)
"Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"/"The Steve Harvey Show"/"The Jamie Foxx Show" - Which series did NOT center on a high school teacher?
"The Jamie Foxx Show" (Right) [1/3]
Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"/Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye"/Richard Wright's "Native Son" - Which celebrated novel as NOT been adapted into a feature film?
Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" (Right) [2/3]
Penguin/Polar Bear/Arctic Wolf - Which animal would you NOT find living near the North Pole?
Penguin (Right) [3/3]
Alex, say hello to $1,000.
2ND GAME ($1,500): The HookUp
Alex has to match these garments...
...to the place where they're traditionally worn.
Kimono - Japan (Right)
Sari - India (Right)
Toga - Rome (Right)
Kilt - Scotland (Right)
Dashiki - West Africa (Right)
Alex had felt 80% sure about his answers, but they're all 100% correct as he raises his bank balance to $2,500.
3RD GAME ($2,500): Don't Blink
Alex watches a clip from "College Hill" and answers the following queries...
How many vehicles do you see?
1 (3)
Who is the girl "really feeling"?
Brandon (Right) [1/3]
What is the building with the blue lettering?
Alex calls on Stephanie for help at this point and she says it's a library. Alex trusts her and is correct. [2/3]
What appliance is plugged into the wall behind the girl?
Stereo (Iron)
What is the girl's name?
Tiffany (Terri)
Alex's memory fails him, causing his journey toward a possible $25,000 pay off to end. However, Alex leaves with $2,500 and we wish him and Stephanie the best.
Someone in the studio audience sure would like $500 about now, right? LaKissa "Pumpkin" Harris, a choreographer from Atlanta, may just be that person as she plays The HookUp to pay off her gas bill.
Pumpkin has to match these men...
Michael Knight
Lone Ranger
Barack Obama
Jack Sparrow
...to their ride.
Michael Knight - K.I.T.T. (Right)
Morpheus - The Nebuchadnezzar (Right)
Lone Ranger - Silver (Right)
Barack Obama - Air Force One (Right)
Jack Sparrow - The Black Pearl (Right)
And away Pumpkin goes with $500 as this episode comes to a close. Another episode coming up next time.
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.