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Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 3
October 16

Kim Coles is ready for another episode of the show where the players will put their pop culture knowlege to the test in the hopes of getting out of their real-life debt. The name of this show is...Pay it Off.
The first contestant of the night is Bernetta who's a self-employee of her own business after holding a job for seven years. Joining Bernetta in the audience is her husband, Earl, who is a real estate agent. Also alongside him, is Bernetta's mother, son, and friend. And Alongside them is Bernetta's bailout parner, Chatavia (unsure of spelling). With the intros now out of the way, it's go time.
1ST GAME: Whodunnit?
Tonight's playing involves rapper "50 Cent" and a dollar.
*Which might be seen in the club performing "In Da Club"?
Bernetta says it's 50 Cent and she's correct.
*Which is worth more?
Bernetta Kim not only the evil eye, but also gives the correct answer of "50 Cent". Can she win with this?
*Which is often found in the back pocket of Jay-Z or Missy Elliott's purse?
Bernetta says it's a dollar and is correct. One single dollar now becomes 1,000 of them for which she secures.
2ND GAME: Black Sheep
*Barack Obama/Bill Clinton/George W. Bush - White House poser alert! Who was NOT born with his presidential last name?
Bernetta goes with Bill Clinton and is right.
*1400 Hours/2100 Hours/0100 Hours - Check your watch, soldier. Which military time does NOT occur past noon today?
Bernetta goes with 0100 hours and is right. Can she go three for three with this?
*Wu-Tang Clan/Public Enemy/OutKast - Which musical group did NOT start in New York?
Bernetta goes with for $1,500 for a total of $2,500.
3RD GAME: Don't Blink
After Bernetta watches a clip from a music video, she answers the first query.
*What is leaning against the wall?
Bernetta thought it was a picture, but it was actually a ladder.
*What's the 1st thing the artist puts in the box?
She says it's a skateboard and it's correct.
*What type of music device is behind the artist?
Bernetta says it's a microphone, but it was a boom box. Can she stay alive with this query?
*With which hand does she indicate "It's Over"?
Bernetta says it's the right hand and she's now one right answer away from continuing.
*What does the artist say she's doing?
Bernetta goes with "I'm leavin'" $2,000 is added to her account, bring the total up to $4,500.
4TH GAME: Fab 5ive
Tonight we have a list of ten people, and they are...
Malcolm X
Muhammad Ali
Louis Farrakhan
Nelson Mandela
Sidney Poitier
Louis Armstrong
Jackie Robinson
George Washington Carver
Michael Jordan
Rosa Parks
Which of the five are on Time Magazines' 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century?
Nelson Mandela (Correct)
Michael Jordan (Wrong)
At this point, Bernetta calls on her bailout, Chatavia (again unsure of spelling). She offers up Sidney Portier based on her gut experience.
Sidney Poitier (Wrong)
Bernetta's bailout proved to be of no help to her and she's done unless she provides the next correct answer.
Rosa Parks (Correct)
Malcolm X (Wrong)
Muhammad Ali, Louis Armstrong, and Jackie Robinson were the other correct answers. And sadly, it's the end of for Bernetta who leaves with $4,500, which is a great way to start off her business.
Our next contestant hoping to get out of debt is Maruice Garin Jr. He's from Louisville, KY who is a police officer and a personal trainer. Maurice's father has taught him a lot of financial responsibility, but it seems like he hasn't been taught enough. Maurice's debt has been incurred through competing in bodybuilding shows, his gym membership, and his pairs of shoes in storage display cases. Joining Maurice in the audience is his father Maurice Sr., who is also his bailout partner.
1ST GAME: Whodunnit?
The subjects involved this time are Beyonce and Jay-Z.
*Who designs for the fashion label House of Dereon?
Maurice goes with Beyonce and is correct.
*Who has recieved a United Nations special humanitarian award?
Maruice goes with Jay-Z this time and is correct. Can he win with this?
*Who has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
Maurice goes with Jay-Z...and this time he's wrong.
*Who became a co-owner of the New Jersey Nets in 2004?
Maurice goes with Jay-Z for the third time in a, securing $1,000.
2ND GAME: Black Sheep
*Taye Diggs/Anthony Anderson/Jesse L. Martin - Who has NOT been in the cast of "Law and Order"?
Those faces aren't ringing Maurice's bell, but he goes with Taye Diggs in which that answer is correct.
*A/O/U - On a standard computer keyboard, which vowel is NOT found in the top row of letters?
Maruice says it's "A", which is correct. Can he win with this?
*New York City/Los Angeles/Atlanta - Which U.S. city has NOT hosted the Olympic Games?
Maurice locks-in on NYC and...he's...correct and is now up to $2,500.
3RD GAME: Don't Blink
Maurice watches a clip in which this time is from another BET series called "College Hill." After that he answers the following.
*Who does he hope she'll forget all about?
Maurice didn't hear anything about that, so he makes a guess. He says it's Michael, but the correct answer was Brandon.
*What is the girl in the pink top holding?
Maurice thinks it was a pool stick, and he is correct.
*How many guys are wearing red clothing?
Maurice says it's two and he's one right answer away from the win.
*What color is the towel on the counter?
Maurice thinks he saw an orange towel, and he thought right. He didn't need the last question.
*In which ear is the 1st guy wearing an earring?
The correct answer to that was the left one. Maurice is now $4,500 richer.
4TH GAME: LineUp
Tonight, Maurice has three chnces to put the five Texas Hold'em poker hands in order from lowest to highest.
Full House
3 of a Kind
2 Pair
Maurice says he isn't a poker player at all and he doesn't even play with cards. He locks-in with the following...
1) Straight
2) Flush
3) 3 of a Kind
4) 2 Pair
5) Full House
...and is not correct. Maurice knows his dad pays cards, but he's shaking his head sideways telling us that he isn't a poker player. That didn't prevent Maurice from calling on him, however. His dad tells Maurice to put full house on #5.
1) Flush
2) 2 Pair
3) 3 of a Kind
4) Straight
5) Full House
Maurice is wrong again, he's down to his last chance. Is an extra $2,500 in the cards for him?
1) Straight
2) Flush
3) 3 of a Kind
4) 2 Pair
5) Full House
Obviously, that was incorrect, it was the same order as his first attempt. And the correct order was...
1) 2 Pair
2) 3 of a Kind
3) Straight
4) Flush
5) Full House
Maurice may need to go to poker school, but not before he folds with $4,500.
And there's a little bit more time left in this episode, so let's have a member of the studio audience play. And that person playing is Lakeesha "Pumpkin" Harris, a choreographer from Atlanta.
Tonight Pumpkin plays The Hook Up to pay off her gas bill. She must correctly match at least three of the five names of real or fictional men...
Michael Knight/Morpheus/Lone Ranger/Barack Obama/Jack Sparro their rides. If successful, then Pumpkin will win $500. Here's how she did...
Michael Knight - K.I.T.T. (Correct)
Morpheus - The Nebuchadnezzar (Correct)
Lone Ranger - Silver (Correct)
Barack Obama - Air Force One (Correct)
Jack Sparro - The Black Pearl (Correct)
Pumpkin gets all of them and she wins half of a grand! And we're out time for tonight. We'll be back next time when more debt-ridden contestants play to Pay it Off.
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