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October 2

Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 2
October 9

It's time for another episode of the show where contestants with their real-live debts, test their pop culture knowlege in the hopes they'll Pay it Off.
First up tonight is Ian Brown from Sacramento, CA. His dream is to become the first black man to franchise a barbershop. Ian lives at his sister's house in the basement he calls the "Players' Lair". He currently is in Atlanta and works in the hospitality (hotel) sales department. Joining Ian in the audience as his bailout partner is her sister Michael(?).
1ST GAME: Whodunnit?
Tonight's playing features pictures of Blair Underwood and Tony Blair. The first question is this...
*Who fronted a rock band called Ugly Rumours while at Oxford University?
Ian goes with Tony Blair and is correct.
*At age 45 in 1998, who was named one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People"?
Ian goes with Blair Underwood this time, but he's wrong, it was Tony.
*Who had a jolly-good time Miranda's love interest on "Sex in the City"?
Ian goes with Blair Underwood, and is now one right answer away from the win.
*Who was a practicing lawyer from 1976 to 1983?
Ian goes with Tony Blair, and he's off to a nice start with a grand.
2ND GAME: Black Sheep
*Economic Sciences/Literature/Art - If Flavor Flav had a Nobel Prize on his neck, in which field is the award NOT offered?
Ian goes with economic sciences, but he's wrong, it was art.
*Evian Water/Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream/Domino's Pizza - Which of the following products is NOT produced in America?
Ian thinks it's Haagan-Dazs, but he thought wrong. It was actually Evian water because that was from the French alps and Haagen-Dazs was made in New Jersey. Ian is now walking on thin ice.
*Eminem/Xzibit/Lil' Jon - Which rapper is NOT heard on Dr. Dre's album "2001"?
Ian say's it's Lil' Jon and he keeps himself in play.
*Georgia/Arkansas/Mississippi - Which state has NEVER had its govenor elected President?
Ian calls on his bailout, Michael(?) for help. She guesses it's Mississippi more than Georgia. Ian goes with Michael(?)...and they're both correct. Can he win with this last query?
*The Lions/The Tigers/The Bears - Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Which is NOT an NFL team?
Ian says the Tigers are not an NFL team...and he's...correct for a an extra $1,500, raising his total to $2,500.
3RD GAME: Don't Blink
The rules of the this game are the same as when it was played last week. This time, though, Ian is shown a clip from a BET show which features Keyshia Cole.
After the clip has been played, Ian now answers the following queries.
*What is in the sky?
He thinks he saw an airplane, and he thought right.
*How many red signs were there?
Ian thinks there were three, but he was over by one, the correct answer was two.
*In what city is the show?
Ian confidently figures out that it was in Cincinatti and is correct.
*What type of box is on stage with Keyshia as she exits?
Ian says it's a speakerbox, but it isn't, it was a mailbox. Ian's in trouble again, can he get out of it again with this?
*What color are the shirts labeled STAFF?
Ian's confident the answer is yellow, but is he correct? Yes he is! $2,000 gets added to Ian's total which is now set to $4,500.
4TH GAME: LineUp
The contestant will be given five items and must line them up in order to win. He or she will have three chances to get all of the items in the correct order.
*Put these tourist destinations in order from west to east across the U.S.:
St. Louis Arch/Mt. Rushmore/Graceland/Golden Gate Bridge/Grand Canyon
On Ian's first chanced he placed...
1) Golden Gate Bridge
2) Grand Canyon
3) Mt. Rushmore
4) Graceland
5) St. Louis Arch
He's not correct. Ian tries again with...
1) Golden Gate
2) Grand Canyon
3) Mt. Rushmore
4) St. Louis Arch
5) Graceland
Ian is correct this time and wins $2,500 and is now up to 7K in total as he plays the next game...
5TH GAME: Piece Out
At this point, Ian is not only playing for an extra $3,000, but also a whole set of equipment to help open his barbershop. But first, he has go to deal with these five questions.
*Which astronomical term is NOT also the name of a trademarked product?
Milky Way/Comet/Saturn/Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Belt (Correct)
*At the 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos caused controversy by doing what?
sitting down/High-fiving each other/Sticking their tongues out/Raising ther fists in the air
Raising ther fists in the air (Correct)
*In 1999, Russell & Kimora Lee Simmons introduced what popular fashion line?
Aerosoul/Fubu/Baby Phat/Urban Outfitters
Baby Phat (Correct)
*If MC Hammer had one of America's Top 10 best-paying jobs according to Forbes, what would his name MOST LIKELY be?
OB-GYN Hammer/DA Hammer/CPA Hammer/DJ Hammer
DA Hammer (Incorrect, OB-GYN Hammer)
*To whom did Malcolm X tell his story in the book "The Biography of Malcolm X"?
James Baldwyn/Ralph Ellison/Alice Walker/Alex Haley
Alex Haley (Correct)
Ian gets four pieces of a puzzle reavled and the puzzle category tonight is a "Thing". He believes that it's a!
Ian now has $10,000 and the barbershop station secured, now he'll play one final game.
BONUS GAME: Back in the Black
We start tonight with the "base".
*What are the # of years that are celebrated in a Silver Anniversary?
The base number for tonight is 25.
$500 - # of days it rained during the flood in Genesis
That's Genesis as in the book of the bible for those playing the home game. Ian thinks the answer is more than 25.
And that's correct, it's 40. Ian continues with this...
$1,000 - The average weight of an adult male ostrich
Ian says it's more than 40 and he's correct, it's 253. Ian continues with this...
$2,000 - Cost of an 8 gig iPhone when it was first introduced.
Ian says it's more than 253, and he's right again, it's 599. Ian wants to get more of that cash as he plays on.
$4,000 - The seating capacity of Harlem's Apollo Theater
Ian says it's more than 599, and he's correct, it's 1506. Ian is now three steps away from $15,000 and he continues with this...
$6,000 - The # of days Barack Obama served as U.S. Senator
After about a few minutes of thinking, Ian goes with his instincts saying it's less than 1506.! Barrack served as senator for 1,413 days. After this Ian decides to stop with the $6,000 in bonus money. He leaves with a grand total of $16,000 and the barberstop station.
And with that, we're out of time for tonight. We'll be back next week when another $25,000 will be up for grabs for the next contestant to play Pay it Off.
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