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Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
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Episode 4
October 23

What's in tonight's contestants wallets? Nothing?! Well, they may have come to the right place to hopefully fill them up with enough cash to pay off their debts. It's time for another episode of Pay it Off.
The first contestant ready to get paid is Miranda who has been in the staffing industry and was recently laid off. She plans to start her own staffing agency and hopefully put the money in her pocket.  Miranda is joined by her hubby Carrington, who's sitting in the audience. He's also going to be her bailout partner this time out.
1ST GAME: Whodunnit?

The subjects this time are Jamie Foxx and Redd Foxx.
*Who was once called "the funniest dishwasher on this earth" by Malcolm X?
Redd Foxx (Right) [1/3]
*Who was born John Elroy Sanford?
Redd Foxx (Right) [2/3]
*Who made $25 for recording his first album, "Laff of the Party"?
Jamie Foxx (Wrong, Redd Foxx)
*Who was nominated for two Oscars in one year?
Jamie Foxx (Right) [3/3]
Mirana conquers the first game and is off to a good start with $1,000 secured.
2ND GAME: Black Sheep
Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Religion/Freedom to Vote
*While accepting an award, Kanye drones on about the First Amendment which does NOT include what?
Freedom to Vote (Right) [1/3]
Bill Gates/John H. Johnson/Ted Turner
*Which did NOT gain their wealth through a company named for them?
Bill Gates (Right) [2/3]
Hoover Dam/Redwood National Park/Golden Gate Bridge
*If John Legend visited legendary landmarks, which would he NOT see in California?
Hoover Dam (Right) [3/3]
Miranda achieves a clean sweep in this game and is now to to $2,500.
3RD GAME: Don't Blink
After Miranda watches a music video, she then gets quizzed on the following.
*What is the name of the song?
"I Luv It" (Right) [1/3]
*How many men in alleyway are wearing hats?
2 (Wrong, 3)
*What color is the interior of the car?
Purple (Right) [2/3]
*What is the time on the clock?
6:45 (Wrong, 10:30)
Can Miranda stay in play with this last query?
*How many fingers is the artist holding up at the end?
Miranda calls on her hubby for help and he swears he has seen four fingers in the clip. Then Miranda thinks the artist in the video was using both his hands, so she changes to answer to eight. Which turned out to be the right call and is now up to $4,500 worth of cash.
4TH GAME: LineUp
Tonight, Miranda has to put the Roman numerals in order from the smallest to the largest. And those numerals are C, I, X, V, and M.
Miranda is semi-confident about her response, but she is correct and now has seven large in the bank.
5TH GAME: Piece Out
In addition to the extra three grand, Miranda is also playing for a prize package which includes a gift set with hair and beauty products, a kids clothing shopping spree, and a video game system with 10 games.
Her five questions are as follows...
1) In Ice Cube's "Friday" comedby movie trilogy, what is the name of the second film?
"Friday Night"/"A Week from Friday"/"Next Friday"/"Another Friday"
"Next Friday" (Right)
2) If music star Andre Benjamin asked to borrow a 'Benjamin,' how much money would he need?
5 Hamiltons/5 Lincolns/5 Grants/5 Jacksons
5 Lincolns (Wrong, 5 Jacksons)
3) Although they aren't related by blood, Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks are both sisters of what oldest African-American sorority?
Alpha Kappa Beta/Zeta Phi Beta/Delta Sigma Theta/Sigma Gamma Rho
Delta Sigma Theta (Wrong, Alpha Kappa Beta)
4) Based only on these names, which of the following would MOST LIKELY be a doctor who studies the brain?
Bruce Spring-spleen/Will.i.amnesia/Boyz II Abdo-men/Larynx the Cable Guy
Will.i.amnesia (Right)
5) If you've got enough bread, you can afford what type of stylish handbag, made famous by Fendi?
Slice (Wrong, Baguette)
Miranda now has to reveal two pieces of the puzzle which is a "thing". She guesses it's an apple! And that pie secures her $10,000 and the bonus prizes.
BONUS GAME: Back in the Black
*# of eggs in a dozen.
The base number for tonight is 12.
$500 - The # of children that Marge and Homer Simpson have.
Less (3, Right)
$1,000 - Bill Cosby Grammy wins for comedy recordings
Less (7, Wrong)
And just like that Miranda's time in Pay it Off is up and she leaves with the 10K in cash and the bonus prizes.
It's now time for another contestant to turn their debit into credit. And that person is Elgin Tucker, a 6th grade teacher from Macon, Georgia. Joining Elgin in the audience are his friends Marcus and Bolla in which the latter is his bailout partner.
1ST GAME: Black Sheep
*If you enjoy all the juicy details, then pick the fruit that is NOT in the citrus family.
Banana (Right) [1/3]
Andrew Young/Nancy Pelosi/Michael Steele
*Party over here! Who is NOT a Democrat?
Michael Steele (Right) [2/3]
Denzel Washington/Brad Pitt/Michael Jordan
*Who did People Magazine NEVER name the Sexiest Man Alive?
Denzel Washington (Wrong, Michael Jordan)
*Who was NOT one of the Bible's angels?
David (Right) [3/3]
Already, Elgin is $1,000 richer.
2ND GAME: The HookUp
Tonight Elgin has to match at least three of the five the following names...
Star Jones
Lisa Bonet
Paula Abdul
Mariah Carey
Lisa Marie Presley whom they were divorced from.
Star Jones - Al Reynolds
Lisa Bonet - Lenny Kravitz
Paula Abdul - Emilio Estevez
Mariah Carey - Tommy Mottola
Lisa Marie Presley - Michael Jackson
Elgin...gets...the entire thing correct, raising his bank account to $2,500.
3RD GAME: Don't Blink
Elgin watches a clip from Keyshia Cole's program and answers the following.
*What blue clothing items are the three men wearing?
Shirts (Wrong, Vests)
*What style of car is the white Bentley?
Convertible (Right) [1/3]
*what color paper is in the back pocket of the valet?
Green (Right) [2/3]
*What print is Keyshia Cole wearing in her poster?
Cheetah (Right) [3/3]
We didn't need the last question, Elgin is now up to $4,500 and is two steps away from the bonus game. However, this episode has ran out of time. Tune in next week to see if Elgin can go all the way and win $25,000 here on Pay it Off.
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