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Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episode 1
October 2

First there was Debt, a game show with contestants trying to earn money to get out of their real-life debt. But now, BET presents another game show of that sort called Pay it Off.

Here's how it works, a contestant will play up to five games with various trivia puzzles and increasing levels of difficulty within each one. As the play progresses, the contestant has a chance to win more money to pay towards their debt.

1st game: $1,000
2nd game: $1,500
3rd game: $2,000
4th game: $2,500
5th game: $3,000

Note: These amounts are cumulative, this means a contestant could win up to a total of $10,000.

If a contestant makes it through all five games, they get to play an additional bonus game for a chance to earn up to an additional $15,000. This means a contestant could win up to $25,000 to pay off their debt.

However, if a contestant loses a game, they're done and they leave with whatever money they've earned. The questions on PiO are easy...if you know the answer.

The first contestant is ready to get paid, and goes by the name of Nicholas Bartley. He's fron Savannah, GA, he loves fashion and is a maker of bowties. Nicholas is also a first-gen college student and has a major in mathematics and everything. Joining Nicholas in the audience as the bailout partner, his brother, Chris Cooper.

1ST GAME: Whodunnit?
Pictures of two celebrities are shown, facts relating to one of them are shown one at a time. To win, the contestant must make three correct matches before making three wrong ones.

Nicholas is presented with photos of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Paula Abdul.

*Who began their career with the Lakers in their late teens?

He goes with Kareem...which is wrong, it was Paula.

*Who choreographed a move called the skyhook?

He goes with Paul this time...and is wrong again, it was Kareem. Nicholas now has no more room for error, he must get all of the next three to do it.

*Who inspired cheers as a student at UCLA?

He goes with Paula and he's...wrong, it was Kareem. It's game over for Nicholas, but he leaves with a $250 gift card.

After the first commercial break, a new player is introduced--Alisha McCoy. Alisha is from Illinois who's a case manager working for children in protective custody. Alisha has a great family as she's married with two children. She went to school because she wanted to work with children and has a minor in counseling. If Alisha's debt gets paid off, she'll be saying hallelujah! Joining Alisha in the audience is her aunt Brenda and her very best friend Gina who is also her bailout partner.

1ST GAME: Black Sheep
The contestant will be shown three pictures at a time, then has to figure out which one of the three doesn't belong. To win, the contestant must provide three correct answers before giving three wrong.

The first three photos involve an iPod, a framed photo, and a Corgi

*iPod/A Framed Photo/A Corgi - In 2009, which of these is NOT a gift exchanged between Barrack Obama and the Queen of England?

Alisha goes with a Corgi...which is correct.

*Grapes/Banana/Apple - Which fruit is NOT found in the Fruit of the Loom underpants logo?

Alisha goes with a banana...which is correct. She's now one away from the win.

*Gladys Knight & The Pips/Natalie Cole/Marvin Gaye - Who has NOT recorded a version of the song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"?

Alisha goes with Natalie Cole which is...correct, and she's now $1,000 richer.

2ND GAME: The Hook Up
The contestant will be shown a list of five items, all relating a a theme. They are then shown five answers, one at a time. To win, at least three of the items must be matched with their correct answers.

*Godzilla/Superman/Werewolf/Wicked Witch of the West/King Kong - Match these movie characters to what harms them.

Here's how Alisha did...

Godzilla - Airplanes (Wrong, Mothra)
Superman - Kryptonite (Correct)
Werewold - Silver Bullet (Correct)
Wicked Witch of the West - Water (Correct)
King Kong - Mothra (Wrong, Airplanes)

Alisha gets the minimum three correct for $1,500, and her total is now up to $2,500.

3RD GAME: Don't Blink
The contestant will be shown a set of five questions, then they'll be shown a clip from a music video. When the clip ends the same five queries will reappear. Getting three out of the five correct is required to win.

*What time is it on the clock?

Alisha didn't see the clock, but she guesses 12 o'clock. Nope, it's 10:41.

*What colors are the artist's sneakers?

Alisha calls on Gina, who says black and white. Alisha still loves Gina no matter what, she goes with her response. Which is correct.

*Where is the couple standing?

Alisha says they're were standing over a bridge. She's now one more right answer away from the win.

*On which hand is the girl wearing a ring?

Alisha says it was on her right hand, and she gets $2,000 more for a total of $4,500. The 5th question was no longer needed at that point.

4TH GAME: Fab 5ive
The contestant will be presented with a list of 10 answers, five of them fit into a category. They must pick five correct answers before picking three wrong ones to win.

The Supremes
Smokey Robinson
Stevie Wonder
Whitney Houston
Hall & Oates
The O'Jays
Janet Jackson
Lionel Richie
Michael Jackson

We're looking for five artists had 10 or more #1 singles.

Michael Jackson (Correct)
Whitney Houston (Correct)
Janet Jackson (Correct)
Stevie Wonder (Correct)
Prince (Incorrect)
The Supremes (Correct)

Alicia does it and her total has been raised to an even $7,000.

5TH GAME: Piece Out
The contestant is shown 25 puzzle pieces which conceal a photo of a person, place, or thing. They'll answer five questions with each correct answer worth a piece of the puzzle to be revealed. A correct identification of the photo is worth the win.

In addition to earning more cash, because this is the 5th game, she'll be playing for a spa package for two to Chateau Elan for two days and two nights.

Here are Alisha's five questions...

*What actor was a real poser playing flash character Sheneneh Jenkins on the sitcom "Martin"?
Jamie Foxx/David Alan Grier/Tommy Davidson/Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence (Correct)

*Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of what famous landmark?
Statue of Liberty/Lincoln Memorial/U.S. Capital Building/The White House

Lincoln Memorial (Correct)

*C+C Music Factory said they were "gonna make you sweat," but Billy Blanks can claim the same for creating which exercise?

Tae-Bo (Correct)

*If the singer of "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" dueted with Rose from "The Golden Girls," who would they be?
Dr. Drew and Charlotte Rae/Barry White and Betty White/Wu-Tang Clan and Rue McClanahan/Tom Petty and Estelle Getty

Barry White and Betty White (Correct)

*What author is known for creating strong female protagonists in novels like "Waiting to Exhale" & "How Stella Got her Groove Back"?
Terry McMillan/Anita Doreen Diggs/Teri Woods/Nikki Giovanni

Terry McMillan (Correct)

Alisha gets the maximum five pieces to reveal the picture of a person. She guesses Tyler Perry...and is correct! Alisha wins the 3K and the spa package and is now up to $10,000.

BONUS GAME: Back in the Black
The contestant will be asked a question and then must say if the answer his higher or lower than the previous answer. The more correct calls they make, the more money they could win.


Note: The dollar amounts in this structure are not cumulative.

Seven correct calls is worth $15,000, but a mistake at any point loses all of bonus money won. They're allowed to stop after any correct answer.

And with all that info out there, it's go time. First, we start by establishing a base with this query...

*How many members are in the barbershop quartet?

Simple, it's 4.

$500 - # of years since "Soul Train's" first episode aired

Alisha says it's more than 4, and she's right. The number is 39.

$1,000 - # of Jelly Belly's official jelly bean flavors

Alisha goes with more than 39, and is correct. The number is 50.

$2,000 - # of artists that sang on "We Are the World"

Alisha goes with less than 50 this time, and is correct. The number is 44.

$4,000 - Highest number of a roulette wheel.

Alisha says it's more than 44. It was 32 and that was lower than 44. It's game over for Alisha, but she leaves with $10,000 and the spa package for making it to the bonus game.

And thus ends the show, we'll be back next week with more contestants hoping to prove their pop culture knowledge will pay off their debt on Pay it Off.

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