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Players can win some money to pay off some debt... or they can win up to $25,000 to pay it all off!

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host Kim Coles
Creators/EP Michael Binkow
Rob Lobl
Sam Sokolow
Packager Five Binks
SokoLobl Entertainment
Origins Turner Studios, Atlanta
Web www.bet.com/payitoff
Airs 10p ET Fri, BET
Available In High-Definition Where AvailableStreaming Online

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Episodes 8-11
February 12

After about a couple of months on hiatus, Pay It Off is back. But instead of another hour-long episode, it's four half-hour ones.
IN THE INTEREST OF DISCLOSURE: Due to me losing track of time, we fast forward to a few minutes after the start of the show. David plays the first game of the show for 1K, "Who Dunnit?," where the subjects involved are Mr. T. and the Tyranosaurus Rex.
Mr. T/T. Rex - Which has a Latin word meaning "king" in their full name?
T. Rex (Right) [1/3]
Which scared moviegoers with their supporting role in a Steven Spielberg film?
T. Rex (Right) [2/3]
Which took down opponents using their muscular lower body and tiny arms?
T. Rex (Right) [3/3]
With no problems so far, David is now $1,000 richer.
GAME 2 ($1,500): Black Sheep
The White House/An Eagle/An Eye - You're in line at the dollar store and examine the back of a $1 bill. What WON'T you see there?
An Eagle (Wrong, The White House)
Carmen Electra/Madonna/Kelly Rowland - Here comes the worm! To whom has former NBA star Dennis Rodman NOT been romantically linked?
Kelly Rowland (Right) [1/3]
B/E/T - There's no double word score for this one. Which letter in Scrabble is NOT worth just one point?
David calls on his bailout partner, Marilyn, who guesses it's "B".
B (Right) [2/3]
Smog/Brunch/Condo - "Crunk" is a combination of "crazy" and "drunk." Which is NOT also combination of two separate words?
Condo (Right) [3/3]
David now has $2,500 secured as he moves on to...
GAME 3 ($2,000): Don't Blink
David watches a clip from another BET show, "College Hill," and answeres these queries...
What name is written on the piece of paper?
Terri (Right) [1/3]
How many orange candles did you see?
4 (Right) [2/3]
What color shorts is the guy wearing?
White (Right) [3/3]
2K is now added to David's coffers, raising his total to $4,500 as he didn't need these...
How many people decide the fate? - 6
On which wrist was the woman wearing a bracelet? - Left
GAME 4 ($2,500): Line-Up
Tonight, David has to put these events in order from oldest to most recent.
1st Grammy for Laryn Hill
Battle of Bunker Hill
Debut of MTV's "The Hills"
Birth of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
"What's Happening" Introduces Shirley Hemphill
1) Battle of Bunker Hill
2) Birth of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
3) "What's Happening" Introduces Shirley Hemphil
4) 1st Grammy for Laryn Hill
5) Debut of MTV's "The Hills"
David gets the whole thing right on his first attempt. He is now up to $7,000 so far.
GAME 5 ($3,000 + Home Theater System): Piece Out
1) If Whitney Houstom stops "waiting to exhale" and lets out a breath, what MOST LIKELY comes out?
Sulfur monoxide/Carbon dioxide/Hyrdogen chloride/Sodium fluoride
Carbon dioxide (Right)
2) In the name of the luxury goods company abbreviated "LVMH," what does the "LV" stand for?
Las Vegas/Louis Vuitton/Ladies Vogue/Lord Voldemort
Louis Vuitton (Right)
3) 380 point Chicago Bears lineman William Perry had what kitchen-related nickname?
'The Refrigerator'/'The Trash Compactor'/'The Microwave'/'The Dishwasher'
'The Refrigerator' (Right)
4) Which is a Wesley Snipes movie title combined with a type of cheese?
"New Monterey Jack City"/"Lady Sings the Bleu"/"She's Ricotta Have It"/"The Colby Purple"
"New Monterey Jack City" (Right)
5) Where did W.E.B. Du Bois wear his Vandyke?
On his feet/On his face/On his wrist/Around his waist
On his face (Right)
David reveals five of the puzzle pieces to see a picture of a person. He guesses Maya Angelou...and he's correct! David has made it this far with $10,000 to his name, but can he go further than that?
BONUS GAME: Back in the Black
*Age a personal turns in 2010 if they were born in 1910
The base number is 100.
$500 - Year Prince was "gonna party like" on his 5th album
More (Right, 1999)
$1,000 - The number of spartans who fight King Xerxes in '07 Gerard Butler film
Less (Right, 300)
$2,000 - Years between births of George Washington and Denzel Washington
Less (Right, 222)
$4,000 - Number of words in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in the Lincoln Memorial
More (Right, 271)
$6,000 - Number represented by the Roman numeral D
More (Right, 500)
At this point, David decides to not be greedy and takes the $6,000, giving him a grand total of $16,000 of bill-paying money and the home theater system.
And that's it for this episode, but surely another contestant is hoping to do just as good as him, no?
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
Episode 9 - February 12, 2010
Last time on Pay it Off, David made it all the way to the bonus game and amassed $16,000 to pay off his debt and a home theater system. Now it's time for another contestant who hopes to get out of the red.
Jamye Hickman from Bolivia, NC is 30 years old and is dealing with the financial burden of her student loans. Her fantastic accomplishment is being the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology. Jamye also has a special bill for her dog who has insurance.
Sitting in the audience is Jamye's friend, Andrea Grimes, who is her bailout partner.
GAME 1 ($1,000): Whodunnit?
The subjects involed this time are Aretha Franklin and Benjamin Franklin.
Who was born in New England to parents Josiah and Abiah?
Benjamin Franklin (Right) [1/3]
Who took "You better think" to new heights by founding the American Philosophical Society?
Benjamin Franklin (Right) [2/3]
Whose famous nickname includes a title of royalty?
Aretha Franklin (Right) [3/3]
Jamie gets $1,000 with no problem at all.
GAME 2 ($1,500): Black Sheep
US Naval Academy/Grand Ole Opry House/The Sears Tower - Which of these tourist attractions is NOT located in a capital city?
US Naval Academy (The Sears Tower)
Vanilla Ice/Darryl Strawberry/Neneh Cherry - While eating a tub of Neapolitan ice cream, which celebrity would NOT taste the flavor suggested in their name?
Neneh Cherry (Right) [1/3]
Gray Squirrel/Raccoon/Opossum - According to Houdini, "Freaks Come Out at Night," but which animal avoids the creeps, because it does NOT usually come out at night?
Gray Squirrel (Right) [2/3]
Lena Horne/Richard Pryor/Cicely Tyson - Who did NOT have a role in the film version of "The Wiz"?
Cicely Tyson (Right) [3/3]
Jamye now has got $2,500 but she can win more.
GAME 3 ($2,000): Don't Blink
Jamye watches a music video and answers the following...
What does the artist pull across his face?
His hands. (Right) [1/3]
What is the girl in the pool holding?
A cellphone. (Right) [2/3]
What color is the cellphone screen?
Blue (Right) [3/3]
Jamye gets another 2K and the other two questions didn't matter.
What does the artist have on his shoulders? - Tattoos
What does the artist kick? - Shoe
Jamye is halfway there with $4,500.
GAME 4 ($2,500): Fab 5ive
Here is a list of ten artists...
Al Green
Diana Ross
Rick James
Lenny Kravitz
Otis Redding
Alicia Keys
Gladys Knight
Mary J. Blige
Five of them are on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time list.
Diana Ross (Wrong)
Prince (Right) [1/5]
Beyonce (Wrong)
Al Green (Right) [2/5]
At this point Jamye calls on Andrea for help and she says Lenny Kravitz.
Rick James (Wrong)
Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, and Mary J. Blige would have kept Jamye in play, but she had to face the music, her time on the show is over. Jayme leaves with a take of $4,500.
Well, there's a little bit more time left for an audience game. Bardita, a designer and seller of clothes, wants to pay off her student loans.
Bardita plays "The Hook-Up" where she has to match the following phobias...
...with what they fear.
Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders (Right)
Claustrophobia - Fear of enclosed spaces (Right)
Acrophobia - Fear of heights (Right)
Xenophobia - Fear of strangers (Right)
Pyrophobia - Fear of fire (Right)
Bardita sweeps the board and gets $500 for her efforts. And thus ends another episode of Pay it Off, where next time, another 25 large will be up for grabs.
For more information on Pay it Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
Episode 10 - February 12, 2010
Previously on Pay it Off, Jamye Hickman accumulated $4,500 before her rolling stone gathered no more moss. Then audience player Bartia faced her fear of phobias playing The HookUp and won half a grand.
Another contestant is ready for his journey towards $25,000 to pay off their debt. And that person is 30-year old, Charles McCree who's dealing with his own financial irresponsibility. He has already paid off his truck, but had to take a title loan on it for some extra cash. It was a big help, but now the people who authorized the loan want the money back. Charles's bailout partner for his time in the show is Amir.
GAME 1 ($1,000): Black Sheep
45/88/33 & 1/3 - If Corinne Bailey Rae puts her "records on," which is NOT and RPM speed she should play them on?
33 & 1/3 (88)
Catfish/Shrimp/Tuna - Which sea creature is NOT typically found living in freshwater?
Shrimp (Tuna)
Ossie Davis/Isaiah Washington/Ruby Dee - Do the right thing and get this right: Who is NOT in the motion picture "Do the Right Thing"?
Isaiah Washington (Right) [1/3]
Yahoo!/Google/Texas Instruments - Which company's headquarters is NOT located in a region known as Silicon Valley?
Taxas Instruments (Right) [2/3]
Jelly Beans/Marshmallows/Chocolate - Singer D'Angelo wants to make s'mores. Which will he NOT need as an ingredient?
Jelly Beans (Right) [3/3]
Charles took it down to the wire, but comes through with $1,000.
GAME 2 ($1,500): The HookUp
Charles has to match the first parts of the names of these rappers...
Big Daddy
...with the last parts.
Big Daddy - Kane (Right)
Fat - Joe (Right)
Heavy - D (Right)
Young - Jeezy (Right)
Slick - Rick (Right)
Charles sweeps the board, raising his total to $2,500.
GAME 3 ($2,000): Don't Blink
Charles watches a clip from another BET show called "College Hill". He then answers the following questions...
On which foot is the woman wearing a flip flop?
Right (Right) [1/3]
The man says he needs clipboards and what?
Pens (Right) [2/3]
What is the woman in the store holding?
Clipboards (Right) [3/3]
Charles scores an additional $2,000 and doesn't need...
What's her name? - Allison
What color is the van she exits? - White
He has $4,500 secured.
GAME 4 ($2,500): Line-Up
George has to arrange these animals from fastest to slowest.
Kim Coles (Seriously?)
A Garden Snail
A Wildebeest
A Domestic Pig
A Giant Tortoise
1) Kim Coles
2) A Wildebeest
3) A Domestic Pig
4) A Giant Tortoise
5) A Garden Snail
Charles calls on Amir for help at this point, but he's allowed only on one of the items. Amir says to put Kim in the second position and Charles agrees with him.
1) A Wildebeest
2) Kim Coles
3) A Domestic Pig
4) A Giant Tortoise
5) A Garden Snail
Charles' second chance paid off for him, and in this case, it's an extra $2,500.
GAME 5 ($3,000 + A Computer Bundle): Piece Out
Which girls' street game is considered a varsity sport by New York City public schools?
Marbles/Tag/Double Dutch/Red Rover
Double Dutch (Right)
What product has been sold featuring the faces of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods?
"The Soup That Eats Like a Meal"/"The Quicker Picker-Upper"/"The Breakfast of Champions"/"The King of Beers"
"The Breakfast of Champions" (Right)
What former valet to Sean Combs wrote a best-selling etiquette book called "Advance Your Swagger" and transforms 'G's to Gents' on MTV?
Andre 3000/Fonzworth Bentley/Justin Timberlake/Kanye West
Fonzworth Bentley (Right)
In 2008, what woman directed an all African-American Broadway production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," starring her sister, Phylicia Rashad?
Debbie Allen/Vanessa Bell Calloway/Cicely Tyson/Alfre Woodard
Debbie Allen (Right)
If the Jackson 5 hit "ABC" was renamed using the military's phonetic alphabet, what would the new title be?
"AlphaBravoCharlie" (Right)
Chalrles now gets to reveal five of the puzzle pieces to see a picture of a thing. He says that it's the Golden State Bridge, unfortunately it was the Golden Gate Bridge.
Charles couldn't bridge that last gap toward a possible $25,000 payout. But that is not to say that it was a fantastic half-hour as a total of $7,000 has been given away. And we'll be back next time when Pay It Off will have another contestant ready for a take of up to $25,000.
For more information on Pay It Off and to see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.
Episode 11 - February 12, 2010
Last time on Pay It Off, Charles McCree was very well on his way toward a possible $25,000 payoff. But the phrase 'Golden State Bridge' proved to be his stumbling block. But maybe this contestant is ready to be on the road to financial success.
30-year old Nicole LeBlanc, is in serious debt and was divorced this past year, being left on her own with bills starting to pile up. Nicole and her son are living with her parents, and although she's grateful to have them here, she needs her own space. It's time for Nicole to take care of herself. Sitting in the audience is her sister and Cory, her bailout partner.
GAME 1 ($1,000): Whodunnit?
The subjects involved this time out are Sammy Davis, Jr. and Robert Downey, Jr.
Who made movies with members of the 'Brat Pack'?
Sammy Davis, Jr. (Robert Downey, Jr.)
Who became Jewish in his 20s?
Robert Downey, Jr. (Sammy Davis, Jr.)
Who was seen as an African-American soldier in "Tropic Thunder"?
Sammy Davis, Jr. (Robert Downey, Jr.)
The bad news, Nicole will have to put her plans on getting her own space on hold. The good news, she gets a $250 gift card.
We're not off to a good start, but surely another contestant can do better than that. Donna "Love" Williams (59, Los Angeles) is mostly bothered by her car payment, because she doesn't have buses in her area. Donna's car is essential and it's her priority right now. Donna's bailout partner, and her friend, Paul is sitting in the audience.
GAME 1 ($1,000): Black Sheep
Argentina/Brazil/Mexico - Spanish is NOT the official language of which country?
Argentina (Brazil)
Carl Weathers/Jesse Ventura/Arnold Schwarzenegger - Which actor in the film "Predator" was NOT elected a U.S. state govenor?
Carl Weathers (Right) [1/3]
John Kerry/Bill Gates/Paul Allen - They may have all the money, but who is NOT a co-founder of Microsoft?
John Kerry (Right) [2/3]
Debra Wilson/Orlando Jones/Eddie Griffin - Which of these people was NOT in the cast of "MADtv"?
Donna calls on Paul to bail her out on this question. He says that Eddie Griffin was not in the cast of that show. Donna agrees with paul on Eddie Griffin and is correct to win $1,000.
GAME 2 ($1,500): The HookUp
Donna has to match these restaurant menu items...
Bloomin' Onion
Southwestern Eggrolls
Beef'n Cheddar Sandwich
Waffle Potato Fries
...with the restaurant that serves it.
Bloomin' Onion - Outback Steakhouse (Right)
Frosty - Wendy's (Right)
Southwestern Eggrolls - Chili's Grill and Bar (Right)
Beef'n Cheddar Sandwich - Arby's (Right)
Waffle Potato Fries - Chick-fil-A (Right)
Donna achieves the sweep in this game to raise her coffers to $2,500.
GAME 3 ($2,000): Don't Blink
Donna watches a music video and answers the following questions...
How many cars are hanging on the wall?
Five (Two)
What does the artist pull from her belt?
A scarf (Right, also would have accepted 'a rag') [1/3]
How many times does the artist say the word "FOR"?
Eight (Three)
What type of shoe is the artist wearing?
A stiletto. (Right, also would have accepted "a high heel")
Name the song.
"Who Are You Here For?" ("Shut Up and Drive")
It's the end of the road for Donna who gets no more love, but she leaves with $2,500. And thus ends this edition of Pay It Off, where the game is easy...if you know the answers.
For more information on Pay it Off and see videos of previous episodes, visit bet.com/payitoff.