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American Ninja Warrior
Season 7
NBC 8p ET Mon

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July 13

A new group of athletes have come from all over the country to take on the world's most brutal obstacle course. Who has what it takes to become the first American Ninja Warrior?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Akbar Gbajabiamila
Kristine Leahy
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Brian Richardson
Anthony Storm
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions & TBS Television
Origins Las Vegas
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC

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Kansas City Final
July 20
So far, nothing but stars line up the final schedule. The best of the best will get a shot at Mt. Midoriyama, but first, they have to conquer four new obstacles. The road to Las Vegas continues through...

Union Station

In addition to the obstacles in the Qualifier - all of which our City Finalists completed - the ninjas will have to face four new obstacles, one of which is making its ANW premiere tonight.

- Quintuple Steps
- The Big Dipper
- The Floating Tiles
- Modified Ring Toss: the pegs are further apart.
- Bungee Road: there's one less pair of bungees.
- Warped Wall: 14 feet, three tries.
- FLYING SHELF GRAB: Swing from a bar and catch themselves on a series of small shelves.
- BODY PROP: in addition to moving across the prop, you will have to move DOWN.

Complete this course, and you will have earned a spot on the plane to Mt. Midoriyama. In more ways than one. If we get less than 15, then the ones that made it the fastest & furthest will advance.

We begin with the Towers of Power, both Chicago firefighters, both tall as all get out.

- Brandon Mears (33; Elgin, IL; firefighter): FAIL Body Prop
- Dan Polizzi (33; Oswego, IL; firefighter): FAIL Ring Toss

Another couple of competitors - Christopher Lange flunked on the Floating Tiles, and Dan Holguin lost his grip on Bungee Road.

- Dan Banura (30; Grand Blanc, MI; contractor): FAIL Flying Shelf Grab
- Kevin Hogan (39; St. Michael, MN; tax accountant): FAIL Flying Shelf Grab
- Alan Adams (31; Ashland, OR; health club sales rep): FAIL Salmon Ladder

Another two athletes - James Fenby wasn't handy on Bungee Road, while TJ Sanderson beat the wall, but the Salmon Ladder beat him.

- Jon Stewart (53; Washington, UT; construction foreman): who has the tallest Salmon Ladder in the world. FAIL Flying Shelf Grab

Three more competitors coming, Mike McKenzie (Floating Tiles), Gabe Blomgren (Bungee Road), and Jake Murray (Body Prop) going. Next up, the Wolfpack...

- Isaac Caldiero (33; Fort Collins, CO; professional rock climber): FAIL Body Prop

Next up, Lutalo Sephers (Salmon Ladder), Paul Kasemir (Body Prop), and Brian Arnold (Body Prop) slip up. Body Prop is shaping up to be the Ninja killer.

- Dr. Noah Kaufman (40; Ft. Collins, CO; ER physician): running the course for a patient's grandmother. Right now, he is fighting bone cancer while dreaming of being a doctor himself. FAIL Bungee Road. The leader of the Wolfpack is DONE!
- Dan Yager (32; Ft. Collins, CO; hair salon owner): born in South Korea, raised in tuberculosis, put up for adoption in America. FAIL Body Prop

More ninjas in a moment, but right now, let's pause 10 seconds for station identification. This is American Ninja Warrior on NBC.


On the other side of the break, the Body Prop takes out two more: Karson Voiles and Josh Cook. Eight have reached the mark. Eight have failed. That's a 100 percent failure rate.

- Brendan Couvreux (33; Boulder, CO; paramedic): born in France, he traveled all over the world on a sailboat. Nowadays, he loves to go hiking & rock climbing when he's not saving lives. COMPLETE! (8:14.84!) C'est bon!
- Brandon Berrett (28; Saratoga Springs, UT; ceramics teacher): his parents struggled with drug addiction. Adopted and overcoming, he's now fighting for his own family. Even with the scar on his head opening up... FAIL Body Prop
- Michael Stanger (31; South Weber, UT; insurance agent): a wait in the walk-on line spurred by his wife's terminal illness, Elhlers-Danlos Syndrome. We don't know how much longer she has, so she wanted to share in his experience.... FAIL
Body Prop. And it's not fast enough to move on. But nothing but love for him AND his family.

Down to the final runs of the night with Michael Silenzi (Flying Shelf Grip), Lorin Ball (Body Prop), Dennis Lappin (Body Prop), and...

- Ian Dory (24; Ft. Collins, CO; professional rock climber): The last member of the Wolfpack. COMPLETE! (6:44.51)
- Meagan Martin (25; Boulder, CO; rock climbing coach): looking to become only the second female to complete the City Final. FAIL Big Dipper. UNBELIEVABLE!
- Lance "Cowboy Ninja" Pekus (28; Salmon, ID; rancher): he just finished building a house, a Ninja Man Cave, and a newborn son. If he finishes the course, Matt & Akbar agree to put on cowboy hats. He's through to Vegas, but he wants that buzzer.... COMPLETE! (5:38.44) HATS!


1) LANCE PEKUS (5:38)
2) IAN DORY (6:44)

4) Isaac Caldiero (Body Prop)
5) Josh Cook (Body Prop)
6) Brandon Berrett (Body Prop)
7) Lorin Ball (Body Prop)
8) Paul Kasemir (Body Prop)
9) Brandon Mears (Body Prop)
10) Jake Murray (Body Prop)
11) Karson Voiles (Body Prop)
12) Brian Arnold (Body Prop)
13) Jason Williams (Body Prop)
14) Dan Yager (Body Prop)
15) Dennis Lappin (Body Prop)

Next time we meet, we're looking for the top 15 in Houston. Will Brent
Steffensen keep his comeback hopes alive? Stay tuned.

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