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American Ninja Warrior
Season 7
NBC 8p ET Mon

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June 8

A new group of athletes have come from all over the country to take on the world's most brutal obstacle course. Who has what it takes to become the first American Ninja Warrior?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Hosts Matt Iseman & Akbar Gbajabiamila
Kristine Leahy
Creator Ushio Higuchi (based upon "SASUKE/Ninja Warrior")
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Brian Richardson
Anthony Storm
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions & TBS Television
Origins Las Vegas
Airs 8p ET Mon, NBC

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Orlando Qualifier
June 22
Last week, Mighty Kacy was making a good go at the course when all of a sudden... HEARTBREAK. But that's in the past. Now we concentrate on the next qualifier, as we go to a little bit of Hollywood in the middle of Florida.

Universal Studios Florida

A bit of background/disclaimer information. I was actually on New York Street as they were taping the episode. My sister and I would've stayed for the whole thing if we didn't have a shuttle to catch to our hotel. So I can tell you... this is a really tough course. Two of the obstacles are making their ANW debut tonight.

- Quintuple Steps
- Rolling Log. Unlike previous versions, this one is longer and narrower, meaning that contestants will be spun around 6 to 8 times in a pass.
- Paddle Boards. A balance bridge with three pairs of boards on each side.
- Tire Swing: Use your grip strength to make it across three suspended tires.
- Double Tilt Ladder. Two sets of tilting monkey bars.
- Warped Wall. 14 feet, three tries.

This is a win-and-in situation. Anyone who completes the Qualifier is guaranteed a spot in the City Final. If we don't have 30 finishers, the rest of the board will be occupied by those who traveled the furthest the fastest.

For two of the show's veterans, this is all about redemption. But now, we start with...

- Bootie Cothran (46; Possum Kingdom, SC; church media coordinator): COURSE OUT Paddleboards
- Devin "Dougie Fresh" Harrelson (30; Fuquay-Varina, NC; tattoo artist): he says if he completes the course, he's going to propose to Ms. Dougie.... who'll stay a Ms. for a little bit longer. FAIL Tire Swing
- Marybeth Wang (33; Riverview, FL; gymnastics coach): representing the working moms. HARD HIT after the Rolling Log. FAIL Double Tilt Ladder

Over the break, Danny Adair, Mike Wright, and Jonathan Sharp Brown... all failed. Speed kills.

- Ricky Vu (22; Hampton, GA; Chick-Fil-A team leader): FAIL Double Tilt Ladder
- Casey Eischen (31; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; fitness coach): Coach Casey underwent a prophylactic masectomy because she is a carrier for BRCA2, the marker for breast cancer. FAIL Rolling Log
- Chad Hohn (31; Archdale, NC; residential builder): Took a HARD hit to the head, leaving a bleeding gash. COMPLETE! (4:09.23)

Jeff Brown and Jen Liam took premature exits, but Bart Copeland at least took a faceplant. Now his sister takes the course as the Minions watch on...

- Emily Durham (30; Orlando; wakeboarding champion): she walked away from the sport to be a stay-at-home mom. FAIL Tire Swing
- Nate Lieb (31; Lunchburg, VA; cell tower repairman): FAIL Paddle Boards
- Hunter Sipes (21; Montverde, FL; missionary): The Kingdom Ninja who gave his life to G-d. COMPLETE! (2:50.30)
- Jonathan Ruiz (30; Valrico, FL; optician): His fiance (now wife) has one piece of advice: "Don't touch the wata!" FAIL Tire Swing. You had one job, Jonathan... ONE JOB.
- Shaun Murray (39; Orlando; wakeboarding legend): COMPLETE! (4:33.79)

Karly Streisfeld and Brent Ruffin were tossed by the Rolling Log.

- Stephen France (33; Yulee, FL; truss builder): first person to ever run the course with a prosthetic leg. FAIL Tire Swing
- Jon Alexis Jr. (26; Waterville, ME; mill worker): the tallest ninja to take the field. COMPLETE! (1:37.75)

Back on the course with Tiffany Stewart (Tire Swing), Idoko Abuh (Double Tilt Ladder), Reko Rivera (COMPLETE!), and this man...

- Jon Alexis Sr. (48; Waterville, ME; security officer): FAIL Paddle Boards
- Travis Rosen (40; Franklin, TN; stock broker): The first American to attempt Stage 4 back in USA vs. the World. COMPLETE! (2:12.23)

Dana Linn Bailey hit the course... but the course hit back on the Rolling Log.

- Asya Grechka (21; Charlotte; robotics student): she likes robots AND rock climbing. FAIL: Double Tilt Ladder
- Alexio Gomes (22; Coral Springs, FL; motivational speaker): one-half of the Brazi Bros. COMPLETE! (4:19.51) His brother Lucas... not so much.

Adam Arnold and James McGrath beast the course. Now for one of the best in the business...

- Drew Drechsel (26; Fairfield, CT; ninja coach): After competing in the Sasuke 2015 and the World Cup in Malaysia, he's looking to bring it back home. COMPLETE! (2:29.14)

Kavon Sadler gets dropped by the Tire Swing. Adam Williams figured out the flight path of the Warped Wall. And JJ Woods is following suit, leading to the final run of the night...

- David "Flip" Rodriguez (25; Miami; stuntman): Last year... he touched the water. This year... COMPLETE! (2:09.45)


1) JON ALEXIS JR. (1:37.75)
2) JAMES McGRATH (2:00)
3) FLIP RODRIGUEZ (2:09.45)
4) TRAVIS ROSEN (2:12.23)
5) CORY COOK (2:19.91)
6) NEIL CRAVER (2:22.72)
7) DREW DRECHSEL (2:29.14)
8) JJ WOODS (2:33.85)
9) ADAM ARNOLD (2:43.17)
10) HUNTER SIPES (2:50.30)
12) RICH SHOEMAKER (3:21.35)
13) JOJO BYNUM (3:24.72)
14) SOLOMON HARVEY (3:36.13)
15) EDDY STEWART (3:45.29)
16) REKO RIVERA (3:48.20)
17) JAMES BOGLE JR. (3:48.77)
18) LUIS ALEMANY (3:55.91)
20) CHAD HOHN (4:09.23)
21) GORDON WHITE (4:16.95)
22) ALEXIO GOMES (4:19.51)
23) MATT JORDAN (4:21.05)
24) ADAM WILLIAMS (4:33.06)
25) SHAUN MURRAY (4:33.79)

26) Kyle Johnson (Double Tilt Ladder)
27) Sean Clayton (Double Tilt Ladder)
28) Matthew Schumann (Double Tilt Ladder)
29) Idoko Abuh (Double Tilt Ladder)
30) Jesus Fernandez (Double Tilt Ladder)

Next week, the steel course meets the Steel City as the Pittsburgh Qualifier awaits.

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