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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"Soap Opera" - November 23

We are still in Puerto Rico, and Jon, Maurice and Rob are still in the game. Bruce are saying that they are now down to the best - but don't tell that to Rob, who knows that he barely hung edged past Hunter. Jon is stoked beyond belief, while Maurice says that they are at the final lap of the race. Doug Ordway, the photographer, wants to see something out of Maurice - and he wants to photograph the other ones. Foreshadowing?

For the next challenge, the guys have to 90 a soap commercial. the catch - they all have to help each other with the commercial. Kevin wants to know if they have to lather each other with soap, while Rob adds that if he has to bend over to get it, there better be safeguards around. I think that's a very different show, Rob...

The guys visit the shower area as they realize that they have to cooperate. Here is the script; 'When I get home from my job as a ______, I look like this, so I go lather myself with Manhunt Soap.' Each person gets creative liberty to do what they want.

Rob goes first - and as he is going, Kevin leaves the group to scout out his location. Rob is annoyed at Kevin, and he directs himself. He puts a mound of dirt on him and talks about being a zookeeper, adding that he doesn't know what sort of crap he has to deal with. Heh. The guys are given 3 bard of soap - and Rob uses all of one bar and a little of the second, which causes friction between him, Maurice and Jon.

Kevin is causing more friction between himself and Hunter, as he imitates Hunter's head in the water and let the water fly routine. He also calls himself Hunter and calls his profession a Chippendales Dancer. Kevin completes the commercial quickly, but not without disdain from everyone else, who are wondering why Kevin went after Hunter. So we are to believe that Kevin's recommendation to get rid of Hunter was professional and not personal. Riiiiiiiggghht.

Maurice makes himself a professional trainer - and he brings in a lady from the hotel to sniff him after he comes out of the shower. Ooooook. it actually comes off well, and it gives Maurice a long-awaited sense of humor.

Jon decided to be a boxer, with Maurice and Kevin lying on the ground with ketchup (representing blood) coming out of their nose. He also is the only person to extend his arm out and show the bar of soap. Jon gets his done quickly, so Rob, who still wasn't happy with his shot, decides to reshoot his commercial. The men are not happy, but Rob remembers how close he was to getting eliminated and he knows he can't afford a lousy commercial.

Did the revisions work? The men go out jet skiing while Bruce and Marissa review the ads. Bruce warns that if the guys aren't creative, their stay in Puerto Rico will be short. He liked how Rob put his heart and soul into his ad, and while he thought Kevin was mean-spirited, he found it was funny. Bruce thought Maurice was stiff - but he loved the girl coming in at the end. As for Jon? 'Jon as a boxer didn't quite work, but it was funny because it didn't quite work.' Bruce was happy with all of their work, so none of them get to leave early.

Bruce brings the guys over, and he says that they all did a great job. As a reward, Marissa invites them all to San Juan to 'party it up like a Puerto Rican star.' Marissa and Bruce will join them - but as a test to see if they can handle the clients, or if they will pull a Tate or a Hunter. He liked Rob's confidence in his character and Jon's charisma, but he thought that Maurice was a little shy and withdrawn. Kevin thought that Rob was indeed interested in the conversation - while Jon was fantasizing about Marissa.

After the dinner, the guy take a limo to a club. Kevin tells Jon to tell his girlfriend that he loves her - and he tells Jillian just that. You couldn't tell in the club, as Jon gets heated with some of the female dancers, adding that his libido is going crazy. Jon remains faithful to JIllian, however, and doesn't do anything with the other women. As for Rob - he dances a little, then sits down with his drink as he continues to be the wallflower.

The guys wake up the next morning to find mail telling them that the photo shoot is the most demanding yet. They all wonder if this is going to be a nude shot. They find out at the shoot that they will be wearing clothes, but their guest will not be wearing anything, except a smile, because all of their guests are creatures of the rain forest. Kevin says that as long as you don't let the animal out stage you, you'll be fine. Maurice is comfortable with any critter, as long as it's not a spider. You should be happy that you aren't on America's Next Top Model, Maurice.

Jon feels right at home with the first animal (a parrot), adding that he is a jungle boy. Kevin wonders how Rob will handle it - and it seems like he's a little stiff, but he does ok. Maurice hopes the bird doesn't bite...and it doesn't, so he's ok with it.

The photographer is there to tell them the rest of the animals. They have a tree frog, a centipede...and a tarantula. Well, America's Next Top Model has just invaded Manhunt. That doesn't make Maurice happy, as the photographer adds that how the models react to the animals will affect how they are judged.

Kevin thinks that Jon is trying to eliminate him - and he is right, as Jon lets us know that he didn't like Kevin since the women's orgy. Jon wants to upstage Kevin and he blows through the pictures without a problem. Ordway likes Jon and Rob's expressions, but with Maurice, there's nothing there. Well, when the spider shows up, there is an emotion there - fear, as he thinks about balking.

Conversely, Jon is having a field day and Rob has no problems with the animals - even telling Ordway to put the spider anywhere. Ordway asks even if his pants, and although Rob balks, he looks like he'd do it. Maurice says that when a spider goes into the room, he would look for a shoe and squash it, and you can see the terror in his eyes when the spider is on his head. Everyone thinks that Maurice was the weakest model in the shoot, and that spells massive problems for Maurice.

As the elimination comes, Rob says that there is no obvious loser and Jon doesn't know who's going to be eliminated. I do - this has Maurice's elimination written all over it. As the four people see their pics, they are all blown away by Jon's shot, while Rob, who sees the centipede, would have preferred the frog shot. Let's see what Bruce, Marissa and Doug Ordway think...

Maurice - Doug says that he has to work on his expressions. Maurice was trying to create different expressions, but it didn't come out on the pic. Bruce was impressed with the pic, but Marissa doesn't see any changes in Maurice's expression. Jon - Doug thought he did a great jobs, while Bruce is wondering if he is 'too' perfect. Wha? Rob - Bruce likes his attitude, but Marissa wants him to work on his posture and Doug doesn't want Rob to bite down to try to pop out to make his jaw bone pop.

Here comes the embedded model. Rob doesn't know if he's a fashion model (and frankly, neither do I, but I digress). Kevin says that Rob is the most improved and that Maurice was happy that Maurice pulled off the tarantula pic - but he still doesn't understand the facial expression idea. Kevin thinks that Jon is improving in his flaws as well.

Well, this seems like a no-brainer to me.
Good - Jon, Rob
Trouble - Maurice
Mole - Kevin P.

All of the guys seem confident that they will stick around, while Kevin says that whoever gets eliminated will have to take what they learned and use it in the real world. The person who will have to take that information first is...Maurice. Rob and Jon are safe, and they will be going to New York to compete for the $100,000 contract from IMG.

Maurice was shocked that he got eliminated - he thought it was Rob. He did realize why, though, as he couldn't give more than one look. Bruce says that Maurice needs to loosen up, come out of his shell and take acting lessons. OUCH!. Maurice is glad that he made it this far and loved the Puerto Rico experience.

Kevin says that Jon says that he would be stoked. Jon says that he is stoked (heh) while Kevin says that NYC will be an excellent final test. Bruce says that this will be an excellent model archetype battle - Jungle Boy Jon vs. Metropolitan Rob.

So who do I think wins? Bruce favors Jon. Kevin favors Rob. I think Bruce wins out and I think Jon, who has been the most consistent throughout the show, will win out, but it wouldn't surprise me if Kevin gets the last say for Rob.

Next week - Kevin gets exposed, and Rob and Jon as well as they compete in the final battle. We'll see that battle - and outcome - and my take - in 7 days.

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