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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"The Hunt Begins" - October 12

So I was talking to Chico about who would cover the show, and he said that he would get one of the female recappers to do it. Only one problem...

We don't have any female recappers (C-Note: Not anymore, unless someone can get up with either Jennifer "Bachelor 4" Campbell or Rebecca "Performing As" Golden).

So Chico gives it to me, Thanks, Chico (C-Note: Hey, you're the one with Bravo...).

Well, it can't possibly be worse than The Benefactor, so I guess I'll take it. Besides, it's got Carmen Electra, and that's not bad.

We start with the obligatory spiel with Bravo searching everywhere for America's next top male model. They took the top 30 finalists for their first photo shoot. After the shoot, they cut ten down and we are down to our final 20. One of these 20 will be the next top model.... well.... make that one of these next 19, as a spy, planted by IMG (the group that also is offering a contract to the female version), is acting as one of the contestants to help with the cutting. Espionage, baby. Ooooooohhhh.

We start with the final 20, as Hunter Daniel (20; DeQueen, AR; lifeguard) shows us his armpits and tells us that he has always wanted to be a model. Paul Rodriguez (23; Cape Town, South Africa; Engineering Student) lost 6 waist sizes in 5 months and says that he is driven by the competition. Maurice Townsell (23; Reno, NV; Air Filtration Systems Salesman) is a bald African-American who likes it when everyone tells him that he's beautiful. Ooook. Brett Depue (31; Las Vegas; Real Estate Agent) a tall, blonde Malibu-type with parted out blonde hair, is from the other side of the spectrum, happily married with 4 kids and has lots of life experiences. Sean Russell (23; Madison, CT; Marketing Student) is glad that he's beautiful, because people open doors and do favors for the more beautiful people. You don't think these guys are full of themselves, do you? Naaaaaah...

Casey Weeks isn't (25; Huffman, TX; Steakhouse Host), because he feels threatened by everybody and his strategy is to roll with the punches. Kevin Peake (22; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Club Promoter) wants to learn as much as he can. Jason Pruitt (24; Vidalia, GA; Marketing Research) is a good old fashioned Southern boy who has a lot to learn about the industry. Ron Brown (19; Florence, SC; Retail Sales) is African-American, openly gay (with a self proclaimed fashion sense) and sticks his hair up in the front in a cross between Johnny Suede and Don King. On the other side of that coin is Seth Whalen (23; Baltimore; Aspiring Clothing Designer), who is a virgin, loves Jesus, and is as far of a Bible lover as you can get. How much do you want to bet that Sean and Ron wind up as roommates?

Jon Jonsson (22; Carmel, CA; Astrophysics Student) is happy - but he wants to go for it, and hence gives up classes to try to win. Micah LaCerte (25; Olathe, KS; Personal Trainer), wants to win this very badly, but he's not going to go down on some guy to do it. I'm sure Ron must be crushed by this. Blake Peyrot (21; Los Angeles; Student) says that he is his biggest competition, but he has been slacking out on the weights, and one look at the beanpole-like body tells me that he's the first to go. John Stallings (24; Sandy, UT; Retail Sales Clerk) says that it's his dream to win this, while Kevin Osborn (25; Long Island, NY; Construction Worker) likes himself to the class joker.

Tate Arnett (23; Dodge City, KS;, Fitness Consultant) is doing this for his girlfriend and son. Brian Bertie (25; Moorpark, CA; Waiter) says that his body is evenly proportioned, and that he is going to win this competition using brain and brawns (and ego, to, apparently). Rob Williams (25; Arlington, TX; Law Student) is balding on top of his crew cut, but a psychic told him that he would do very well, so he is confident about his chances. Casey Ward (20; Prescott, AR; Personal Trainer) is an All-American who's competitive at everything he does - but he says that the competition is strong here. Finally, Matthew Lantner (21; Atlanta; Batboy) is just a normal guy - who just happens to be a batboy for the Atlanta Braves.

After the group picture, all of the guys meet at the Standard Hotel, as Justin says he can get used to the star treatment. They get to see their sleeping quarters, including a big foot in the middle of the room. Maybe that's the signature that someone's getting the boot...

The next morning, the guys are driven to the middle of a grassy field where their cars that are carrying them mysteriously stop in front of Perris Skydiving. They all thing that they will be doing some flying when a guy in sunglasses, an orange shirt and jeans walks over to them. The guys think he looks like Derek Zoolander, but it's really Bruce Hulse, who's been a successful male model for 25 years. He talks about his experiences and then tells them that he has made a lot of money in his business. He gets scoffed at by Matthew, but what comes out of Bruce's mouth next isn't funny - 4 of them are being eliminated right now.

Explaining that sometimes some people get overbooked, Bruce calls out some names - starting with Kevin P. and Casey, Kevin O. and John. Those four.... are safe, and Paulo, Tate, John J., Maurice, Jason, Matt (Mr. Scoffer), Brett, Blake, Rob, Seth, Ron and... Hunter. Rob and Hunter are stunned, but gone are Brian (so much for winning with your head - he didn't have time to use it), Sean, Micah and Casey. Brian continues to curse out the camera, claiming that he's not a sucked up twig and saying other things that I can't reprint here.

Bruce tells the 16 people who are left that it's time to go skydiving - and the theme is teamwork. He tells them all that they will be skydiving... in their skivvies, as he tells everyone to strip to their undies. Why am I covering this again? (C-Note: Again, no females, no Bravo).

Bruce then does the manly thing - and then goes after their physiques. Hunter - too skimpy, Blake - too pear-shaped, both Johns - looks good, but raggedy underwear, Casey and Jason - body out or proportion (not enough going on in the legs), Maurice - looks like a wrestler, Brett - triathlete body, Paolo and both Kevins - too muscular on top, Ron - thin boned, Matthew - still has baby fat, Seth - bowlegged and scrawny.

After fitting everyone in the same underwear, the guys come out in white boxer-briefs to get on the plane. With "It's Raining Men" in the background, we get a montage of the guys coming out of the plane. Fortunately for the guys, there is an expert connected on top of them as they were jumping out. Some people enjoyed it more than others, as in the words of Rob, "The most embarrassing thing was my jumping out in my underwear with a guy strapped on my back." Well, that's another way to look at it...

After the skydiving class, Bruce tells them all that they had better be team players - or they will be bounced out very early. They also work on isometric exercises as well as emotional exercises - neither of which they do very well. Nevertheless, they have all graduated from Model Boot Camp, so they get a graduation bag featuring make-up and cosmetics.

The next morning, the guys get a note that tells them to prepare to dress up. They all go to Armani Exchange (AIX) to do some shopping as Alex Smith is there to fit them all up. Some guys have more fashion sense than others, as Black decides to help Jason. Other people aren't so lucky and get yelled at by Alex.

John S. notices that 2 women are noticing them. He doesn't care, but Kevin P. seems to be flirting with them as he takes off his shirt. The women say they are like kids in a candy store - and they want all of the candy. John S. and Kevin P. both wear tacky blazers as Alex calls them Tweedledee and Tweedle Dum. Kevin plays Tweedledumber as he goes back to get more stuff - $600 worth of merchandise. Kevin says that AIX wants him to be a walking Billboard, but the guys say that they don't want AIX to check their racks to make sure that their clothes are still there. Kevin P. seems to be earning his villain stripes...

Speaking of villains, the guys in Kevin P's car make fun of the women who were watching them - but unbeknownst to them, the girls get the hotel address. We'll see how that plays out later...

...but for now, the guys continue to primp up for the evening. Kevin and John look at their tub as they say that they can fit 10 women in their. Tate, however, wants nothing to do with that, as he says that he has a 3 year on-again, off-again girlfriend. If he goes too far, he won't have to worry about on-again. Meanwhile, Ron and Hunter, who are underage, are barred from the ceremonies, which pisses them off as they hope it's not an elimination challenge. They go back to their hotel room, thinking that at least they will be up and awake for the next challenge. Kevin does see the women who were at AIX earlier on, and h invites them back to his room. Joining him is.... Tate. Well, I'm sensing that off-again is going to rear it's ugly head.

12:30 am - and the party is still going on. Kevin P., Kevin O. and Tate get busy with the women and dance in the room, while Rob is concerned that their actions could be a negative influence on everyone else.

1 am - and the party is over - for most. As the girls pile out, the women from AIX want a pic of everyone - shirtless. In the background, two other girls stagger around and fall to the floor. Nice.

2:30 am - and the party is very over, as it's time to do a photo shoot. Bruce wakes everyone up for an ambush shoot. Bruce tells everyone that anyone should be prepared for anything, and in this case, anything is a photo shoot with Marissa Miller. Hunter and Rob are as awake as anyone, while Hunter walks into the bathroom - and sees 2 girls in the tub. Bruce sees them and tells them that they can come too. Heh. It's not Kevin O's, as ironically he is just as mystified.

Bruce asked who's girlfriend is in the bathtub, as he is impressed that the guys snuck the women in. He also finds a locked bathroom, and warns them that they have ten seconds to come out - or they're getting cut. Of course, they are probably getting cut anyways, but this is far more entertaining.

So who's in the bathtub? Who's the mole? Who is eliminated? What's my take? We'll get all of this on the next episode...

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