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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"(Gender) Bent, But Not Broken (Or: 'For Whom the Judging Tolls - It Tolls For Thee')" - October 26

So in the past 2 episodes, we move from 20 to 12. We'll be cutting some more again, as we drop from 12 to Kevin P., the mole, is still there, and the producers are promising a stunt that will go past their thresholds.

We start with the models, as they get mail, a la Survivor -
We've booked an audition, you're going in cold,
You'll go in one at a time and do what you're told.
You'll be given a product; you must make it your own.
So practice being a spokesman; you get just one chance to go.

Sorry, no guest appearance by Jeff Probst.

Paulo feels comfortable with speaking in front of everyone, while Rob thinks he could be a disaster if the product is nothing that he uses. Hunter thinks he will be a disaster, regardless, and he starts practicing on trying to sell the lock on the door.

The catch isn't the product - it's the language, as everything is going to be Japanese. Masako D. Pedersen is the producer for the shoot, which will actually be a contest. The best person that can respond will win. Rob gets to go first - and the product is a seaweed-type drink. Some people handle this much better than others, as Paulo is mistaking 'healthy' for 'money'. The phrase is 'Drink Masuko to get healthy' though they may not mind 'Drink Masuko to get money' as well. As for drinking it? Well, let's just say that they may want to down some American brew to get the drink out of their digestive systems. Jason - "Guess it's an acquired taste - and I haven't acquired it yet."

Maurice suspects that the whole Japanese crew knew perfect English, and they are trying to test them. He's right, but it's Paulo with his mangling (but looking good while doing it, according to the producers) who wins the prize - which is an hour-long massage. He gets it - in Maurice's room, which forces him to try to sleep on a sofa - which he doesn't do that well.

After the massage, the men are met by Patrick Huey, the manager of the Amadeus Salon. He tells everyone that they are all going in to get a pedicure and nail work done. Some of the guys whine a little, but Kevin O. tells them all that they are models, so they need to stop whining and get in touch with their feminine side. If only he knew...

That attitude changes when they work on Kevin's eyebrows - and wax them. Ouch. He also gets a painful facial - and hence the montage of the men in pain. Kevin P. tells them that they will be paid on their look, so they best keep the look intact. Paulo talks to Rob about his feet pedicure, and adds that he wanted something else between his legs. No innuendo there, eh? Noooooo.

The 12 men in robes toast to the last supper, adding that Tate sort of looks like Jesus. Kevin O. is concerned about Hunter, who shows the beauticians how to pluck his own eyebrows and he shows up to the dinner late because of it. Kevin leads the prayer, which impressed Seth and told him that it's a well-spoken prayer. Could we get some bonding?

The guys get the next mail, telling them that this shoot will tell them why they got all prettied up, and that they have to get ready to get twisted. The twisting starts when Paulo, convinced that the stunt will be some sort of contortion act, doesn't eat, as he wants to be prepared. The twisting continues when John Stapleton, the judge for the MAC Make-Up Artist, calls them ladies and tells them to see how flexible they are willing to go. Maurice wants to know if its going to be Manhunt or Womanhunt, and he and Paulo are getting the idea...

Tiffany Johnson, another MAC Make-up Artist, says that versatility is an asset - and that Tate also has a lot of it. While he is working himself back up the ladder, Maurice is very nervous about looking at a mirror. Also concerned is Matthew, who is worried both about that and posing nude. You would think that ultra-conservative would think that as well, but he actually seems pleased.

Kevin P. gets a Mohawk, while Jon, who is getting a Boy George look and says he will not mess with any women while in L.A., is saying the right things to Tiffany, who is impressed. Jason gets the Paris Hilton look and he just rolls with it, while adding that he got his lip imprints by a male artist. Wha?

Rob says to let the make-up people go wild with him, as he wants to win the competition and he would do anything - including wear women's clothing, adding that he is secure with his masculinity. Ron was less than thrilled to see his hair changed, as he says he is the only one who can do it. We see a last shot of him, and he has the droopy face of a dog getting shampooed. Also not happy - Paulo, who tries to get more input (like with what he did at the first judge' s ceremony - and Tiffany says that he needs to be less controlling and stiff. That could be trouble...

...but a lot of other people are enjoying it as they go avant-garde punk. Jon says that his girlfriend would love to see him looking like that, while Matthew will deal with latex restrictive clothing he likes to call 'Nuthuggers'. As we see the other people get dressed up, Jason is less than pleased with his 'easy-access' front opening undies, while Hunter, who thought he'd get armor, gets... a kilt. He is less than happy and smacks the wall in frustration. He gripes, but then says that if he gets hired for this, he'll do it - with reassurance that this is one of the more masculine outfits. Hunter adds that no one would even recognize him in the outfit, so he's ok with it. Well, no one would recognize it unless that see your name attached to it...well, what do you know, look at this show.

Then there's Tate, who once again gets into it with the outfit. He is told to put on a very skimpy pair up undies, which he does - in front of everyone. After showing everyone (including the general audience) his butt, the makeup people are very unhappy with his tanline, which, shall we say, gets much less noticeably tan around the nether-regions. They have to give him browning cream to make the tanline less noticeable, but they are not happy. That whiteness would probably cause more blindness than the shiny Wheel of Fortune bonus spinning thing.

We take the 'Clockwork Orange combined with Mad Max with a punk attitude' guys as they start to pose. They stick Matt in a cage as he laments that his dad is going to disown him. Rob gets into bondage mode while Kevin O. is against the wall. Kevin seems happy - but the photographer wasn't. Hmmm...

Tate goes into the cage while Hunter gets the elevator wall. He gets into the chains around the neck and the photographer seems to be happy. 'There was nothing there but the wall - and he rose to the challenge.' Less happy was Jon, as the photographer liked nothing with his photos. Also not happy? Ron, who gets a surprise photo with some unexpected tourists who walk through the elevator. Maurice, when straddling the bondage room, felt like a gay cowboy, and the photographer says that he had to let himself go. Paulo is still complaining about the shots as Stephen the photographer says he is trying too hard.

After the shoot (and them all fooling around with the armor), the guys go out to Hollywood and Bowl for bowling and dinner. The guys had the option to get rid of the make-up, but Jon keeps it on, saying that he thinks it's cool and that it's not all the time that he can wear that sort of makeup on in public. Well, he is right about that...

...but will he be right in the shoot? We get more mail -

You've gone to a salon, then buffed cut and tweezed
Worn rubber and leather, learned Japanese,
Some did well, some did just okay -
We'll find out who - it's Elimination Day.

Kevin dreamed that he got cut, while Tate misses his son. Jason's new roommates are Ron Matt and Seth - and he'd be bummed if they left. Rob still pledges to show 100%, while Paulo is getting frustrated about waiting. That gets Kevin P. ticked, as it's a model's life to do that.

We'll see who gets the tick-off as the guys come back to the gallery room. Everyone seems knocked out by Kevin O's picture - even Kevin P. The judges this week are Bruce, Steve (photographer) and John (Make-up judge), and here's their critique. Seth - Good dramatic intent and he stills photographs well, but needs to be more versatile. Rob - They like his pose, and with his veins pouring out, he's good for aspirin ads. Heh. Kevin O. - No feeling in the pic. Tate - Bruce didn't like the cage pic, but Steve takes responsibility for it, adding that Tate's personality needs to come out. Matt - the pic didn't come up well, but he had 110% energy, so Steve gives him a thumb's up. Jason - Bruce doesn't like the pic, and Jason says that he's a man's man, and that pic doesn't do good for him.

Ron - The make-up team gives him the best marks, but Bruce doesn't like the picture. Jon - Bruce didn't like the pic, but Jon liked the energy and compliments. If only he knew that Stephen hated his shoot as well... Hunter - Bruce doesn't get him in person, but he kicks ass in the photos. Maurice - He didn't bring creativity to the table - but he does listen to direction well. Paulo - He asked Bruce about his weight, and Bruce says that he doesn't have to - but he's looking great. The make-up artist gives him a good warning - do not argue with the make-up or the photographers. Make no mistake about it, Paolo is playing the game - but is he playing it too hard?

Kevin comes out with the dope. He likes Rob and Tate - and he gets accosted immediately by John, wondering if his relationship affects his judging. He says no, and talks about Tate pissing in a cup instead of in the bathroom, adding that he needs to work on the intelligence. I would say so. He thinks that Paolo doesn't mesh well with people, which could cost him a gig. Well, it's not whether or not Paolo meshes well with others - it's whether or not he meshes well with the artists - and those reviews have also been mixed. He also goes up against Ron, but he likes Hunter a lot. He liked Seth's first pic, but he doesn't see him as viable - and Jon is too short.

The guys get into a huddle and talk about their chances of winning as they offer prayer. Here is my opinion on their chances of winning...
Great - Kevin O., Rob, Jon
Good - Maurice, Hunter, Jason
Eh - Matt, Tate
Trouble - Seth, Ron, Paulo
Mole - Kevin P.

Carmen comes out and reiterates the prizes. Bruce says that they all have a chance to make it in the business - but people have to leave. The two people eliminated are...Ron and Seth.

Ron takes the news by crying in his room. Bruce cut him because he didn't see him going the distance. That's it? Seth is upset that there were 4 people who were worse, and I agree. Bruce says that he cut him because he was too grungy. Maybe so, but I see that the people who were against Kevin in the first episode are now all gone - and his buddies are all still there. They liked Seth - until Kevin opened his mouth. It looks like some people are still there because Kevin likes them, and that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

What else do Ron and Seth have in common? They were in Jason's room. As a matter of fact, everyone who roomed with Jason is now eliminated - except for Matt, who is thinking about moving. Maurice says that he'd rather sleep on the floor as we end with them all wondering about him.

But it's Rob they will all be wondering about next episode, as he comes out of the closet. Well, there's some real drama, as we see their reactions next week.

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