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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Fake" - November 2

So we now have 2 types of moles - we have the one brought in by the producers (Kevin P.) that's looking for the best model (or in this case, the person who Kevin likes the best, but we'll get into that later) and the type of mole that people don't realize who exactly he is - and we'll also get to that later on.

But right now, we'll get to the Kevin's reading of the e-mail. This time around, the rhyming is pretty brutal, and unfortunately, since he does say it, I have to repeat it...

Today you will see the advertising execs
Be the man that they want and you may find success
For the winner, a prize of fine luxury
Be very persuasive and think on your feet

Jason thinks that it's a case of selling themselves to the ad execs, and Paulo and Maurice are bragging about their selling skills. Little do they know that the bunch of 'advertising executives' that they will be selling to is actually a bunch of improv comedians. Think of it as My Big Fat Obnoxious Judging Committee. Head spokesman John Moody says - 'We're going to put the models of Manhunt through the interview from Hell. I'm going to make them sorry that they ever walked through that door.'

The first person to enter Hell is Jason, who makes their job much easier when he can't find the door. From what we see, they take it pretty lightly on the contestants, though they get a little silly, having the models read and act, walk across and table and do pushups, but the segment is very boring and there is a good reason why we have never heard of any of the comedians.

After a complete 15 minute waste of time, the models come back and are told bye the judges/comedians that they have been ranked from 1 - 10, 1 being the best. The rating is important, because the people on top get first dibs on the product that they want for the upcoming photo shoot. 10 - Tate, 9 - Kevin O, 8 - Jon, 7 - Rob, 6- Kevin P, 5 - Hunter, 4 - Paolo, 3 - Jason, 2 - Maurice, 1 - Matt. Matt picks one person to enjoy his day of pampering - and he selects his roommate Jason. The group then announces that they are actually comedians, and the models laugh. I yawn.

When they get back, they are greeted by the 10 pictures of the products on their pool table. The products include - Aston Martin, pretzel rods, and toilet paper. Matt selects the car, Maurice goes after an iPod, Jason selects boots, Paulo wants the motorcycle, Hunter fits into the pants, Kevin P. dons sunglasses, Rob wants the toilet paper, Jon, who claims he's hairless (thanks for sharing, Jon) goes for Nair, Kevin O. goes for underwear, which leaves Tate with the pretzels.

Matt, realizing that he has to model the car - and look like someone who is driving the car, now has second thoughts about his selection. Tate, meanwhile complains about his selection, which leaves Kevin P to say that a good model has to be able to sell anything - like Rob's attitude when he says that if he can model the toilet paper, he can model anything.

Paolo talks about how he has to slim down - and how he is taking diuretic water pills to achieve that goal. Other people, like Hunter, do it as well, while Bruce and Kevin P, talk more about not eating as much, doing more cardio and less muscle.

The next morning, the guys are woken up by a note telling them to go shoot with the products that they have elected. The models will actually contribute to their shoot, which should please Paulo, who seems to tell everyone what to do anyways. Tate and Jon seem to be happy with their shoot, while Matthew and Jason are enjoying their spa treatment. I don't know, but I would be more concerned about the shoot than the spa...

Hunter, still concerned about his abs, hopes that it will help him as he models his jeans. He gets a water-down, and that makes him feel sexy, with his abs, in his opinion, as good as they've ever been. Kevin also gets a water-down with his bike, and Paulo thinks that his shot worked out well.

Rob is concerned about his shoot, as he is wearing nothing but toilet paper, but he thinks that despite his nervous energy, he likes the shot. It's Paulo's turn, and as he calls the shots, he thinks that it's the best photo shoot. He goes against the photographer's wishes and goes for the dark. undressed look. He better be right, because he has no support from the photographers if he's wrong...

Maurice is very happy with his I-Pod shoot, while Jason and Matt are inside and are finally planning their shoots. Matt sees the car, then really wanted to change his mind when he saw that the car is going to upstage him. Be careful what you wish for...

Matthew, and everyone else (except the still underage Hunter) go out afterwards to get wasted. Some people enjoyed the experience more than the others, as Kevin P, the model mole, gets completely trashed. By the way, he is considered an 'Embedded Model'. Must we be politically correct about everything?

Speaking of political correctness, people talk about the first time that they had sex. Rob says he had it...with a guy. That stuns people, since a few of them admit that they never knew anyone who was gay until that point. Maurice is one of them, but he has a friendship with Rob, so he's cool with it. One person who isn't is Hunter, who gets emotional about it, since he's from a small southern town. He's crying over Rob being gay? I wouldn't want to see Seth's (the raging Christian) reaction on it.

We get mail on what happens next -

Our executives fooled you and put you through Hell.
Then you each picked your product and shot them as well
From pretzels to bike shorts, you each did it your way
Let's see your results - it's elimination day

Matthew is nervous, while Paulo will feel sorry for who is leaving. He thinks it will be Kevin, and he may be right as we see the pictures. Kevin is very pissed at his (he looks like a zombie with no eyeballs) and says that he's a goner. We'll all soon see... Carmen and company show up. In addition to Bruce, the new judges are Kimberly Nutz (the photographer of the shoot) and Courtney Kendall, the director of Stuff Magazine.

We start with...Hunter - Bruce likes how he comes into his own, but Courtney wants to see him have some more masculinity. Jason - Bruce doesn't like it, and wonders if he going to get another shot at getting the killer shot. That doesn't sound too good. Maurice - Bruce likes his intensity, but Kimberly wants to see more sexiness. Jon - Bruce is getting jealous of his beautiful photos. Rob - Him naked with toilet paper is obscene, but he likes how Rob makes the pic work. Courtney doesn't, adding that he needs to be less feminine. A gay Rob nods his head up and down and realizes the mountain that he may need to climb.

Matthew - Bruce says he still needs to work out, and neither him nor Courtney thinks that he was remotely high-fashioned enough about the shot. Tate - Bruce liked how he worked out the pretzels. He likes his Antonio Banderas look, but he wonders if he's ready for it. Tate says that it's growing into the modeling role. Paolo - Kimberly was wondering if he is better off as an actor than a model, as he has the Banderas look. Bruce disagrees, as he likes the intensity - though he admits that it works against him. Kevin O. - The women like his look, but wonder if he is cut out for the business and even Bruce says that the pic was horrible. Kevin O gets out of there and gives Tate a hug, realizing that he is not making this next cut.

Finally, we get the 'embedded model', Kevin P. Kevin asks about his picture, and the photographer says that the rest of his shots are 'muck'. Kevin says that despite Paolo's bitchiness, he still made his pic work - but when asked who to keep between him and his wrestling buddy Tate, he selects Tate. He also likes Rob as well, but he says that Matt needs to leave. Bruce says to tell him something bad about Jon - and Kevin says that he's too short and his teeth are jacked up. Bruce takes notice and notes. Kevin doesn't like Hunter and it could be time for him to go.

I just want to make a note on Kevin picking Hunter to leave. Tate winds up drinking during the elimination waiting. He continues to call Hunter 'Seth' and Hunter and Tate get into it. You don't think that Kevin would want to get rid of Hunter because he could cause trouble for his good friend Tate, do you?

Let's look at Kevin's... I mean the ratings -
Good - Jon, Maurice, Rob
Eh - Tate
Trouble - Hunter, Matt, Paulo, Jason, Kevin O.
Mole - Kevin P.

Carmen comes out and tells them all that they are making a big cut this time. 4 of them are going home. Bruce tells them all that this is the Super Bowl of modeling - and they need to step it up a notch. Apparently, he is not very happy with what he is seeing. He won't have to see anymore... Jason (who says that he doesn't have what it takes), Matt (the women think that he needs to be more mature, physically), Paolo (the women think that he is too one-dimensional and his hair is thinning) and...Kevin O. (The women wouldn't hire him and they didn't like working with him. Sabotage, perhaps?).

Jason says that he got into the Top Ten, and Matt admits that he's more of an actor than a model. Paolo, ironically, thought it was the best shot. Kevin O. did not take it well and thought that he got screwed by the picture. He leaves the picture in the gallery room as he cries in the loser room. Even his buddy Kevin P. thought that he got jobbed, but this time around, he can't save him and he admits that maybe it was Kevin's time to go.

Next week, more people get going, and it seems like a night out on the town is going to cost someone dearly. We'll see who that is, and if Hunter and Tate's stand-off continues to escalate in seven days.

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