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After months of looking for female model material, the reality cameras turn their sights to the Y-factor, as Bravo stages a search for the next big thing in the world of male models.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Carmen Electra
EP: Denise Cramsey, Robert Horowitz, Stuart Krasnow
Packager: TWI
Airs: Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Bravo

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"The Private Eye Becomes Very Public" - November 9

We start out this episode off with Tate, who asks all of the models if someone moved his clothes. The models all respond that it wasn't the clothes that moved, it was Tate's brain, as it is finally coming back to Earth after a 48 hour drinking binge. That binge started on the last episode, where he almost lost it against Hunter, and Tate is now coming back to reality - although I am not sure how often he has been there during the show's run.

We get a montage of Tate's happenings during that binge, and we wonder if Tate if sober enough to read the new card that came in. Apparently not, as Rob gets to read it this time -

For the Manhunt 6, It's your red carpet rights
From fast cars to beaches to Hollywood nights
Get ready for ACCESS and close-ups to you
and be a good host, you'll have company too

The guys think that both women and Access Hollywood will be a part of this. They are correct, as Kevin P. tells us that the other 5 models will have a taste of the good life. They get to the Access Hollywood studios and are met by Shauna Robinson, who calls them the 6 hottest guys on the planet. After they are taken on a tour of the set, Shauna tells them that the key to being a personality and a star is to have a personality - and she tells them that they will all be having interviews.

Maurice starts this off - and he interviews Shauna with scientific questions to show off his knowledge. Wha? Tate decides to do one-armed push-ups, adding that only 2 weeks ago, he was watching her and now he's actually being interviews by her. Rob just spins around, while Hunter tells Shauna that he has to take his shirt off while doing a hand stand - and does so. Jon says that he makes Orlando Bloom look like the Wicked Witch of the West, and Kevin also takes off his shirt and bounces his pecs, a la the Gong Show.

We finish the segment by having all of the guys take off their shirts and flexing. The guys seem to be impressed with Shauna, but was she impressed with them? According to this 'The guys have to learn very quickly is that beauty in Hollywood and a dime will get you a bagel. Everyone is gorgeous in Hollywood. There is something else that has to pop in order to be a star.'

Speaking of popping, the guys, crammed in their limo, decide to pop out of their limo and go to the beach to play some volleyball. Little do they know that they are not alone - Jeff Raymer, an international photographer, has been brought on board to play the role of the stalking paparazzi. He will take pictures of them when they are not realizing it, hoping to catch them in compromising positions. Well being that Tate and Kevin, the guys who were behind the first episode women fiasco, are still there, he may have some very good possibilities for some revealing photos.

Right on cue, Carmen drives up in a yellow Lamborghini and divides the group of men into two teams. The teams will be playing 6 on 6, and the winning team gets to drive around in the same yellow Lamborghini that Carmen came in on. The teams other 3 players? Some lovely women who Carmen brings along. Rob really wants to win this one, but he is not volleyball-inclined and his team goes down to Hunter, Maurice and Jon. Rob is still brooding about the loss as he makes fun of them for not knowing anything about the car.

After everyone on the winning team gets to drive, Carmen invites them all to the White Lotus, where she and her girls will be partying. The guys continue to hang out at the beach - and the photographer continues to shoot pictures - including one of Maurice's butt as he skinny-dips. Oops.

After the day on the beach, the guys look forward to the night on the town. Hunter finds that his first time in a limo is 'kooky', as the rest of the models are stunned that there would be so many people - and flash photographers - as there are. At dinner, the men find themselves eating with some guests. Rob notes that some of the 6 women who are interspersed between the guys were playing volleyball with them earlier on in the day. He also notes that Hunter has made a connection with one of them. As you remember form the last episode, though, Rob is gay, so he seems completely non-plussed about the dining experience.

Bruce, the judge of the show, talks about one of the keys in the business is how to handle yourself in social situations. Seeing the past experiences, this could spell trouble for Tate, but it's Hunter who makes himself look silly by going after sushi with his fork - and then trying to force the women to eat it as well. Jon wants to slap the women and Rob says that the women were probably some of the most annoying ever, but they don't do anything obnoxious as they are just there to take in the moment.

The guys go to White Lotus with the women - and they continued to get photographed by Raymer. Hunter does some heavy grinding as he takes off his shirt and grinds away. Jon was wondering if sweat could cause pregnancy, because if it could, then Hunter impregnated at least three women during the night. Heh.

Other people seem to take it better. There was a guy that came over to Rob, but Rob blew him off, saying that he wasn't going to be distracted by that stuff until the competition was over. Jon acts the exact same way when some women try to get to him, saying that there will be time for that later. They both stay the course even as the drinks start piling up. Hunter continues to take off his clothes and even Jeff Raymer thinks that he should in the future have more clothes and less dry-humping.

The next morning, all of the men are up and awake as they get some new visitors. No, the women don't come back with them this time, but they do get racks of clothing from H. Lorenza as it's time to get to a dress-up photo shoot. Kevin talks to Hunter about how he may be too short, but Tate will fit in well with the clothes. Nothing like campaigning early for your boy, eh, Kevin? He does add that it's important that they fit in the samples, because that's probably what they will be wearing for the shoot.

Rob is thrilled that he finally gets to do something with his clothes on, as he thinks that he isn't a swimsuit model. Maurice, remembering that Bruce wanted to see him in a different type of look, wants to do a moody shot. Kevin says that he always does a moody shot and he wants to see Maurice smile - and the photographer wants to see that as well. Tate gets a new slick-back look, and he is told to not let his prop umbrella take over the shot. Kevin is still extolling his praises, and he says that Tate's versatility gives him the best potential. Kevin also likes Rob, who has a nice shot, and Jon (who he also think is photogenic), who wants to have a bad-ass image for this photo shoot.

Hunter is next, and he is excited to finally have a clothes-on pic. He remembers that he is supposed to be more masculine, but Kevin remembers that he was wearing a pink shirt at the club and he was the passive dancer to the women's aggressiveness. Hunter is having problems in the shoot. Conversely, Kevin only needs one shot to get the pic and Brian the photographer thanks Kevin for being easy - but only in the photo shoot sense. Uhhhhhh, ooooooooook...

It's time for mail - and this one rhymes...

It's been a long journey through the fashion and woes
Now it's time to decide who stays and who goes
No matter what happens, you're leaving this space
So pack up your gear and pick up your pace

All of the guys get a travel case and are told to stuff their belongings in it. Tate says that it's time for friendships to be broken. Jon says that he may have a disadvantage this week. Rob says that there will be no complaining on objects, so this shoot will be about the man. All of them are praising Brian the photographer and complimenting their shots - but there are also 6 photographs that are covered in a black curtain, and they are wondering what could be under there. Well, we haven't seen our friend Jeff Raymer in a while, so I think I can take an educated guess here.

Carmen comes in and lets the men know what happened, as she introduces them all to Raymer. She adds that you have to look good wherever you go, as the last thing that you want to see is your a$$ hanging out in Star Magazine. Heh. Carmen says that they will be judges on their work with Brian, but also....on a collage of photos created by Jeff - and that's what is hiding behind the black curtained easels. The men give a collective 'Oh-no' groan and it looks like some of them could be in trouble.

Jeff said that Rob was the best, as he couldn't get any incriminating pictures of him. Hunter seemed almost thrilled with his shots, as he escapes serious damage with his pics (with the most damaging one being of his butt hanging out), but both Tate and Jon are caught with pictures of them dry-humping the women. We've now seen the butts of Tate, Maurice and Hunter - so Rob should be having a field day watching this at home.

After a walk -through of the shots, the judging trio of Bruce, Marissa and model manager Omar get to do what they do best - critique. Hunter - Bruce says he looks good in his pic and he's happy that Hunter is more masculine. He also likes that he is getting out of his shell, but Omar wants to see a signature look and Marissa wants more attitude. Jon - Marissa still doesn't see much change from his other pics and Omar is concerned about his pic. Bruce is getting bored with him. Afterwards, Jon curses out Bruce, but you can tell he is concerned. Rob - Omar doesn't know if Rob knows what he's doing, but he is doing the right thing and he can't say anything negative about him. Bruce can't find one either except maybe that he has small ears. Heh.

Maurice - Omar sees confidence - but also cockiness. Marissa did see a new look, but she sees nothing in his face and looks emotionless. Bruce wants more emotion as well. Tate - Bruce likes the picture, but Omar says that his look is too old and his fun takes over the work. Marissa adds that he has behavior issues and he was probably the worst in the shoot, with Bruce adding that Bad Boy models don't last long. Tate says that he has learned his lesson about what to do in public - but has he learned it too late?

Finally, we get Kevin P's report, which I'm sure will be chock full of praise for Tate. He likes everyone's pic, but he wants a new look from Maurice. and though it's not Tate's best pic, he pulls it off well. He also thinks that Rob has a very strong repertoire and can be a professional even if he doesn't win this competition. He doesn't like Jon's one dimensionality. He likes Hunter, but not a Supermodel (but keep in mind that Hunter had a fight with his boy Tate on the last episode, so that may have come into play with his comments).

Now for the dirt - Kevin admits that Tate still needs to improve his mental game (well that's a nice way of saying that he is dumb as a box of rocks), and says that he may need an assistant, while Rob has lived in L.A. and could handle the environment. He doesn't know if Jon or Maurice have the fire in their eyes and want it, while he knows that Hunter wants it, but doesn't know if he can handle it.

As we get down to the wire, we cut down a category but this still seems to be an accurate chart...

Good - Hunter, Rob
Trouble - Jon, Maurice, Tate
Mole - Kevin P.

We have the men reconvene, and Carmen gets the letter of eviction. She says that the person evicted will be staying here, while the rest will be going to Puerto Rico for their next shoot. Bruce congratulates everyone for getting this far, but unfortunately for Tate, he won't be going there. Tate nods, and even he sensed that he is gone. He didn't expect to get this far (and he wouldn't have, without a push from Kevin). Bruce says that Bad Boy Models don't last - and he wouldn't last for 25 years, while Marissa boots him for his immaturity. Kevin P., who was trying to get rid of Jon, says 'My homey's out. It sucks, but that's competition.'

Well, I no longer get to rant about Kevin keeping Tate in, but the damage has been more than done and Kevin has caused enough chaos to the show's credibility. Next week, he vows to do more, as he says he will step up his game to see which models step up the game with him and which ones crumble. Join us in 7 days to see as things get heated up - in more ways than one.

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